Sometimes you find yourself stuck in some kind of about-to-begin-but-maybe-not relationship.

Like, when you think you feel something for someone, but at the same time, everything with him seems so wrong and difficult.

And when this happens…you have to listen to your own intuition, because it’ll tell you why he is not your soulmate.

Here are 7 signs the person you love is not your soulmate. 

1. He doesn’t understand your priorities.

He doesn’t understand and respect the fact that you have to follow your ambitions. He wants you to be with him all the time, but you just feel you have other priorities.

He doesn’t push you to follow your dreams, or he complains whenever you have to do something important for your own well-being because he feels left behind.

Well, if he doesn’t understand you, he’s not right.

2. He judges you.

Maybe he doesn’t like what you like, or he has a different approach to life as you do. But those are not open invitations to judge you and your life.

It’s ok to share some advice, but it’s not ok to impose or judge passions and choices.

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