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Saturday morning Jessica woke her husband up by taking his morning wood into her mouth. It wasn’t like she never started her day with a BJ, but she seemed more excited this morning than usual. After Jordan was awake, she climbed on top of him, taking him deep into her wetter than usual pussy, making noises it generally took her fifteen minutes to reach.

“Squeeze my tits!” she demanded. “Fuck yes!” she called out when he did just that and then pinched her nipples.

As she started grinding back and forth, Jessica shouted, “Oh my god. I love your cock, baby!”

She spun around into reverse cowgirl position. “Slap my ass! Put a finger in my asshole!”

Jessica often acted this way, but this behavior usually didn’t begin until they had been at in for quite some time before working herself up into a frenzy. Jordan was mystified for several minutes before he remembered that they would be entertaining Ian tonight. “That’s it,” he said to himself as he played with his wife’s beautiful ass. “She’s already worked up over seeing Ian fuck her sister.”

After Jess drove herself into a loud and wet orgasm, she collapsed on Jordan’s chest. As she lay there gasping for breath, he began to think about what might happen when Ian arrived.

For his forty-third birthday a few months back, they had installed a pool in the backyard. It had become the norm for Jessica and her sister, Mati, to spend a good deal of time in and around the pool naked. He knew that the sisters had put together an entertainment plan for the evening and he was willing to bet it would include the pool. Jordan could visualize the two beauties flaunting their magnificent tits and possibly more to their handsome guest.

The big reveal was made to Mati the previous evening that they would be having Ian join them for dinner and maybe dessert. Mati, who had been sharing Jordan with Jess for the past few months, was delighted at the idea as she had been extremely frustrated after dumping her husband.

Jess had described Ian to Mati and he could almost see her drool at the prospect. Actually, both of them seemed to drool. Jordan suddenly realized that Jess was as excited as Mati. It came to him that probably she was looking forward to getting in on the action. ‘It’s only fair,’ he thought, ‘After all, I have been doing her sister for months.’

Jess and Mati had then gone out in the backyard and had a very conspiratorial discussion.

At noon Mati arrived. “I stopped at the new butcher shop and picked up four beautiful steaks for tonight.”

Jordan had been standing in the kitchen talking with Jessica. “Steaks? Did we decide to have steaks tonight?”

“You weren’t part of the decision-making,” Jess said as she touched his cheek. “Mati and I will take care of the food. Your job is to make sure our bar is fully stocked. Mati and I will probably drink wine. You’ll just need to know what Ian drinks and keep him supplied.”

“What other decisions have you made?” he asked.

With an air of confidence, Jess replied, “You’ll do the cooking on the grill. It’s going to be a lovely day, so we’ll stay out by the pool. Mati and I will get the food together this afternoon. You need to get the lawn chairs out and make certain they’re dusted off.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to cook burgers?” Jordan asked, feeling a little left out of the planning.

“Of course, it would be easier, baby,” Jess said as she squeezed her husband’s ass cheek. “But if we’re going to set my sister up, we need to go an extra step and make everything perfect.”

“Are we setting Mati up?” he asked.

“That’s what it looks like to me,” Mati stated as she put the steaks into the fridge. “And I’ll tell you right now I don’t mind being set up. Jess tells me Ian is a handsome man. I’m all in favor of handsome. She says he’s smart and successful. Those are also good things. And finally, she said he was divorced. I like that because I wouldn’t want to get into a relationship with a married man.”

“It sounds to me like you two have everything worked out,” Jordan told the sisters. “I’ll just run to the store and pick up some beer and wine.”

“Don’t forget to get crushed ice,” Jessica said without turning around.


Once in his car, Jordan called Ian. “Hey man,” he said, “It looks like the women at my house are planning for us to eat outdoors. I just thought I’d warn you. You might want to wear shorts. We have a pool, so bring swim trunks if you’d like to get wet.” Pulling into the grocery store parking lot, Jordan added, “By the way, what is your preference for adult beverages?”

“I’m not picky,” Ian laughed. “I generally start with beer and work my way up to bourbon.”

“I can take care of that,” Jordan replied as he parked his car. “See you around 5:00. I hope you don’t mind seeing a lot of tits and ass. I have great confidence that both will be on display for our enjoyment.”

“I can’t think of a better way to spend the day,” Ian laughed. “It’s been a little dry for me lately, so this will be a refreshing change.”

