A wife was accused of cheating on her husband after a doctor found a condom lodged inside her.

On an episode of TLC show Sex Sent Me to the ER, actors recreated the moment a woman sought help after experiencing pain in her intimate areas.

She also reported to Dr Aminidhan Thekkar that strange discharge was another side-effect.

The patient worried she’d contracted an STD – and even blamed her husband for potentially giving her one.

But when the doctor pulled an “old condom” out from inside her vagina, the tables were turned on the wife.

As her partner had a vasectomy five years ago and no longer needs to use birth control, it was unlikely the condom came from him.

Dr Aminidhan Thekkar recalled one of the cringiest moments of his career

The husband’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when the condom was removed.

He blasted: “I haven’t used a condom since my vasectomy. What the hell is going on here?”

The wife defended herself, replying: “Just because he found a condom, it doesn’t mean anything.”

This didn’t do much to reassure the angry bloke though.

He hit back, arguing: “It doesn’t mean anything? So it just crawled up there by itself?”

Actors recreated the awkward scene

The woman (not pictured) had some questions to answer after the condom was found

When the pair left the doctors, they were still arguing.

Dr Aminidhan Thekkar must have found the appointment very awkward – but he admitted he was relieved by the outcome.

If the condom hadn’t been found, there could have been serious health repercussions for the female patient.

The doctor added: “When I pulled out the condom it was in a way a sense of relief because we found the answer.

“It wasn’t as serious as I expected.”

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Dr Thekkar added: “I worried about toxic shock syndrome – when a foreign body is inside the vagina for too long.

“So technically, this is good news.”

We’re not sure the bickering couple will agree, but we’re glad the root of the problem was found in the end!

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