No sex in this chapter.

Dee awoke the next morning and the first thing she noticed was that she had a strong urge to pee.  The second thing she noticed was she was alone in the large bed.  Dee frowned.   She had never actually spent the night with a man before.   The other boys she dated were not the spend the night type.   After they had sex with her once, twice, if she was lucky a third time; they would leave; except Darius, but Dee treated Darrius like her past boyfriends treated her.   He was just sex to her.   She was disappointed that she could not wake up and feel Patrick’s arms around her and cuddle with him and maybe have morning sex.   Dee saw a note on the pillow next to her.

When she moved to get the note Dee was suddenly glad Patrick was not next to her and wanting morning sex.   She was sore; sore all over.   Her body felt like she had been hit by a truck. Her pussy was hurting from the delightful “abuse” it took, her muscles ached; especially her thigh muscles; from the way Patrick had bent and moved her body into various positions as he fucked her.  She had bruises on her body and in places she had no idea how they got there.  Her nipples were tender from Patrick’s pleasurable torment of them and even her butthole was a little sore from Patrick’s finger fucking it. 

“Damn, that white boy fucked my brains out,” she said aloud and giggled.  Dee decided her soreness was well worth the best sex she had ever had and in a strange perverted way she relished her body being so aching.  Dee picked up the note and read it.

Dee, I had to go to the office and did not want to wake you. You looked so lovely and peaceful sleeping. Dee smiled at that.  Don’t forget we have the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame inductee ceremony tonight.   It’s semi-formal attire so dress appropriately.  Help yourself to anything in the kitchen if you are hungry.   I made an appointment for you at the spa for one this afternoon.   Get your nails done, a wax if you feel you need it, just overall pamper yourself.   Take the day off and I will pick you up at your place at five-thirty. Take my car; keys are in the key box next to the door to the garage.

The note was just signed, Patrick.

Dee neatly folded the note once and placed it back on the pillow. She would put it in her purse before she left; Dee liked keeping notes and letters her boyfriends would give her and only throw them away after the relationship ended.  Not that he is my boyfriend, Dee thought and looked at the digital clock in the room and noticed it was only a little after nine-thirty.   She thought about going back to sleep for an hour or so but decided if she did she would oversleep; plus she had to pee badly.

Dee got out of bed and almost fell to her knees as the muscle in the back of her right thigh cramped up.    I am going to have to get more flexible if Patrick fucks me again, she thought as she worked out the cramp.  As she massaged her leg Dee noticed her thigh highs were ruined.  They had sex stains on them; from Patrick or her she did not know, and several runs in them.  She took them off and limped to the bathroom.

After she relieved herself, she took notice of how she smelled and raised her arms and sniffed her armpits.  She definitely needed a shower.  She thought how nice it would be to soak in the large tub but knew she did not have that much time.  Dee noticed there was a new toothbrush on the counter, still in its unopened package.  She brushed her teeth, did some snooping in the medicine cabinet, and found nothing unusual.  She actually thought she would find a prescription bottle of some type of ED drug as much as Patrick fucked her and how erect his penis had been all night, but there was not.  She took her shower.

While showering, a hundred questions and thoughts ran through her mind.  The first was how ashamed she felt in herself by the way she allowed her white boss to treat her and talk to her as they had sex.  Dee was embarrassed in herself by allowing Patrick to say the things he did to her in his words about her skin color and even more embarrassed in herself that she really got off on it, how much it turned her on and sexually aroused her.  Much more humiliating however was the knowledge that she was very aware Patrick knew how much she got off on it.  Then there was how dominant and authoritative he was to her and the humiliating things he did to her and he made her do for him.  Dee was a strong-willed, independent, proud, young black lady.  While she was attracted to men who were strong and masculine and took charge in the bedroom; Patrick went so much further than her other lovers and again it shamed her that she was so aroused by being degraded both physically and verbally by any man, especially by a white man.

“Well, that is not going to happen again,” Dee said aloud as she washed her body.  “I am not allowing him to say those things anymore and treat me that way and next time he tries to put a finger in my ass, I am going to cut that huge white dick off.”  Dee was getting angry, not at Patrick but at herself for allowing herself to be debased as she did.