Jordan slipped the phone into his shirt pocket, thinking, ‘I don’t think he’ll need to worry about anyone being dry tonight.’


A few minutes past 5:00, Jordan heard the doorbell and ushered Ian into the house. Shaking Ian’s hand, Jordan said, “Welcome to our home. Jessica and I are glad you could come.”

“It’s a lovely home,” Ian said as they walked into the large family room.

“I don’t know where the women are,” Jordan said, looking into the kitchen. “Jess, Ian’s here!” he called out.

Trotting down the hallway, Jess bounded into the room, running straight to Ian. She was wearing a brightly colored sarong, but her long bare legs were there for him to see. Jess tossed her hands around Ian’s neck and hugged him. “It’s so nice to have you in our home.”

“Thank you, Jessica,” Ian said with a warm smile. “You’re very kind to invite me.”

“Not at all,” she said as she let go of the tall man. “I’m glad you came dressed casually. We’re always laid back on weekends.” As Jessica stepped back, she thought, ‘This man is just gorgeous. I could just eat him up.’

Then standing close to Ian, Jess whispered, “I suppose you know that we’re trying to set you up with my sister.”

“It’s alright with me,” he whispered back with a grin. “I haven’t really had a lot of female company in a while. If she’s as lovely as you, I’ll be thrilled.”

“You sweet talker,” Jessica said as she ran her hand down the front of Ian’s shirt. “You won’t be disappointed.”

They all turned to see Mati enter the room. She was wearing some sort of jacket, but it was opened to show a great deal of cleavage. Ian was instantly in lust with this beautiful woman. She had a radiant smile, great bust line and shapely legs.

“Ian, this is my sister, Mati,” Jessica said, offering introductions. “Mati, this is Ian. He and Jordan work together.”

Mati seemed to float across the room and took Ian’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you,” she said in her soft, sexy voice. “Jordan told me all about you, but he didn’t tell me how handsome you are. And the answer is yes, I will marry you.”

Everyone broke out in laughter, but Ian suddenly wished he had proposed. This woman seemed to have everything a man could want.

“Jordan is the bartender tonight,” Jessica announced. “You guys get what you want. Mati and I both want wine. I think we’ll probably eat in about an hour.” Then turning to Ian, she said, “I hope you’re not starving. I have some snacks I’ll bring out.”

“I’m in no hurry,” Ian told her.

Ten minutes later, Jordan and Ian were seated in the shade by the pool, drinking beer and talking. Ian looked up to see Jessica coming out of the house with a tray of food. The wind blew her cover open and he saw she was wearing a tiny bikini. ‘Fuck me!’ he thought. ‘What a terrific body.’

Ian saw Mati come out right behind Jessica. He noted that she had unbuttoned her jacket and was wearing a bikini equally as tiny as Jessica’s. “Oh my god,” he whispered.

“I’m certain you are feeling sorry for me,” Jordan said quietly, “Because I have to hang out by the pool with these two fine creatures.”

“Incredible,” was all Ian could manage to say.

“Here you go, guys,” Jessica said, leaning over to set down the tray.

Ian’s eyes were instantly glued to Jess’s large breasts that were about to fall out of her bikini top. He glanced behind her to see that Mati was carrying their wine glasses. She set them down on a table, took off her jacket and turned so that he had an unrestricted view of her fantastic ass. Ian was instantly hard.

“We’re going to get into the pool for a bit,” Jessica announced. “It was kind of warm in the kitchen. We need to cool off.”

As she walked away, taking off her cover, Ian heard Jordan mutter, “We are the ones needing to cool off.”

“Amen,” Ian said. “Are they always like this around the pool?”

“No,” Jordan said with a grin. “They’re usually naked. Those tiny suits are because you’re here. If it was just me, they wouldn’t have a stitch on.”

“Shut up!” Ian gasped. “They run around naked?”

“Yes sir,” Jordan laughed. “It’s the burden I have to carry. They run around naked for a while until one of them gets horny. That one will come fuck me and then the other one gets excited and fucks me.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me?”

“I’m happy to report that I am being totally honest. Jessica brought her sister home one-day months ago. She told me that following poor Mati’s divorce, she hadn’t had sex in nine months and wanted me to help her sis out. Jess took off her clothes, leaned over the couch and demanded I fuck her right then and there while Mati watched. When Jess reached her orgasm, I looked over and Mati was naked. She leaned over the couch and I fucked her while Jessica watched. That’s been my life since.”

