A stunning Playboy model has shared with her followers that she’s over lockdown because it stops her going on dates or meeting men for a fulfilling sex life.

Maria Liman, 26, shot to fame during the 2018 World Cup when she cheered her native Russia into the final.

The Playboy star, who lives in London, expressed her displeasure at the current coronavirus restrictions and said she was finding the pandemic difficult.

She moved to the city in 2019, only to quickly become trapped in the series of lockdowns we’ve all had to endure.

Maria commiserated with her more than 1 million Instagram followers about everything she was missing out on during the quarantine period, reports the Latin Times.

She said that she was finding lockdown hard
She said that she was finding lockdown hard

She posted: “During quarantine, I [cannot] meet men or go on dates.

“I also want to go shopping, I need new dresses, and I’ve already forgotten how to walk in heels.”

The Russian model flew to Dubai for her birthday, but was left in a sticky situation at the airport, reports the Sun.

The Playboy model wanted a man to live with and 'have fun' in lockdown
The Playboy model wanted a man to live with and ‘have fun’ in lockdown

She commented: “One day I should have flown from Dubai to London, but the UK closed its borders and flights were cancelled so I had to pay £5,000 to travel to Russia and from there to London.

“Right now I really want to return to Russia but I am afraid of flying anywhere.”

According to the Daily Telegraph Australia, Maria said that she is yet to find a boyfriend to spend lockdown alone with.

Maria has an OnlyFans account where she can speak to fans
Maria has an OnlyFans account where she can speak to fans

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In 2020, she posted online: “I am looking for an adorable partner, who is not sick with the coronavirus, to spend the next three months isolated and have fun while in quarantine.”

And she added that she hoped for a “brave, handsome man” to spend time with and to “save her”.

Maria managed to keep loneliness at bay by opening an OnlyFans account.

Subscribers can pay a monthly amount to gain access to her sexy photos and video clips.

She explained: “On OnlyFans I can post snaps in my underwear, these are the kind of pictures my male followers like.

“I can also communicate personally with every one of my subscribers.”

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