Finding lasting love with a life partner is probably the most important quest you’ll ever go on in life.

It’s even more important than your career, where you live, or even what you give back to the world — because the person you partner up with matters.

In fact, celebrity dating coach Bela Gandhi thinks this one person will determine 90 percent of your happiness or 90 percent of your misery. And Bela knows a thing or two about finding love.

Her company, Smart Dating Academy, helps people find their life partner every day, including celebrities you know well!

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Finding a life partner is important to everyone’s happiness — even celebrities.

But finding love that lasts — the kind that leads to happiness — can seem daunting. After all, 48 percent of American adults are single right now! And 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce.

The fact is, what we think should be natural isn’t. And no one is really teaching us how to find that happiness.

Think about what putting people in happy, healthy relationships would do to our world, to our workforce, and even to the healthcare system.

Real love is a game-changer for everyone.

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