Books have always been my escape.

When I was a kid I’d stay up way too late and drift into worlds that seemed so much richer and more interesting than my own. When I grew up and could have been doing stuff like wearing crop tops and smoking cloves as a form of rebellion, I stuck with prose.

Sure, frenching a dude with a soul patch at some all-ages club is edgy, but it lacked the appeal of all the heaving-breasts and turgid members awaiting me in the romance novels upon which I glutted myself.

Even though I’m now well past the legal drinking age, I’m far more likely to drown my sorrows in the pages of a book than I am in a bucket of red wine (though I’ll be real, I have been known to combine the two).

When my bedfellow Dom and I decided to part ways last week, I needed a hardcore escape. I found it in the firm-but-tender embrace of the Walker Security series by Lisa Renee Jones. Deep Under, the fourth book, is the cure for all that ails you — and I’m living, breathing proof.

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Here’s how it saved me:

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