Then she thought, Next time? If there is a next time.  That made her a little sad.  She did not know what last night was.  True she came on to him first because she wanted him; God, she still wanted him right now, but was last night just a one-time thing?  Were they going to start dating now?  If they did date, what about her job?  She loved her job.  Was she just a fetish fuck for him to have a black girl added to a notch on his bedpost?  If they did date, how would people react with the race difference?  True it’s 2020 but this is still Georgia.  How would his business clients react?  How would his family react?  From their conversation the previous night, Dee gathered the only family he had was his mother, and would his mother be okay with him dating a black girl?  How would her family react?  Dee knew the question to that one; two of her four brothers were in a gang and one or both of them would shoot Patrick and beat her ass for dating a white man.  Her grandfather would disown her and her grandmother would just give her that dreaded look of disappointment.  Her sorority sisters would tease her about being some token black girl and having a white “Sugar Daddy”; even though some of them have hooked up with white guys before especially that spoiled whore Nicole.  Dee knew the many problems she would face and Patrick would face if they dated.

How would she be perceived at the office?  Dee, the black girl from the hood who got her job because she is fucking the boss.  How does Patrick see her now?  Am I just some girl for him to use when he is horny?  I can hear him now. “I am horny, where is that black whore at? I need my cock sucked.”

All these questions in her head made Dee dizzy and she knew Patrick and her needed to talk, set some ground rules, if last night was a onetime thing then it’s over and she was not some slut he could use whenever he wanted to or some young black girl he could fuck to satisfy some fetish he may have.  Dee was afraid of some of the answers to many of her questions because when it came down to the truth she wanted to date Patrick.  She wanted him as her boyfriend.  The young black girl almost started crying from the fear of some of the answers she may get.

Dee felt better after her shower, used Patrick’s brush on her hair, and frowned as she looked at herself in the mirror.  A white man’s hairbrush was just not made for her hair.  After she got dressed she went downstairs into the kitchen and found the coffee.  She was not hungry and would eat lunch later.  After the coffee was ready, Dee saw she had some time to snoop.  She liked snooping.  Patrick had given her a quick tour of the home but now that she was alone she could investigate it more.

Dee paused at the basement door and pulled on the lock with no success.  She was hoping it may be unlocked.  Patrick told her nothing was down there, but why keep it locked then?   She thought maybe he kept some of his guns down there besides the few he had in the locked gun cabinet in the den.  He was after all a southern white man and southern white men liked their guns.  She moved about the house.

Dee went into Patrick’s home office, which was decorated with military paraphernalia, all Marine Corps.  She paused and looked at the frame that contained his medals.  When she first met Patrick she was clueless about what they all meant, but she did her research and was impressed by them.  On the far side of the wall was book cased filled with books.  Dee enjoyed reading and she much more enjoyed actual books over reading on her iPad so they attracted her attention.  She browsed the books.

There were several that stood out to her, old books that were first editions, a first edition Gone with the Wind signed by the author Margaret Mitchell.  “Of course, he would have this book,” Dee said aloud and giggled, she did not think Patrick was racist at all and she actually read and enjoyed the book and movie.  He had other books signed by the authors, new novels, biographies, and many others.  As she browsed one section of the shelf the books caught her attention.  They were books on sex.  The Kama Sutra, Tantric sex, Sexual attitudes and behaviors of Ancient Rome, the sexual history and techniques of ancient Egypt, and there were modern books about sexual acts as well.  Dee picked a few up and blushed at the pictures and some of the things she read in them.

Well, now I know how he fucked my brains out. And here I thought I was missing out all these years for not dating white guys, Dee thought.  She also thought how much fun it would be to try some of those acts and positions with Patrick.  There were sexual positions she never knew existed.

She saw one titled “The Art of Shibari”.  She had no clue what Shibari was and when she opened the book and saw the images, the young black girl blushed and quickly closed the book.  “That’s disgusting,” she said aloud.  “If he thinks he is going to tie me up like that, he is fucking crazy.”

Finding nothing else out of the ordinary in the house, including no secret stash of porn except some of the books in his office, Dee decided she had better leave if she was going to make her spa appointment.  She needed to go home and change first and do something with her hair.  She opened the door to the key cabinet next to the door leading to the garage and saw an assortment of car keys that were labeled.  She reached for the one that read BMW but then stopped when she saw the one that read Porsche.  Dee grinned and took that key.

“Fuck him, after everything I did last night for him and what he did to me, he owes me this,” Dee said and giggled like a schoolgirl.

The car was a previous year Porsche 911 Carrera, the convertible Cabrio model.  Dee squealed with delight as she started the engine.  It was a manual transmission but she knew how to drive a stick; her grandfather had taught her to drive using his old pickup truck that was a manual transmission.  She took her time to familiarize herself with the car, let the top down, put the car in gear, and drove out of the garage.  She almost ran the car into a tree as she came close to losing control due to the power of the engine.  She soon had it under control and drove to her apartment. She liked the looks she got from men as she drove the sports car.  Dee liked the attention from men.

