A woman’s hilarious before and after photographs has shown the difference in her boyfriend before and after they began dating.

In a video uploaded on TikTok by user Holly @hollymillstbe she joked in the caption: “Let’s just say he’s comfortable.”

The first photo Holly shows is off her boyfriend looking toned and muscular in a topless photo.

He smiles at the camera and looks confident.

“This my boyfriend a few weeks before meeting me,” she explains in the on-screen caption.

Holly then jumps forwards in time to a recent photo of her boyfriend and he looks very different although he is still smiling.

Holly shared a picture of her buff looking boyfriend
Holly shared a picture of her buff looking boyfriend

For starters, he has long hair and a bushy beard, as many of us now do thanks to the pandemic.

He’s also looking less muscular, although he’s still trim.

“This is my boyfriend a year and a half later,” Holly wrote in the on-screen caption.

The clip was “liked” more than 7,000 times on the video-sharing app and although many people said it was “banter” others were not convinved.

One person commented: “He got comfy but if you break up best know he’s going back to the gym and getting anyone he wants.”

Holly shared another picture of her boyfriend during the pandemic
Holly shared another picture of her boyfriend during the pandemic

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“Proof girls only strain your progress stay woke kings,” said a committed gym buff.

“She woke up and chose passive-aggressive,” huffed someone else.

Another user wrote: “Calm down guys, it’s banter between them, you don’t need to go straddling him.”

This comes after a Tinder pro spilled on how he manages to get so many women to match with him.

James, who one of the dating app’s top 30 most desirable blokes, gave tips for other guys to improve their profiles.

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