Because this is the first part of my novel, there is more sexual tension than actual sex. Future parts (coming soon) will have more sex to offer. But I hope you will enjoy the beginning of my story.

Chapter 1

McKinley Stewart was losing patience. This had been a mistake, he realized now, but it was too late to stop this nonsense.

“I’ve got the last three candidates waiting to be interviewed, Mr. Stewart. Do you want to take a break?” his efficient and well-meaning admin asked.

“No, Alice, I do not want or need a break. What I need is for one of those three women to be a suitable escort for me for my trip to Europe. No offense, but the parade of twenty-somethings left a lot to be desired,” he said more shortly than he intended.

“Well, two of these women are in their early thirties, and the last one is thirty-six,” Alice commented. “In my opinion, they’re a little old to be escorts, but perhaps one of them will suit your fancy.”

“I sincerely hope so,” he replied wearily. “Let’s take a look at them.”

Suzanna King was charming and certainly a cut above every other woman he had interviewed today, but she seemed a bit too chatty. That would grate on his nerves after a couple of days.

Marilyn Snyder was a bit too blonde and a lot too naïve. Although she flirted shamelessly, she seemed genuinely appalled when Alice asked, “What type of birth control do you use?”

“Why would you need to know that?” Marilyn asked.

McKinley chimed in, “Because I like to fuck bareback.”

Marilyn had turned eight shades of red and walked out in a huff.

“Honestly, Mr. Stewart, did you need to be so crass?” Alice asked him crossly.

“The ad was for an escort. Did she think I was merely looking for a decoration for my arm?” he asked, more than a little annoyed.

“Well, we’ve got one more to see, so please try to be polite, sir,” Alice said firmly.

McKinley nodded, and Alice called in the last escort, Grace Remy.

She was exquisite.

Alice invited Grace to have a seat and offered her a beverage.

“Tea would be lovely,” Grace replied, “Earl Gray, if you have it, with a slice of lemon.”

Alice smiled, “Of course.”

“McKinley is an interesting name,” Grace said after the introductions were made. “Do you go by Mick or Mac?”

Alice’s eyes almost bugged out of her head.

McKinley chuckled, “I’ve never gone by anything besides McKinley.”

“Oh,” Grace said, sipping her tea. “That just seems like a mouthful of a name to call out in bed.”

Alice choked on her own tea, while McKinley just grinned.

“I hope I wasn’t presumptuous,” Grace said.

“Not at all. We will be traveling around Europe for the better part of a year. I’ll need business associates and colleagues to be convinced that we are together,” he explained.

“Define together,” Grace said, looking for clarification.

“Lovers in a relationship,” he said.

“So, the lover part is real, but the relationship part is the scam,” she said bluntly.

“Miss Remy!” Alice chided.

“Alice, you’ve been very sly, saving the best for last. I think we’re done here,” McKinley said dismissively.

“Miss Remy, I’d like to offer you a position as my escort. I appreciate your frankness and honesty. I’d like you to stay for a bit so we can chat about your duties before I have a contract drawn up, if you’d be so kind,” he said, sounding stiffer and more formal than he’d intended.

Grace looked at him for a moment as if pondering her decision. She fully intended to take the position, but it didn’t hurt not to appear too eager.

“How long is the contract for?” she asked.

“Preferably twelve months, with the option to extend to eighteen or twenty-four if needed,” he replied.

She nodded, “And how often would I be required to sleep with you?”

“I beg your pardon?” he was caught off-guard by her directness.

“I’d like to know, before I sign a contract, how often I am expected to have sex with you,” she said.

“However often I have that particular need, I suppose,” he huffed. “I don’t have a set schedule to fuck.”

She could see that she’d irritated him, and if she continued down this road, she might lose the job. And right now, she needed employment. “I just wondered if you’re the kind of man who needs it daily or several times a week. It doesn’t matter, either way; I’d like to accept the offer.”

“What if I said I was the kind of man who needs it several times a day?” he asked coyly.

“Then I’d have to wonder what kind of business meetings you’d be having that would allow you that much time to fuck,” she answered cheekily.

McKinley laughed, “I like you, Miss Remy. I think we will get along just fine. You’d be quite right about my business not affording me the luxury of having you in my bed twenty-four/seven. But I’d say to be prepared for a daily fuck if time permits. Any other questions?”

“I doubt that I have the proper attire for such a lengthy trip. Will there be a clothing allowance?” she asked.

