It’s officially been a year since most of us started working from home.

There’s been some obvious perks, like saving money and an easier commute to say the least.

But one thing that many of us might have overlooked is how accessible our sex toys are when we’re at home.

It might sound a little taboo, but it could be time to whip them out on your lunch break – at least, that’s what experts suggest!

According to recent research, around 58% of working from home professionals are engaging in sex play while they’re on the clock.

As there’s logic behind some lunch time pleasure, we spoke to Aaron McDonagh, the founder of Love Sex Toys, for more information.

Close up of woman's hand, handing a man's hand a vibrator
Sex toys are great if you’ve been riding solo

He revealed five reasons why you should consider using your time during lunch…

1. Lunchtime sex boosts productivity

Aaron told Daily Star: “Sex is proven to boast an array of benefits, most importantly it boosts productivity.

“Yeah sex on your lunch break could help you get through your ‘to-do’ list much more efficiently.

“It’s been suggested that those who orgasm frequently benefit from the body’s natural release of the happiness hormone.”

He’s not wrong either as having a cheeky session in the middle of the day will lower stress levels to make you more productive.

2. It’ll leave you feeling more in control

It has been found that those enjoying sex during the working day have a higher sense of satisfaction and job engagement.

That’s because sex releases oxytocin which will leave you feeling a greater sense of self-control and focus.

Aaron added: “Plus if you’re going solo, whipping out sex toys to enjoy some ‘you’ time maximises that empowerment.

“There are countless fun toys that’ll give you an undeniable ‘pick me up’ on your lunch break.”

Woman holding various sex toys
Using sex toys in the middle of the day can boost productivity

3. It feels good – simple!

Sex toys can make you feel good, it’s quite simple and there’s something out there for everyone.

Aaron said: “No matter your kinks, fetishes or preferences, after a stressful meeting or an intense client call, you need to relax.

“This is a form of self-care which is incredibly personal and intimate, you don’t need to answer to anyone at all.

“And that’s not something you can afford to underestimate.”

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4. Sex toys help you sleep better

Sleep is absolutely essential for your wellbeing as it strengthens the immune system and enhances your cognitive abilities.

By using sex toys it has been found to help with insomnia and restlessness.

That means you won’t be groggy during your morning meet if they form part of your daily routine.

5. See you later stress!

Yes of course, having orgasms can lower your stress levels.

So if this isn’t a reason to enjoy sex toys during the day, then what is?

Aaron concluded: “We’re all feeling the pressure at the moment, anything that can help with that should be welcomed.

“Log off, relax and grab a sex toy – problem solved.”

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