Once in her apartment, Dee put her hair in a ponytail, changed into some shorts and a tee-shirt, ate some lunch, and then made her spa appointment.  She got her nails done, decided to get her legs, under her arms, and eyebrows waxed even though they did not need it.  Patrick was paying for it so why not?

“Do y’all do like… well… ummm… do y’all wax more private areas,” Dee asked the white girl waxing her eyebrows.

“Yes, ma’am, we do bikini waxing.”

Dee blushed, “I mean, well, something more down there.”

The girl smiled at Dee’s embarrassment. “Yes, we do a full Brazilian.”

“What does all that do and does it hurt?”

“It removes all the hair on and around your vagina and anus.”  The cute white girl told her.  “As far as it hurting; depends on how much hair you have down there but I will trim it very well first but, yeah, there will be some pain,” She told Dee in a professional tone and was not at all embarrassed to discuss it.

Hurt a little my ass, Dee thought as the girl pulled the last strip off her.

Once she was waxed and dressed, Dee thanked the girl and gave her a large tip.  As she walked to the car she felt weird in her private area.  Even dressed she felt naked.

Dee had plenty of time to go into the office before she had to get ready for the ceremony.  Her roommate was out of town visiting family for the weekend so no need to call Felicia to let her friend know she was ok.  It was a Saturday so everyone would be off, even Nancy, and she would be able to talk to Patrick without any interruptions.  Dee felt they did need to talk about the previous night.

The door to her boss’s office was open and Dee could see Patrick sitting at his desk and was on the phone.  She knocked on the door anyway, Patrick had some rules or as Dee called them quirks, about entering his office and one is even if the door was open you knocked and waited to be invited in.  Patrick motioned her to enter and Dee shut the door behind her.  Dee sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk as he talked on the phone and he looked at her and raised an eyebrow. The black girl immediately stood up.

“I’m sorry, sir,” she said and he nodded.

Another quirk was you don’t sit down until he gives you permission.  Dee had seen him make federal lawmakers stand until he told them to sit.  She assumed since they had been intimate the night before she had a right to forgo that rule.  She assumed wrong.  As she stood there waiting the young black girl became very nervous and decided maybe now was not a good time to talk about some of the things that been running through her mind why all day.  Dee started to fidget as she waited.  Patrick hung up the phone and looked at her and waved her to sit down.

Asshole, Dee thought.  He could have let me sit down while he was on the phone. God, he is an arrogant prick.

“I gave you the afternoon off. Why are you here?” he asked.

“I… well… I just… I had time to stop in and see if you needed me,” Dee stammered out in her soft voice.  She was nervous now and hated herself for it. 

“No, I am fine.  You do realize I have been doing this for years before I hired you.  True you make things much easier but I have things covered.  I am about to finish up and go to the gym.”

“Yes, sir,” Dee replied meekly.  She hated how he made her feel so intimidated but also it aroused her.  Part of her wanted to scream at him and another part wanted him to bend her over the desk and fuck her.

“Anything else?”

Dee stood up, “No, sir.”

Dee walked to the office door and placed her hand on the doorknob and was about to turn it, but instead, she took a deep breath and turned around.

“No, there is one other thing, Patrick.”  Her boss looked up.  “Is tonight a date or do you need me there as your assistant?  What was last night?  Are we dating?  Am I going to keep my job if we are not?  If I don’t have sex with you again, are you going to fire me?  Was I just some black girl that helped you satisfy a fetish you have about fucking a black girl?  Was I hired just so you could fuck me?  If I…” Dee was speaking rapidly due to her nervousness and Patrick raised a hand to interrupt her.

He gave her an amused smile, “Slow down, Dee, and take a deep breath.  You said one thing and that was seven.”  Patrick stood up as Dee did take a deep breath, several deep breaths.  Her boss walked to her and stood in front of her.

Dee calmed herself and wanted so badly for Patrick to take her in his arms and kiss her, touch her body like he did last night, take off her clothes, and make love to her right there on the floor of his office.  Patrick did put his hands on Dee but not the way she wanted.  He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her body to face the door.  He then reached around her and opened the door for her.

“Why don’t you go home, take a nap or a long bath, and relax.  I will pick you up at five-thirty.  You may want to eat something because it’s lite hors-d’oeuvres only at the ceremony,”  Patrick told her as he ushered her out of his office.  “It’s semi-formal attire so look nice.”