Ian’s eyes were wide. “That sounds like the plot to a porn movie.”


In the pool, Jess and Mati were discussing their plans.

“So, what do you think of Ian?” Jessica asked her sister.

“He’s gorgeous!” Mati gushed. “Those blue eyes are just killer. I had an image in my mind of him going down on me and then looking up with those dreamy blue eyes. I was instantly wet. I mean really wet.”

“If you’re not going to fuck him, I will,” Jess insisted. “He reminds me of that guy that used to play a lawyer on television. I used to watch that show with the sound off, look at him and masturbate.”

“Are you going to watch me have sex with Ian?”

“Of course,” Jessica giggled. “Now, how are we going to get it started?”


Jordan was responding to Ian’s suggestion their lives were like a porn movie. “I suppose it does, but that’s the way it goes in my household.” Jordan finished the beer in his hand and opened another one. “If I had to guess at what will happen, I’m going to say that within a short period of time, those two sluts will discover a way to get to you.”


Jordan turned to look at Ian. “I think that Mati’s going to find a way to have sex with you within the next fifteen minutes. If you find the thought of taking that exceptional body repulsive, I suggest that you leave now.” Taking his cell phone from his pocket, Jordan opened up his photo file. He found what he wanted and handed the phone to Ian. “Here are some pics you should see.”

Ian began to scroll through Jordan’s photos of Jessica in dozens of pics. She was naked in all of them. There were shots with her mouth filled with Jordan’s cock. Pics of her face and ass covered with jizz.

“That’s incredible,” Ian gasped.

“The next one is a short video,” Jordan explained. “Press the arrow and it will play.”

Ian followed instructions and saw a fifteen-second video of Jessica and Mati locked in a ’69.’ It was one of the most sensual things Ian had ever seen. He was so aroused that he wasn’t even embarrassed to have his erection clearly evident.

“That’s everyday life for me, Ian,” Jordan explained. “These two beautiful women are shameless sluts. They give me anything and everything I want. But today, Mati is going to have sex with you and if I know Jess, she will too.”

“And you’ll be OK with that?”

“Ian, I’ve known you for a long time. I wouldn’t have invited you over if I didn’t trust you. I also know my Jess. She has had the hots for you since you met at the Christmas party. You’ll be faced with some choices from now on. If Jess comes on to you and you accept, you would be a fool to spoil a good thing by being indiscreet. If you and Mati connect, you would risk losing that too, as she is very devoted to her sister.

So, those are the rules. What happens here stays here. Both of them will be your potential lovers and from that point on you will have a responsibility towards them. Are those guidelines acceptable to you?”

“Sure,” Ian replied. “But why do you accept this situation?”

“Because I want my wife to be happy and fulfilled. And I believe that no man can control his partner by restricting their needs. I’d rather have her act out her desires in front of me than behind my back.”

As he watched the stunned look on Ian’s face, they heard the women screech and giggle.

Looking toward where the women were, Ian saw something come flying from the pool. Grabbing it, he saw it was wet fabric. Opening it, he discovered it was the top of Mati’s bikini.

“It’s starting,” Jordan said with a chuckle.

Ian could see the women were jumping around and appeared to be fighting, but the laughter and screams indicated they were having fun. As he watched, another piece of wet fabric came sailing toward him. Ian caught it and handed it to Jordan. “I believe this one belongs to Jessica.”

Ian watched in disbelief as Jessica got out of the pool, flashing her bare breasts. “Magnificent,” he muttered.

“Wait until you see Mati,” Jordan whispered as he watched his wife walk toward them.

When she stood in front of her husband, Jess said, “Now my tits are cold and my nipples hard.” She pushed a bare breast at her husband’s mouth, saying, “Warm it up.”

Without hesitation, Jordan sucked the nipple into his mouth, sucking and licking until she pulled away and gave him the other one.

While her husband worked on her breasts, Jess looked at Ian and smiled. “He’s so fucking good at this.”

Ian looked up to see Mati walking toward them. He could see that Mati’s breasts were slightly larger than Jessica’s and perfectly shaped. For a woman in her thirties. She was a walking goddess.

When Mati reached them, she stopped to see what Jordan was doing and turned to Ian. “Can you give a girl some help?” she said, leaning toward him and pressing one of her breasts to his lips.

