Fairytales and movies lead us to believe that happily ever after means that everything is always wonderful between guy and girl. In real life, here is one of the more common scenarios:

Guy meets girl. The guy has fun with the girl but wants to date others. The girl just wants to date that guy and tries to keep his attention, so the girl stays too long with a guy who isn’t right for her.

Or, if the guy decides that he wants a girl, fears and insecurities that surface from both individuals keep things from becoming the happily-ever-after portrayed in fairytales and movies.

Projecting unrealistic fairytale expectations onto your own love life when your reality is so different for all of us makes it hard to answer the question: “Am I in love?”

How do I know if it’s love or lust?

If you believe happily-ever-after means everything always flows wonderfully when your own relationship ebbs and flows, you may not realize you’re actually in love with a wonderful guy.

Additionally, having strong feelings for someone can make you think you’re in love, when you’re actually in lust or are simply infatuated.

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