Before Dee knew what was happening, Patrick led her out of his office and out of the foyer area.  When she realized what was happening he was already back in his office and she was in the elevator headed to the parking garage.  She was furious!

Dee was furious with Patrick for dismissing her so and treating her like a child and even more furious in herself for being allowed to be dismissed so.  By the time she got in the Porsche, she was cursing under her breath.

“Fuck him!”  she said as she hit the steering wheel with her hand.  “The sex was not that great or the best I have ever had!  Well yeah, it was on both accounts,” she giggled and then sobered up.  “But that does not give that motherfucker the right to treat me this way!  What does he think I am?  Some girl he can just fuck one night and dismiss the next day like common trash!”

On the short drive to her apartment, the young black girl called her boss every derogatory slang term for a white person she could think of and even made up a few, and once she ran out of those, she started over again.  She was so angry that her ghetto was coming out and this time instead of suppressing it, she let it flow.  Her friends back home would have been proud of her.

When she got back to her apartment, she was still so angry she could not take a nap when she laid down or eat and in the bathtub, she called him a string of names that were not flattering at all.  Not being able to sleep and not yet time to get ready, Dee was curious about something.  She took her laptop and sat up in bed and did a web search.  She typed in, what is the thick white fluid from a woman’s vagina when she orgasms, and after sorting out the porn, she read a women’s sexual health site.

Dee read the article and how women can experience actual ejaculation when they orgasm.  Cool, Dee thought, and that the white, thick, milky fluid was female ejaculate fluid that the fluid contains fructose “No wonder it was sweet-tasting,” she giggled.  The article mentioned other things like the G-spot but Dee dismissed that.  She had tried to find her G-spot on several occasions when she masturbated and never could so she just thought it was either a myth or she did not have one.  Next, she read about “squirting fluid” which was different than the ejaculate fluid.  Dee never heard of squirting fluid so she googled that.  As she was blocking out the porn sites, she got curious.  One title caught her eye.  It was titled “Black girl squirts for white stud.” Dee giggled again and thought that was appropriate for her research.

“EWWW gross!”  she said aloud and quickly closed the window of the video. “That was just…ewww gross.”  Dee was glad that vulgar thing did not happen to her.  Dee then went on to answer some emails and do some online “window shopping” for boots and fall outfits.  She then checked her Facebook page and her sorority Facebook page.

Later, when she decided it was time to get ready, the young black girl opened her closet to look for a dress to wear.  She had plenty of formal cocktail dresses that were new and purchased since she started working for that arrogant prick so her clothes would be no problem.  Look nice, he tells me.  Well, fuck, I should wear some booty shorts and, Dee smiled when she saw a certain dress.   He wants a young black girl to show off to everyone and brag about how he is fucking some girl from the projects, well he will get just that.

At five-thirty, her intercom in her apartment buzzed and Dee pressed the button. “Yes.”

“Dee, I am here. Buzz me in and I will come up.”

Dee, still angry, replied, “No need I will come down.  I am ready.”  She released the button before he had time to reply.  At least, the prick had the manners to offer to come to get me, Dee thought.

Dee checked herself in her full-length mirror and suddenly, she became very panicky.  “Maybe this was not a good idea,” she said aloud.

Dee was wearing an African print sarong style dress that had a halter top and was backless.  The front came down into a V-cut and showed the nice cleavage of her breasts and then a strip of clothing that came down to just above her belly button and left her midriff bare.  The sarong portion of the dress came down to her ankles and had a long slit up the right side that ended about two inches below her panty line.  The back was also very low cut and almost came down to her lower back, just above her butt.  She had bought the dress the previous school year when her sorority and one of the black fraternities on campus had an African heritage formal mixer.

She wore large, gold hoop earrings.  Dee styled her hair so that it was straight at the top, her bangs parted in the middle, and when it got just above her ears she frizzed her black, curly, kinky hair out into an afro that fell down to her shoulders.  Dee thought about whoring up her makeup and wearing false eyelashes but decided against it.  Her lashes were long and thick naturally already that just mascara would do the trick.  She never liked wearing heavy makeup anyway.

She took a deep breath. Well, he may not think I have dressed appropriately but, damn, I look good.  Dee put on a pair of African print wedges, grabbed an African beaded clutch purse, and walked out of her apartment.

Dee stepped off the elevator into the parking garage and saw Patrick standing against his car and she was suddenly hit by a wave of butterflies in her stomach.  He was going to hate how she was dressed, she just knew it. And he is going to use that damn arrogant tone when he scolds me for the way I look.   Patrick started to walk to her and she stopped and her first thought was how handsome he was in his dark pin-striped suit and the blue shirt he wore really brought out his blue eyes.  Her second thought was she should run back into the elevator and into her apartment and lock the door.