Ian didn’t respond in words. He sucked the nipple into his mouth, holding the other one in his hand. Just as he had seen Jordan do, Ian moved his mouth from one breast to the other, licking, sucking and nibbling on the nipple. While busy entertaining these magnificent breasts, he heard Jessica groan and felt Mati put her hand around the back of his head, pulling him into her.

“You’re really good at this,” she whispered to Ian.

Ian glanced over to see that Jordan had untied Jessica’s bikini bottom and removed it. He was now fingering his wife as he sucked her breasts.

Knowing what was likely to happen, Ian untied Mati’s bikini bottom’s strings, letting it drop to the ground. To his surprise, Mati straddled his leg and sat down on it, pressing her hot sex to his bare skin. She leaned in for a kiss.

As they melted into a deep, passionate kiss, Mati began to scoot back and forth on Ian’s leg. Within seconds, his skin was covered in her vaginal juices and she began to moan into his mouth. She unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his belt. It took Mati no time to locate his fully erect cock.

“Oh, nice,” she cooed as she wrapped her hand around it. “I hope I’m not being too forward, but I knew the instant I saw you that I wanted you.”

Ian pulled her into another long, passionate kiss. As she kissed him, Mati continued to stroke his hardness and rock back and forth on his leg.

Hearing a loud groan, Mati and Ian both looked toward the other couple. Jessica was naked and turned away from Jordan. She had dropped herself down on his cock and was gliding up and down while groaning and telling her husband how good it was.

Mati put her hand on Ian’s chin. “Have we been acquainted long enough now for me to fuck you just like my sister is fucking Jordan?”

“Without a doubt,” Ian said with a big smile.

Mati stood up and took off Ian’s shorts, pitching them aside. Observing the size of Ian’s manhood, she decided she needed to taste it first. Mati dropped to her knees, kissed the tip and swallowed half of it.

It was Ian’s turn to groan. He turned to see Jordan grinning at him and giving him a ‘thumbs up’ sign.

After two minutes of cock sucking, Mati decided she needed the cock inside her. She stood, turned and backed into his rod, using her fingers to find the right spot. Once it was properly positioned, she dropped on it. Both of them groaned.

The elderly man who lived in the house next door to Jordan and Jessica stood up on the special bench he had built to watch his wild next-door neighbors. When he heard the moans and groans coming from his neighbors’ back yard, he knew that a new show had begun. The old man was delighted to see that today there were two couples having sex and he dropped his pants. Jerking off while he watched his neighbors had become his favorite activity. The wood of the seven-foot privacy fence had been stained by his many ejaculations.

Jordan and Jessica knew the man watched them. They had been tipped off one day when the sunlight bounced off the old man’s bald head. Jess seemed to like having an audience and decided to let him watch.

Mati had an orgasm before Jessica and was working on number two when she heard Ian say, “I’m really close.” She dropped on her knees, facing her new lover. “Cum on my tits, Ian! I want to see you cum.”

Ian didn’t know that Jessica and Jordan were watching as he stroked his thick cock twice before shooting ropes of hot semen on her chin and chest.

Mati was impressed at the amount of jizz he left on her skin but was a little disappointed she hadn’t taken it in her mouth. She looked up at Ian, smiled and put her finger covered with cum into her mouth. “You taste good,” she said with a grin before she leaned in and licked the end of his cock.

Hearing some grunts, Mati and Ian turned to see Jessica on her knees in front of Jordan. He was in the process of filling her mouth with a load of his spunk.

Standing up beside Ian, Mati whispered, “I love watching my sister work on him. She is really a sexy woman.”

When Jess was finished with Jordan, she stood and came to Mati, kissing her.

“Thanks for sharing,” Mati told her sister.

Jessica inspected her sister’s cum covered chest. “It looks like Ian brings a heavy load. How is he as a lover?”

Mati reached out to take Ian’s softening cock in her hand and looked up at him. “After just one usage, I’d say he’s pretty damned good. But we’ll need further testing to come up with a final grade.”

Jessica looked down to see a white bud of cum on Ian’s cock. She bent over, sucking the tip into her mouth, shocking Ian. “Let me know if you want me to take a load from him,” Jessica offered. “I like the way he tastes.”

Mati took Ian’s hand in hers. “Come on, big boy. Let’s freshen up in the pool and discuss our next

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