Flirting is a way to express your liking to someone that you are totally checking out. 

While using corny pick up lines may or may not work depending on your object of affection’s sense of humor, when love is involved, everything else disappears.

From one-nighters to all-lifers and everything in between, here are the best corny pick up lines for him that actually work on men.

Follow your heart to find the man that your parents always told you to find because you will make a great pair. You’ve been searching for the one. He’s there, you just have to find him.

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Funny pick up lines

1. “How much you think a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice.”

2. “I’m glad I used to work for UPS because you look like you’ve got a big package.”

3. “What’s the difference between a Ferrari and a boner? I hope I’m not giving you a Ferrari right now.”

4. “People say that having a Hotmail address might date you, but you’re the kind of hot male I’d want to date.”


5. “The bartender said these drinks are for this ‘hot guy over there.’ I assume he meant you.”

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