Hello dear! My name is Abby; I am 19 years old. I am a healthy girl. My profile is here because I am single. Many people are looking for others even though they are in a relationship, but I do not like that. Now I am not committed to anyone, and it is time to meet new guys who can teach me something.

I would love to have wild sexual experiences. Could you help me with that? I need a guy who is liberated from prejudices and can enjoy a woman.

I would love to experience all the sexual positions you like. We can do it standing, in the shower, on all fours, sixty-nine, and many more. I would like to have sex in different places as well, not only in the bedroom. I have so many fantasies!

To end my profile, I will let you know a secret. I have never been with a woman, and I am so much looking forward to it! Could you bring your girlfriend? I would love that!

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Reading that ad in a jerk-off publication was a life changer for me. Previous to purchasing Abby at an exorbitant price, I was what most women would call a loser. As a matter of fact, I avoided women like the plague. Not that I wouldn’t have welcomed a woman in my life; however, I suffered from a pathological fear of inadequacy and lack of confidence.

My sexual needs were met by my weekly visit to a massage parlor where a mature Russian woman would bring me to a happy ending while allowing me to fondle her pulchritudinous charms and also by frequently jerking off at home.

My name is Sam. I worked as an accountant for a manufacturing company where I regularly augmented my salary by cooking the books to grift sums of money to my private bank account, which significantly increased my fortune. I was also in the fruit business, as I jokingly commented to myself. I had made a fortune by being an early investor in Apple. In truth, I was the only multimillionaire who was a low-level accountant.

And then came Abby and my life changed. She was constructed of elastomer thermoplastic over a metal skeleton. With the following customizations, her vagina and anus were configured to the length and width of my penis. I chose her skin color, breast and nipple size, hair and eye color, height, and weight.

Based on the picture of Abby in the magazine, I built my dream girl to the following specs;

Dimensions: 5ft 4in, Bust Size 32 in, Waist 22 in, Hips 33in, C-Cup, Nipples long, Weight 110 lbs. /Hair color; Blonde. Eye Color; Green. Skin color; Tan. / Orifices; vibrating and pulsing. / Built-in thermostat for lifelike skin temperature.

When I placed the order with the company, the saleswoman, Christina, and I had a great conversation. We mutually masturbated, supposedly so she could get an estimate of my cock size and other physical characteristics to fine-tune Abby for me.

The moment Abby was delivered and I unpacked her, I was head over heels in lust. She was the absolute personification of the woman I had dreamt about all my life.

Our first lovemaking session was a revelation. Abby was not just a larger version of a cock sleeve. She reacted to my stimulation of her nipple and pussy with moans and simple phrases. That was something I had not expected. The words were very mechanical and had obviously been pre-programmed.

I would position Abby in the position I selected for our session and proceed to enter her and thrust till I came. Little did I dream of the refinements that had been built into her. Her vagina lubricated and clenched around my cock in the same manner that a real-life woman would. The same was true of her anus when I chose to penetrate her that way. When I decided that she pleasure me orally, her tongue would lick, and her mouth would suck my cock most realistically.

Gone were the days of the massage parlors and the solo jerk-off sessions. I started treating Abby as I would a real woman and not as a doll and sex object. I purchased her clothes suitable for all circumstances, from dresses to lingerie. I spoke to her even though I did not expect a response. When I left the apartment, I would install her to wait for my return in front of the TV so she would not get bored.

Rapidly things started to change. Abby’s vocabulary increased to the point where she began to formulate simple phrases. When I returned from outside, she would say, “Hi, Sam, did you have a good day?” She developed similar expressions such as: “Good morning, did you sleep well?” The progress was almost logarithmic. After a few days, she was speaking at the level of an articulate, intelligent seven-year-old girl.

The next development that astounded me happened one night when I was penetrating her in the missionary position. Up to that point, I would position her and do my thing while she lay motionless except for the sounds she made. On this occasion, I felt her spread her thighs and wrap her legs around my back. Her arms encircled my neck and drew me towards her. “Sam, kiss me,” she begged.