He chuckled, “So, I’m guessing you have no issue with the daily fuck? Yes, of course, if you give my assistant, Alice, your measurements, she will purchase an entire wardrobe for you based on our itinerary. It will be easier that way.”

“That sounds efficient. And, no, I have no issue with the daily fuck, provided you don’t have a penchant for anything gross,” Grace said nonchalantly.

McKinley raised an eyebrow, “I’ve never had a lover complain.”

Grace smiled at him over her teacup, “Fair enough.”

“Aside from the bedroom, there are other duties that you will have. We will be hosting the heads of companies that my firm is looking to acquire and several of my colleagues in multiple cities for dinners and/or cocktail parties. I would expect you to select menus, including wines and desserts. I would also expect you to converse with others about current events or whatever topics come up, but in a very neutral manner. And, of course, you are to have my back if I feel the need to stretch the truth a little to impress clients,” he explained.

“I was an event planner prior to this job. I arranged meals, cocktails, desserts, wines, and entertainment for banquet halls with hundreds of guests. I think I can handle a few dinner parties and cocktail hours. I also understand the strategy of telling little white lies in the business world,” she offered. “As for conversation, I read several newspapers on my tablet each morning, and I speak three languages. I imagine I will be able to muddle through.”

McKinley looked at her and laughed, “Touché, my dear.”

“Is there anything else?” she asked politely.

He pursed his lips and thought for a moment that his next question might be silly, but he decided to ask it anyway, “If you were giving me a nickname, would you choose Mick or Mac?”

Her smile reached all the way to her eyes, “Mac, of course. It sounds manly, sturdy, and sexy.”

He nodded shyly. “Thank you, that will be all. I’d like to meet again next Monday at 7:00 p.m. to go over our itinerary. We’ll have a light meal here. Make sure you call Alice with your measurements so she can make sure to have your wardrobe and undergarments ready for our trip,” he said, dismissing her. He was already looking through things on his desk. In his mind, he’d already sent her off, so no need to continue eye contact.

She laughed. This was a man who liked to call the shots, right down to picking out her underwear. She didn’t mind dominance, but she’d work on getting him to lighten up a little just for fun.

As she got up and headed for the door, she turned back and smiled, “See you next Monday, Mac.”

He looked up to correct her, but she was already gone.

Chapter Two

Her perfume, while subtle, lingered softly in the air near the chair where she’d been sitting. He wondered why it made him imagine holding her. He quickly reminded himself that this was a business relationship. He’d sworn off personal relationships a long time ago, ever since Louise had broken his heart. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy Grace.

He looked over her vitae and saw that she did, indeed, speak not three, but four languages, if you included English. She was apparently also fluent in French, Spanish, and German. Additionally, she could speak and read a bit of Mandarin, as well as basic phrases in Polish, Russian, and Portuguese.

What the hell was she doing applying for a position as an escort? She could work for the fuckin’ FBI or CIA with her qualifications.

He read further and found that she had worked for several prestigious private and public companies as an event planner. At her level of experience, she would have been making quite a hefty salary. So, again, why had she been sitting in his study less than an hour ago, agreeing to host cocktail parties and be his fuck buddy?

He opened his laptop and did a Google search on Grace Remy. There wasn’t much more that he didn’t already know. He wondered what her angle was in answering his ad. But his people would vet her thoroughly before Monday. He’d let them do their jobs, and he’d do his by arranging the rest of the meetings on his European tour so that Alice could finish the travel arrangements.

That night, lying in bed, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He surprised himself by picking up his cellphone and texting her.

Define gross.

Grace was about to drift off when she heard her phone ping. She picked it up off the nightstand and laughed at the two-word message. She smiled. She wasn’t sure why, but she liked that he was thinking about her and what she had said earlier. She answered.

If it goes in the toilet, it doesn’t go on me.

He was pleasantly surprised that she answered so quickly. He read her text and, once again, was happy to see she wasn’t afraid to be blunt, but neither did she feel the need to be crude. He responded.

We seem to be on the same page then.

Her reply came almost instantly.

Good to know, g’nite Mac

McKinley frowned. Then he gave half a laugh. He supposed things would look more genuine between them if she used a nickname. But two could play that game.

See you Monday, Gracie

On Monday morning, McKinley opened his email to find the vetting report on Grace. He opened it and found nothing more really than what he’d found online. She’d gone to Stanford University and had a degree in Computer and Information Science. She’d worked as an interpreter in a privately owned firm in addition to being an event planner, and she had never been married. She’d recently sold a rental property in Los Angeles, and she was currently living in an extended-stay hotel in town. Well, he would certainly not have to worry about her being able to hold her own in a conversation.

