A bright sunny day I had awoken to. I could hardly sleep a wink. Only one more day until my eighteenth birthday.

My mom and my friends have planned a big celebration for me. They invited all my friends from school and my boyfriend. My great grandmother was even coming, and I have not seen her since I was around ten years old. In a few months, I will be off to college, so this may be the last time I see all my friends together.

My boyfriend William was taking me to lunch today, knowing about the party on my birthday. He told me he had some presents he wanted to give me.

Right on time, William arrived at noon, ringing the doorbell. He yelled from outside to me, “Katerina, are you ready for your lunch and presents?”

I told him, “Yes, come on in I will be right there.” I finished putting on my makeup, and off we went.

Being a true gentleman, he always made sure he opened the door for me to his car.

He said, “Milady, where can I and my humble chariot take you to dine today?”

I asked him, “I know it is a bit of a drive, but I love the Salem Cross Inn. Is that okay?”

He said, “Your wish is my command, milady.”

Grinning at him, I asked, “What is with all the ‘milady’ stuff today?”

He replied, “It is your birthday tomorrow, so I thought I would treat you like a queen today.”

We had a lovely lunch. The food and service at the Salem Cross Inn were unmatched.

William told me, “I have your present for you outside in my car. Would you like to go there and unwrap it?”

A smile a mile wide broke out on my face, and I told him, “Yes. Hurry, let’s go.”

We got to his car, and he told me, “I know this place right up the road by a creek, and we can sit there while you open your presents.”

I nodded at him and said, “That sounds great.”

He picked out a most beautiful spot along a creek. He grabbed a couple of blankets out of his trunk and laid them on the ground near the creek. He also brought some chocolates and drinks.

I looked at him and asked, “How long have you been planning this? I do not remember you carrying blankets and chocolates in your trunk before.”

He told me, “I knew you would want to go to the Salem Cross Inn. I came out here a couple of weeks ago to find this spot for us.”

I smiled at him and said, “You are the sweetest person I know. What if I had chosen something different?”

He said, “I had backup plans around some of the other places you like to go, but I was hoping you would pick this one.” 

I sat down on the blankets, and he started giving me my presents. He started with some things like a box of my favorite cookies and a gift card to my favorite place to buy clothes. He finally handed me a small box.

I was worried that he might have an engagement ring in it, and I was not even close to wanting to get married. I loved him, but I was just too young. I wanted to finish college and have a career.

I opened it up and felt a sigh of relief he had bought me a diamond necklace shaped like a heart. It was so beautiful.

I leaned over and kissed him and told him, “You are the best boyfriend ever. You have made me incredibly happy.”

He said, “I have one more present for you.“ He pulled down his pants and shorts, and he had put a red ribbon and bow on his cock.

I sat and giggled and asked, “Is that for me too?”

I undid the ribbon and threw the bow to the side and took his cock in my mouth. I was thinking I was giving him a present on my birthday. What I wanted was for him to fill up my needy pussy. No sooner had that thought left my mind, he stepped back and laid me back on the blanket. He took off my jeans and panties as he was kissing me.

I looked at him as he slid his cock into my pussy and I said, “This is the best present I have ever had on my birthday.”

His cock slid in and out of me as I lied on the blanket. I was biting my lip with pleasure. I loved the way he felt inside of me. The sound of the creek and the smell of the forest made it seem like I was in some sort of a fairy tale.

I rolled him over and rode his cock. I was feeling my wetness stream down on him. It was not long before he filled me up with his seed. We kissed and made love a second time that afternoon.

As we drove home, I told him, “William, this is the best birthday ever, and if tomorrow is even half as good as today, I will be on cloud nine.” 

I woke up early for my birthday. I slept even less than I did the night before. I was so excited I was now eighteen and an adult.

My party was great all my friends were there. We danced and played music. We stuffed ourselves on cake and snacks. Most of us swam in the pool in the afternoon.

I took William to the corner of the pool and slid my hand in his swim trunks and grabbed his cock. I started masturbating him in the pool when a friend of mine noticed what I was doing.

She swam up to us and looked at me, and said, “You need any help there, Katerina? I would be glad to help?”

I smiled at her and told her, “No. I have everything well in hand here.”

She giggled and said, “Okay, I will be right over there in the lawn chair if you change your mind.”

I think this excited William he came in a burst within a minute. We kissed and rejoined the party.

The day was perfect, although my great grandmother’s flight was late, so she could not make the party. She would be here in the evening to join in my celebration.

She came in and was tired from the flight, but she told me, “I would not miss your eighteenth birthday for anything.”

We all enjoyed some conversation with her, and she caught up on old times with my mother.

She asked me, “Katerina, it is getting late for me. Would you help an old woman up to bed?”

I told her, “Of course I will, Grams.”

I showed her to her bedroom and pulled back her comforter. I asked her, “May I get you anything?”

She replied, “No, but I do have a small gift for you, and I wanted to give it to you privately.”

She then handed me a small box and said, “This is for you, Katerina.”