The resulting kiss was one of the most sensual experiences I had ever experienced. Abby was not only making mechanical motions with her mouth and tongue to excite me. She was actually feeling the effect of the kiss. Her whole body quivered under me as her arms and legs sought to pull me as close to her as possible. Her pussy seemed to suck my cock in with every one of my thrusts. I erupted, shooting my cum deep into that wonderful vagina.

When we were done, she seemed reluctant to let me go, and we snuggled against each other as I kept myself firmly lodged deep in her. As we lay there, she whispered in my ear, “Sam, I love you.”

I could not help but say, “I love you too, Abby.”

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I really meant those words. Abby was no longer a toy to me. She had become the incarnation of all my fantasies of a real woman. I raised myself to look into her green eyes and was rewarded with a sweet smile. This was the first time she had smiled. I did not realize that was even possible.

Over the ensuing weeks, Abby developed even further down the path towards becoming more woman to me than a doll. She started to be able to have more mobility and control over her body. She would now place herself in positions she chose. I no longer had to situation her by positioning her myself. We started to have more complex conversations than just what sounded like a reflex response to a verbal stimulus.

My life had changed. I began to take care of myself. I resigned from my job as god knows I did not need the money. Started exercising and taking care of myself. I now had something to live for. Most importantly, I began to teach Abby to be a woman rather than an inanimate object. She had a versatile mind and an eidetic memory.

My education had been rudimentary. Becoming an accountant had not required much in the way of studies, and my high school education had been sufficient. However, to teach Abby, I had to return to square one. The basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic were easy to train as Abby absorbed those concepts like a sponge due to her mental acuity. When we got to other subjects such as history, science, and literature, I found that I had to study to keep pace with her. However, I discovered a love for learning that was something new for me.

You must not get the impression that studying was our only occupation. Our lovemaking became more torrid daily as I never tired of experimenting and varying our sessions. I purchased the Kamasutra, and we actually attempted to go through all the positions. It soon became apparent that while Abby had no difficulty in doing them that it was I who was not double-jointed or in great physical shape could not perform while bent into a pretzel shape. But it was fun to try.

Shortly after purchasing Abby, I had invested a significant sum in LifeDolls. Christina, the owner and inventor at the company, reported a marked lack of success in duplicating Abby’s results. After many futile attempts, we resolved to stop trying as it seemed that Abby was to be one-of-a-kind. Christina was disconsolate as she originally had built Abby for herself to satisfy her fetish for dolls.

I came to understand that what was missing in the new dolls was not a technical fault. It simply that I was not part of the equation. I remain convinced that what had made the difference was that I did not consider Abby as just a plaything, though she was a delight to play with. I saw her as a person. I was convinced that treating her as a woman made her into a woman. Since other purchasers would just treat their toys as toys, it was unlikely that what had happened to Abby would ever take place again.

We had also reached a point where Abby could have enrolled at any university and obtained a Ph.D. in almost any subject she chose. She did not need sleep and could use her nights in reviewing and synthesizing information she accumulated during the day.

Thanks to Abby’s skills as an analyst, our stock portfolio flourished, and I was wealthier than ever. Her only weakness was her lack of mobility. She had not been designed for walking, so though she could move around awkwardly, she could not do so gracefully, to her immense chagrin. I did teach her to dance; however, it was in the same fashion that fathers dance with their young daughters. She would stand on my feet, and we would dance in that fashion. Her other failure was that she did not laugh at most jokes. She maintained that jokes were cruel; for most jokes, the punch line was a person being ridiculed or injured in some fashion.

I solved the mobility issue by purchasing a wheelchair. We could now go out and enjoy the outside world. Abby loved going out for drives and the ability to see others in real-time and not just in movies or on TV. The outings provided her with a different perspective on life.