Monday afternoon dragged on interminably. He could swear he watched the clock go backward at one point. He wondered why he was feeling anxious about his dinner with Grace. It was just a casual way to handle details, nothing special. Yet, he had bothered Alice several times to make sure everything would be all set for tonight.

The grandfather clock had yet to chime seven when she arrived. It impressed him that she was early, but not uncomfortably so.

“Hello, Grace,” McKinley said as she came into the study, where he was finishing up some last-minute changes in the itinerary.

“Hello, McKinley,” she replied politely. He felt a pang of disappointment that she hadn’t called him Mac.

“I hope you’re hungry. The chef has prepared a nice meal for us. I thought we’d eat in here; it’s less formal than the dining room,” he said, trying to appear casual.

“As you like,” she answered blandly. Gone was the feistiness, the witty repartee, and the almost sensual way she’d spoken to him previously.

He frowned, “Have I said something to offend you?”

“Not at all,” she answered coolly. “I’m definitely hungry. Thanks for making this a dinner meeting.”

“Of course. If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I need to check with Alice on some matter. Dinner will be served shortly. I’ll get us drinks when I return,” he said, feeling suddenly awkward around her.

Had he made a mistake? Had he imagined that she was something she wasn’t in his haste to find a suitable escort?

He went into his office and found Alice working away at the final details of the trip.

“Hey, Alice, did you happen to have any contact with Grace today?” he asked.

“Yes, she said she would be here tonight. Hasn’t she arrived yet?” Alice asked, looking up from her computer.

“Yes, she is here. Something just seems off. What did you say when you spoke to her?” he asked, trying to discern whether the change in Grace’s demeanor was the result of something Alice had said.

Alice looked annoyed, “I simply asked her to conduct herself conservatively and professionally, and I explained to her that you do not care for nicknames.”

“I see, thanks, Alice,” McKinley nodded. “For the record, I’d rather you leave any further communication with Grace to me.”

Alice raised an eyebrow, “As you like.”

Great, now he had two women annoyed with him.

“Alice, you’ve done a remarkable job with all of these details. I simply meant that you don’t need to concern yourself with personal communications with Grace. I am happy to handle that myself from this point on.”

“I understood the first time,” Alice remarked.

Oh, she was more than annoyed. She was thoroughly pissed off.

“Alice, do you have a problem with my having chosen Grace for my escort?” he asked quietly.

“No, sir, not at all. I just thought she came off a bit too familiar with you,” Alice answered.

“Isn’t that the point? I mean, if she is supposed to be my lover, shouldn’t she act familiar?” McKinley asked, a bit frustrated by the conversation at this point.

“Of course, you’re right,” Alice said rather unconvincingly.

McKinley sighed and realized he’d left Grace in the study and hadn’t gotten her a drink yet.

When he returned, he saw Grace standing with her back toward him as she looked out the window.

“This is some view you have here,” she said, having heard him come back in the room.

“Beats the Woodspring Suites, I imagine,” he answered more sarcastically than he’d meant to.

She turned and faced him, “Indeed it does. You’ve done your homework.”

“Did you expect I wouldn’t?” he asked. “What can I get you to drink?”

“Sparkling water is fine. This is a business dinner after all, not a social visit,” she said curtly.

He was about to argue that point, but he thought better of it. She wasn’t entirely wrong. He debated sticking to water as well and decided he needed the scotch. Somehow, what he thought would be a pleasant evening seemed to be hurtling down a different path, and he wasn’t at all sure how to remedy that.

“Here you go,” he said, handing her a glass of sparkling lime water over ice. “Dinner should be ready soon. Why don’t we have a seat and get to know each other a little better while we wait.”

Grace felt a snarky reply, ready to escape her lips, but she held her tongue. Surely, she knew that he would dig deep as he vetted her. She was just glad there were some things even he couldn’t access.

The truth was that she really had been looking forward to this dinner before Alice had called her under the guise of asking for her measurements. What she really aimed to do was to put Grace in her place. She supposed the woman was just looking out for her boss. Although, she had a sneaky suspicion that Alice had more than a little bit of a crush on McKinley.

So, instead of a smart-ass remark, Grace took a deep breath and said, “What would you like to know?”

McKinley’s face had a tight smile on it, “Well, for starters, why don’t you tell me what caused the giant bug to crawl up your ass?”

Grace toyed with acting like she didn’t know what he was talking about, but that was petty and childish. “There’s no bug. I’m simply conducting myself conservatively and professionally, McKinley,” she said, emphasizing his full name.