I opened it up, and inside was an amulet. It was not a distinct piece of jewelry, just round with some weird little designs in it. I thanked her for the gift.

She said, “Katerina, I know that amulet does not look like much, but I want you to wear it tonight to bed. I never want anyone to see you wearing that, including your mother or your boyfriend William.”

I asked her, “Why don’t you want anyone to know about the amulet?”

She replied, “I am too tired right now, but I will explain it all to you in the morning.”

I thought that was weird what she said, but maybe she was suffering from jetlag or becoming senile.

I told her, “I will do what you asked of me. Now get some rest.”

I put the amulet in my room, went back downstairs, and joined those left from my party. Everyone started leaving and giving me their birthday wishes. William helped my mom clean up.

William asked me, “Want to go for a short walk?”

I asked my mom, “Is that okay, mom if we take a short walk?” She nodded her head in approval.

I knew exactly what William meant by a short walk, and walking was not part of his plan. He grabbed a blanket from his car, which was still there. We went to a vacant lot nearby which we had used in the past.

William told me, “I hope you have had a great birthday. I have one last gift for you.”

He ran his tongue around his lips as he knelt to his knees. He pulled my jeans down and began licking me. I lied down on the blanket and spread my legs to give him full access to my pussy. His tongue danced around my lips as he fingered me. He knew what I liked, and it was not long before I soaked his face with my juices.

I got up and pulled my jeans up, and told him, “Thank you for making this the most wonderful birthday ever.” He walked me back home, and we said our goodbyes for the evening.

My mom was still up, and I thanked her for everything she had done and told her, “I am off to bed.”

I was about to drift off, and I remembered my promise to wear the amulet to bed. I got up and put it on and was ready for a good night’s sleep. I put my head on my pillow and was out like a light.

I started dreaming, and my dream quickly turned into a nightmare. I saw a sign on the road, and it said Ravensburg. I did not know this place, but somehow, I felt like I had been here before. I walked down a street and saw a crowd gathered outside of a building. Everyone was speaking German, but somehow, I knew what they were saying. They spoke of the poor women who were on trial. Then I felt myself walking in on a trial. No one noticed me. I then realized this was a witch trial.

I could feel myself twisting and turning in my bed, but I could not wake up. I felt a hand on my forehead, and that woke me up. There was my great-grandmother standing over me with her hand on my forehead.

She looked at me and said, “Child, you are having a rough go of it.”

I regained my wits and asked her, “A rough go of what? Why are you in my room?”

She put both hands on my forehead, which relaxed me. A feeling of peace came over me.

She told me, “I have so much to tell you. I just cannot do it in one evening. I need you to go back to sleep and learn from your dream.”

I looked at her wide-eyed and said, “Dream? That was no dream. It was a nightmare. How do you know anyway?”

She looked at me and said, “Dear child, you are just going to have to trust me. I was there in your dream. This is the first night of your indoctrination into a special sorority.”

I said, “What are you talking about? Are you crazy? What sorority?”

She said, “Okay, brace yourself, but you are a witch.”

I laughed at her and said, “I have been called a lot of names before but never a witch.”

She took her hands off my forehead and said, “Back to sleep Katerina.”

I was right back at the trial. I looked for my great-grandmother, but I did not see her. I sat in the back and watched the proceedings.

The man in charge was a man called Heinrich Kramer. I was horrified at the words he used to describe women. I watched as the two women there were sentenced to burn at the stake.

I woke suddenly and looked at my clock, and I had been in this dream state for over nine hours. I was soaking wet from my sweat. I looked around for my great-grandmother, but she was not in my room.

I put on some fresh clothes and went into the kitchen, and there were my mom and great-grandmother having some coffee.

My mom said, “Katerina, are you okay you look pale?”

I told her, “I am fine, just tired from my birthday, I guess.”

My great-grandmother spoke up and looked at my mom, and said to her, “Katerina and I are going shopping today.” She looked over at me with a wry smile and gave me a wink.

Going along with her, I asked, “What time would you like to go shopping?”

She replied, “How about an hour from now?”

I nodded my head and told her, “Let me go clean up, and an hour would be fine.”

I went to my room and called William to let him know I was going shopping with my great-grandmother, and I would not be able to see him till that evening.

I went downstairs, and I said, “Grams, I am ready if you are?” She grabbed her purse, and off we went.

As I drove away, I asked her, “We are not going shopping, are we?”

She said, “We do have to get some shopping done, so we come back with something. I want to explain last night and what is going on with you. Can you find a nice private park where we can talk”?

I nodded yes and drove to a small park nearby. We sat down at a picnic bench.

She told me, “Katerina, I know you must have a thousand questions for me but give me a little time to tell you what is happening.”

I said, “Yes, please do.”

She said, “I told you. You are a witch, and you are. It runs in our family. Sometimes it skips a generation or two. Your mother and grandmother are not witches. That is why I told you not to show your mom the amulet. Your mom knows about witches in our family, and I know she would not like the fact you think you are, or I had anything to do with it.”