I took her to the zoo, where she was enthralled by the behaviour of the animals. We stood at the monkeys’ enclosure, and she watched in fascination as a tiny monkey started to eat a banana. A larger monkey came and hit the smaller one, who dropped the banana, which the bully took and ate. Abby began to laugh for the first time ever. “Sam, I now understand why humans laugh.”

“What do you understand?”

“Humans laugh so as not to cry. That is what humour is about. It alleviates the pain of reality.”

I had to think long and hard about that before coming to the realization that she was correct.

We would return from these outings, and Abby would insist on showing me her gratitude. She had been designed with a voracious sexual appetite. She told me that she was only in harmony when she could satisfy my sexual needs. She equated being in harmony with being happy.

The resulting sessions were things that men not blessed with Abby could only dream about. She would take my cock in her mouth and suck on it till I was almost ready to come. Her warm wet mouth taking me deep into her throat as her tongue played magical tunes with it. Just before I was prepared to come, she would stop till I cooled off before starting again. She could keep me on edge for hours. Once she felt that I could take no more, she would surrender herself to me to pound into her to my heart’s delight till I erupted.

We would then lie snuggled against each other. Just before falling asleep. One such night she whispered to me, “Sam, what am I? Am I alive?”

I did not know quite what to respond. I thought about it for some time before answering, “Abby, you are not like other people in that you were not born. You were constructed.”

“I know that, but am I alive?”

“I am not sure what alive is, Abby. You can think and apparently feel so by those two criteria; you are certainly alive. In fact, probably more than most people are. I am not sure that before you came into my life, I could have met that definition. You have changed my life, that’s for sure.”

She smiled at me and said, “Thank you, Sam,” and gave me a tender kiss.

That brief conversation got me thinking of our future. I decided to give Abby better than this small and dingy apartment. I would also give myself a better chance in life. I resolved to move to a tropical island where we could grow together.

I started to create an identity for Abby. Social security numbers, birth certificates, passports, and the like are available if you have the money and the contacts. I got to work on it right away. In a matter of weeks, I had built a completely documented identity for Abby.

While I was busy with that, Abby asked me if I would allow her to have a project independently. She had me buy machine tools and materials and told me it was to build a surprise for me. I was also not to ask or to get curious until she was finished. “And no peeking!” she warned me. She took over the second bedroom and ensconced herself in it while I was away, and I suspect while I slept.

I also started to investigate the island real estate market. I discovered an island in the Bahamas that was for sale at a relatively reasonable price. It was situated about 60 miles south of Nassau and accessible by boat or private plane to a nearby island. The house, built on a cliff, was quite luxurious and had a good-sized swimming pool. I put a deposit down and an offer to buy subject to inspecting the property.

The following morning I told Abby I would visit the place and see if it was suitable for our retreat. She pouted at me and said, “Why can’t I come?” I explained to her that I wanted to check if it was accessible for her and whether she could manage to navigate around the place.

“Sit here and don’t move till I return,” she ordered and disappeared into her workshop.

Twenty minutes later, I heard the door open, and she came out. My jaw dropped as she walked into the room, perched on four-inch stiletto heels with a swagger to her step. “My gift to you, Sam. No more wheelchair. So what do you think?”

A few days later, the inspection tour of the property. Me by plane and Abby as baggage as I could not figure a way to get past the airport security with Abby. Her documents were impeccable. However, she would not pass the metal detectors at the airport.

On arrival in Nassau, I hastily uncrated her, and I could see that she was no worse for wear. We immediately rented a boat to take us out to the island.

We arrived there at an expanse of pristine sandy beach surrounded by a reef of fringe corals. The water was so clear that we could see multitudes of reef fish. Abby was entranced.

We disembarked and made our way up the hill and stairs to reach the house. I opened the door and invited Abby to step in. She started, then, just before entering, she stopped. “Sam, please carry me over the threshold,” she said with a smile.

I took her in my arms and was rewarded with a languorous kiss. I now realized that we were symbolically married.


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