McKinley sighed, “I’m sorry if Alice offended you. She means well.”

“She has a crush on you,” Grace blurted out.

McKinley frowned, “I think not.”

Grace shrugged, “Regardless, she made it clear that my behavior was inappropriate, and I’m simply trying to adjust and do my job.”

He sighed a heavy sigh before speaking. “I’d hoped to have a lovely evening getting to know each other better so that our trip won’t be awkward. I can see that slipping away, and I’m wondering if there is any way to fix that,” he said.

Caught off guard by his honesty and vulnerability, Grace decided to throttle back her annoyance. She’d wanted the same thing. So, why let pride stand in her way.

“Perhaps I’ll have a glass of wine after all,” she said. “I prefer white and a little sweet, if you have it.”

“I have a bottle of Moscato chilled. Let me open it and pour you a glass,” he said, feeling grateful for the olive branch she was handing him.

“You have done your homework,” she mused. “I’d be annoyed all over again, except I much prefer Moscato over Pinot Grigio or White Zin.”

After handing her the glass of wine, he raised his glass and clinked hers ever so slightly, “To our new adventure and to the truce that will hopefully make this evening enjoyable and informative.”

“Cheers,” Grace said in return.

McKinley sipped his drink and took a long look at Grace. She may have been dressed conservatively, but something about her exuded sensuality. That he found himself aroused by this redhead in a cream-colored pantsuit was a bit disconcerting.

Grace recognized the look and said, “I’m not sleeping with you tonight, Mac. Not while Alice is lurking and not until we have a better understanding of each other.”

He smiled. Just the fact that she had used the nickname was a step in the right direction. “Of course, I agree,” he said, although his cock had other ideas. “Shall we head to the dining room?”

Chapter Three

Dinner was delicious, and they managed to have a delightful conversation, complete with some not-so-subtle innuendo.

After they finished, they headed to the study to enjoy some wine by the fire. With alcohol loosening his tongue and his demeanor, McKinley asked, “So, why does a woman who is as intelligent, gorgeous, and interesting as you want to work as an escort?”

Grace thought for a moment before answering, “Great pay and the chance to travel.”

McKinley nodded, “Both are excellent reasons.” Still, he couldn’t help thinking that she was overqualified for this position.

“And I like sex, but I seem to have trouble maintaining a stable relationship. I’m not into one-night stands, so the escort job seemed to address those needs as well,” Grace added, partly out of honesty and partly to get a rise out of him.

He grinned, “I think you will find your needs well met.”

“I’m sure I will,” Grace said as she finished her wine. “But I should really get going.”

“I don’t think so,” he said, taking her hand in his. “I’m not finished with you tonight.”

Grace was about to protest when Alice came into the room. McKinley let go and turned his attention to Alice, clearly perturbed at her ill-timed intrusion.

“What do you need, Alice?” he asked gruffly.

“You have an early meeting tomorrow, and I wanted to go over the talking points with you,” she answered in a snarky tone.

“It’s fine,” Grace said, seeing her opportunity to escape without making a scene. “I was just about to leave.”

McKinley gave her a pained look, but he knew that he wasn’t going to have his way tonight after all.

“Alice, let me walk Grace to the door, then I will meet you in my office,” he said resignedly.

“Very well,” Alice said as she turned and headed off.

“You do realize that she thinks you should have asked her to accompany you on your travels,” Grace said with half a smile. “Hence, the reason I won’t sleep with you with her in the house.”

“Then let me take you to dinner tomorrow, and then we can go back to your place afterward for dessert,” McKinley suggested.

“I suppose it would be good for us to see if we are compatible in bed,” she mused. “It would suck out loud to get all the way to Paris and find that we just don’t click between the sheets.”

McKinley chuckled, “You’re very blunt.”

“I’m honest,” she corrected. “And practical. You have my address. Pick me up at 7:00 p.m. and message me ahead of time so I know what attire is appropriate for whatever restaurant you have in mind.”

“Fair enough,” he said thoughtfully. Then he pulled her into him and kissed her passionately.

Sparks flew, and both of them felt the heat of desire.

“Elegant attire. And be ready at 6:30 p.m.,” he said as he broke off the kiss but let his lips linger close to her face.

If he kissed her again, she’d cave, and he’d have her in bed in no time. So, she turned quickly and headed for her car. Looking back, she said, “I’ll be ready at 6:45, Mac.”