I asked her, “How do you know I am a witch? What does the amulet have to do with it?”

She replied, “I have known since the first time I saw you after you were born. You have an aura around you that other witches can see. Mere mortals cannot see it. Your mother and I had a fight when you were around ten. I told your mom I thought you might be a witch. She had a fit and told me I was not welcome in her house anymore.”

I asked her, “Why did you come to see me now?”

She said, “I told your mom that I had given up on the idea of witchcraft and that you were a witch. I had to see you as you turned eighteen. It is vital that you learn now. You see, Katerina, there are not many witches left anymore. Some like me that teach have died off or just given up. We can only teach members of our families, and I knew you were my last hope.”

I said in puzzlement, “Okay, what do I have to do to become a witch or be trained by you? What if I don’t want to be trained? You have not let me know yet about the amulet. What does it do?”

She smiled and told me, “I knew you would have a lot of questions, just as I did. The amulet will help protect you. I will explain that in more detail in a minute. You have the option of not being trained, of course, but as I said, you are my last hope. I have to know before I go into more details, are you committed to this?”

I sat back and thought about it for a couple of minutes and then looked at her and told her, “Okay, I will do it. Do you promise nothing bad will happen to me?”

She looked at me and said, “I want to train you, but I cannot make that promise. Your training as a witch you will encounter some awful people, and some will mean you harm. That is where the amulet comes in you must wear it at all times as you are being trained.”

I nodded my head yes and asked, “What do I have to do?”

She looked at me and said, “You have made me happy. The first thing is never to forget the amulet. Last night you got a tiny taste of what is to come. Your training will be in what you think is a dream, but it is real. Last night they could not see you, but that will change. Do you remember last night and what you were wearing?”

I thought for a minute and said, “Yes, I was in my pajamas. Now that I think of it that was weird.”

She said, “From now on, as you fall into your dream, you will be dressed in the time period that you are in. You must try and remain in the background and do not draw attention to yourself. Your amulet brings you some protection, but if they find out you are a witch, that will not be good for you.”

I asked her, “How do I know what city or place I am in? How do I know which year I am in?”

She said, “Great questions. Your amulet does a little more than offering some protection. It also knows where you need to go. The best way I can describe it.”

She paused for a moment then told me, “It is like having Google around your neck. I know you know how to use that. All young people spend all day on their phones looking at Google or whatever.”

I smiled at her and asked, “You mean I can ask the amulet questions like Google?”

She shook her head no and then said, “No. What I meant is the amulet just knows. You will understand it all very soon.”

I could tell I was wearing her out with all my questions. I said, “Grams, I think you are tired. Maybe we should continue this another day.”

She said, “No, dear child. What I want you to do now is do some reading.”

She reached into her purse and pulled out a book called Malleus Maleficarum.

She told me, “This book was written by an evil man named Heinrich Kramer. He was the man you saw in your dream. Please stay away from him. He loves burning witches. When you are done with it, let me know, and you will then be ready to begin your training as a witch. I will be in town for as long as it takes to complete your training. If I must, I will act like I am sick, so your mother does not become suspicious why I am staying here so long.”

We left the park and did a little shopping, so we did not go home empty-handed.

That night after seeing William. I went to my room and started reading the book. I was in shock at the things that were done and said at that time. I found the book very disturbing it was so full of hate.

After doing some research some of the notable quotes that stuck with me were things like.

“The woman is an inferior being, not created by God in His image. It is according to the natural order that women serve men.” (Church Father Augustine, St., 354-430)

“The woman is a freak of nature. With her excess of moisture and her sub-temperature physically and spiritually inferior. A kind of mutilated, mistaken, failed man. The full realization of the human species is only man.” (Thomas Aquinas, St., Doctor of the Church, 1225-1274)

The author of the Hammer of Witches, Heinrich Kramer, was keen to portray all women as potential witches. Every woman had by nature the predisposition to evil, thus also to witchcraft. Some of his quotes from the book were.

“Women were deficient in all powers, of the soul as well as of body. Whatever they did, it was done out of carnal desire. They were insatiable, mendacious, always deceptive, and were only an imperfect animal.”

“The shameful woman, the insidious woman, the cowardly woman. Defiles the pure, breeds the impious, corrupts the deeds. Full of lust, every woman thinks about sin and commits it. The woman is of the bad, and there is almost none that is good. She is a terrible abyss, the worst of the snakes, a beautiful carrion. Insidious woman, vile woman, disgusting woman. She is the throne chair of Satan. Flee her, reader!”

I finished the book and did some more research with Wikipedia.

I thought to myself. What have I done? Do I want to go through with this? I spent several days reading and thinking about all of it.

I finally told my great-grandmother that I was ready to begin my training.

She asked me, “Do you have any questions for me?”

I told her, “Yes. Only about a million of them. I could ask you all of them, but I am ready to start now.”

She told me, “Wear the amulet to bed tonight, and it will begin.”



To be continued.

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