Pretty much everyone has a “type.”

Even if you find yourself attracted to both the jock and the punk rocker, there is usually some underlying factor that draws you to them.

I’ve been hearing for years that women are attracted to people like their dads and looking at the characteristics of my boyfriend, I don’t really find that to be true. The whole thing is rather confusing because while I find a whole array of people attractive, I still tend to hone in on a few specific characteristics.

While my teenage friends were drooling over The Backstreet Boys, I was growing my love for the singers of Blink-182. And as I started getting older, my attraction to the “skater boy” type started creeping into real life with my boyfriend choices.

I’ve always liked artistic and musical guys with the surfer traits of tall, lean, long hair and lip rings. I’ve always wondered why that was and now, it seems that I have an answer.

According to the team researchers based at the University of California at Davis, there’s actually a reason why people gravitate towards partners with specific characteristics.

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