He grinned as he watched her drive away. He was already imagining sliding inside her and realized that he would need a few moments before he could head inside to go over talking points with Alice. If she saw the bulge in his pants, she would either be misled, thinking he wanted her, or offended, realizing his desire and lust were not meant for her. He wondered how it was that he’d never realized Alice had feelings for him. But knowing that she did now, it was important that he not rub Grace in her face. Grace had been quite astute. Just another quality that made her perfect for this job.

Chapter Four

Alice was frowning when McKinley entered his office. “What’s wrong?” he asked, trying to be kind and patient.

“I do realize that you needed some time to get to know Ms. Remy, but this meeting is important, and you really should take some time to prepare,” Alice chided.

“Thank you, Alice, for reminding me,” he said. “Now, what’s really bothering you?”

“I just said…” she began.

“Alice,” he interrupted, “we’ve known each other for a long time. If you have something to say, just say it.”

Alice hesitated for a moment. Then she said, “I don’t know why you felt the need to hire an escort. I would have been happy to accompany you and would have been able to take care of whatever you needed.”

He sighed, “Alice, you are far too valuable to me as my administrative assistant. I need you here, holding down the fort and making sure things run smoothly in my absence. If I took you along and slept with you, you’d want more from me than I am willing to give. That would hardly be fair to either of us. You’re an attractive woman, and I do not doubt that you’d take care of my needs. But the cost would be too high. I can’t afford to lose you.”

Alice turned her back to McKinley so he wouldn’t see how upset she was. Mostly because she knew he was right. He’d never be able to give her what she needed.

“Yes, I suppose hiring Grace was a better choice. But let’s not pretend she’s anything more than an overpriced whore,” Alice said, praying that the tears in her eyes wouldn’t fall. “I’ve left the talking points for you on your desk. I’m rather tired, so I will be heading out now. I will see you in the morning.”

“Alice,” McKinley said softly. “A woman like you deserves so much better than a man like me.”

She simply nodded and left.

When McKinley arrived at Grace’s hotel room on Tuesday at 6:45 P.M., he was nearly speechless. He’d told her elegant attire, but he was not prepared for how incredibly ravishing she would look tonight.

“I thought you said you didn’t have the proper attire for our trip,” he said, trying hard not to give away the fact that he’d much rather close the door behind him and find out how long it would take to get her out of that dress. “Or did the wardrobe Alice ordered arrive already?”

“Even a commoner like me has a few nice pieces hanging in her closet,” Grace said coyly. She could feel him mentally undressing her, and she admitted to herself silently that if he asked her to skip dinner, she would have acquiesced.

McKinley looked at her as if he were considering doing so for a moment. Then he gave a heavy sigh, “Shall we go?”

Grace let him take her arm as he led her to his limo. He helped her inside and then made a point of sitting right next to her. He laid a hand on her knee and asked, “Would you like some champagne?”

Had this been a typical first date, she’d have removed his hand instantly. But since this was anything but typical, she pretended she didn’t notice and answered, “Yes, please. That would be lovely.”

He grinned. He’d chosen well. Grace would be a sophisticated companion in public and, he suspected, a hot little number in bed. His cock swelled as he thought about taking her, naked beneath him, thrusting into her.

“Shall I pour my own, then?” she laughed softly, interrupting his salacious reverie. He blushed a little, and she couldn’t deny that she found that more than a little adorable.

“I’m sorry, my dear. I’ve got a lot on my mind,” he said as he shook off the vision and poured her a flute of Dom Perignon, vintage 2008. He poured himself one as well and raised his glass to hers, “To the beginning of a mutually satisfying adventure.”

“Santé,” she answered as their glasses touched. “Je veux bien trinquer à notre avenir.”

“I’m afraid my knowledge of the French language pales compared to yours, my dear, but it sounded lovely, just the same,” he said, hoping to sound casual. The fact was, hearing her speak flawless French made her just that much more alluring. He’d need to get a grip or risk-taking her here and now in the limo.

Fortunately, the restaurant wasn’t too much farther, and McKinley managed to restrain his basic urges. Their dinner conversation started off a little stiff. But, after a while, they began to feel more at ease with each other.

“I have to admit, Mac, this is the most enjoyable evening I’ve had in a long time,” Grace said as she finished her wine.

Pleased that she’d used the nickname again, he smiled and said, “Well, then, let this be the first of many enjoyable evenings.”

He put his hand on hers and felt the spark of desire again. One look at her face, and it was obvious that she felt it too.

“Shall we go back to your place for dessert?” he asked seductively.

“Indeed,” she replied.


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