Spring has sprung, and we’re starting to see all the dust in the corners of our homes. So, we engage in spring cleaning. But, did you know that you can also spring clean your relationship?

Spring cleaning is defined by the Oxford dictionary as, “a thorough cleaning of a house or a room.”

We start cleaning up and clearing away everything that’s unsightly that we see and even behind cupboards and shelves. We even go outside to spring clean our gardens and walkways.

While it’s important to spring clean our environment, it’s also important for our well-being to take time to spring clean our relationships.

The quality of your relationships affects the quality of your life. Sometimes, we allow things to go stale and get stagnant in our relationships and resentments start to fester.

Resentment is the first step towards the end of your relationship.

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Here are 5 ingenious ways to “spring clean” your relationship, so you and your partner get what you both need.

1. Strengthen your communication.

There’s no relationship without communication. It’s one of those things we take for granted in a relationship.

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