Patrick put his hands on the black girl’s bare arms and leaned in to kiss her but Dee turned her head.  “Lipstick,” she told him.  She was still angry.

Patrick chuckled and put a hand under her chin and gently turned Dee’s face to his.  “You look absolutely stunning, Dee.  I love your hair that way.”  He then kissed her lips.

Dee’s knees got weak and she kissed him back and when Patrick pulled back, Dee’s head moved forward.  She wanted to kiss him more.  She opened her eyes and smiled, “Thank you, sir.”

Patrick held out his arm and Dee took it and he escorted her to his car and opened the car door and as Dee got in the slit in her dress opened and she grinned when she saw Patrick’s eyes on her shapely thigh.  Once in the car, she opened her purse and pulled out her lipstick, all she had in her purse was the lipstick, her personal cell phone, her business cell phone, her driver’s license, and her company debit card for just in case.  She used the vanity mirror to fix her lipstick.

Patrick got in and pointed at a car a few parking places over.  “I see you decided to take the Porsche.”

“I am sorry. I didn’t wreck it and I… I was mad at you… still mad and…” Dee was talking fast again in her nervousness.

“Don’t worry about the car.  I never drive it much anyway.  You can keep it for as long as you want.  I imagine you look very sexy in it.”

“I can’t keep it.  I have the company car and that is too much and…” Dee stopped talking as Patrick looked at her.  “Ok, thank you, sir.  I did like driving it.”

She knew by the look he gave her that arguing was not going to work and she would lose anyway.  She had seen that look too many times when used against others and herself on occasion including the previous night.

“So why angry at me?”  Patrick asked as he started the car.

Dee turned her head and looked out the window.  She knew if she looked into his blue eyes she would not be able to get out what she wanted to say.  “Be… because… lots of reasons… but how you just dismissed me today and I wanted… needed to talk about things.  About last night and I don’t want to be fired.  I love my job and I am damn good at it.  But I don’t want to be that girl who keeps her job just… well… just cause she is sucking the boss’ dick.”  Dee inhaled deeply when she was done with her speech.  She looked at her feet, too nervous to look into Patrick’s eye.

Patrick laughed, “No one is getting fired and no one is saying you have to suck the boss’ dick to keep your job.”  Patrick put the car back in park and turned to face Dee.  “You are very good at your job. Better than good. You are great at your job and have been a tremendous help to me.  I get phone calls almost on a daily basis from people who want to poach you away from me and I know you get the same.”  He took her hand and held it gently.  “The reason I did not want to discuss last night this afternoon was because we were at work.”

“But no one was there.”

“I know but it is still work.  It’s one of my… what do the employees call my rules… my quirks,” Patrick grinned.

Dee giggled, “Oh, we call them much worse trust me.”

“I am sure y’all do.  To answer some of your questions, tonight is a date if you want it to be.  I have no issue with people knowing we are dating.  But you have to be prepared for the fallout.  A lot of people in the office already think I show you favoritism and think we have been having sex for a while now and that’s how you got your job.”

“I never heard that.”

“No, Nancy likes you a great deal and she has been protecting you from such rumors.  Next, yes you are going to keep your job but you start school again in just a few weeks and our agreement was you go part-time once school starts.  I will have to hire another assistant and you will be in charge of hiring her.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Last is that no, you don’t have to have sex with me again.  I would never make that a requirement for you to keep your job.  I may be an asshole but you know me better than to think I would make you do that.”

“Yes, sir. I am sorry I said that part, I really am.”

“Also, if you want us to keep our relationship, if we are going to have one, discreet then I am happy to do that.”

Dee thought as Patrick drove out of the parking garage. “Maybe that would be best for both of us.  At least, for a while.”

Patrick nodded, “That’s up to you.”  He then chuckled, “By the way, you are not some black girl to help fulfill a fetish.  You just happen to be a girl who is black I am attracted to.  But I will admit I think your ebony skin is very sexy along with other parts of your body.”

Dee blushed but giggled, “I could tell by the things you said last night.  See, you do have a black girl fetish.”

Patrick laughed, “I didn’t hear you complaining last night.”  He made Dee blush again. He so did enjoy making her blush.

“Just to let you know. I don’t put out on the first date.  I’m a good girl.” Dee grinned at him.

Patrick chuckled, “Duly noted.”


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