The table had been opened out, and there were now twelve places set around it.  All the chairs did not match Tony’s beautiful Rimu able, as Rex had brought six up from their house.  Valerie ushered us to our seats, stating that no couples were to sit together.  Tony sat at the top of the table, then to his left was Bailey, Rex, Ethan, Myself, and Ryker.  To his right was Carson, Valerie, Owen, Sally, Sacha, and Aaron sitting at the bottom of the table.

But as we all went to sit, Ryker swapped places with Aaron, and sat at the bottom of the table, next to Sacha.  Valerie watched them swap but did not complain about them disregarding her instructions.

I realised, that Valerie had put a bit of thought into everyone’s placement.  Rex was right at the other end of the table to Sacha.  Valerie had the boys from the yacht on each side of her, and I smiled to myself at the fact Owen in particular, did not have a clue as to what may be in store for him later.  And she had Sally almost opposite Ethan, who was looking across at Sally with undisguised lust on his face, no doubt imagining her tied to this very table.

Dinner was superb, I never thought about the food when asked on this trip, but I never expected it would be as good as what we had eaten this weekend.  How they were all not as fat as pigs, was astounding.  

We started with my little Paua fritters that were gone in seconds, then came the Lobster Thermidor, all the newcomers, especially Sacha, were impressed that Ryker had cooked this.

Then the main, it was delicious and garnered a lot of comment about the snapper,  especially about it having been caught so soon after such a big storm.  Evidently, fishing was usually terrible for a few days after a storm.  Ryker just responded that you needed to work out where the fish all went too, in a storm.

Ethan was sat on the right of me but was really only interested in talking with Sally opposite him.  However, when I got the chance, I asked him what his wife did, really just sounding him out, to see how he talked about her and find out a little about where he was at.  

He told me she was a Chemical Engineer, and as there was nothing like that on the island,  she was acting as a Teacher’s Aid, at the local school. Then added that she was doing some contract work for her old company online.  I must have looked surprised, as Ethan added, “I know, she doesn’t look like a Chemical Engineer, but she’s actually got two degrees.”

There was wine served with the meal, and I watched with interest, Ethan, had knocked back two glasses before he was finished his main, and looking around for a refill.  I knew Ethan had had a second Champagne cocktail and wondered if he would last the night. Sacha did take a glass but was sipping at her glass like a little sparrow.  I didn’t touch a drop, I could feel the effects of that one Champagne cocktail and knew that Sacha would be feeling much the same as I did.

Listening to Ethan talk, and comments he made to my questions, I formed the opinion, that all was not going too well with their marriage.  And since they had arrived, I noticed that neither of them was paying the other much attention to the other.

After dinner, everyone tried to help clear up, but Valerie took their plates and told us all to sit in the lounge.  Owen insisted he help her, and I noted that with him, she didn’t put up too much resistance, and they moved to the kitchen to stack the dishwasher together.

Everyone paired off as I expected.  Aaron sat in an armchair and I sat on the arm, Sacha and Ryker picked the couch, Ethan and Sally picked one of the other two armchairs.  While Bailey and Carson went and sat in the semi-circular Window seat, with a big window behind them, looking out over the bay.

While Valerie, and Owen, cleaned up in the kitchen, Tony and Rex were making cocktails at the credenza that divided the lounge from the kitchen.  

I watched Rex filling the glasses with grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, a squeeze of lemon, then add a slice of orange and a cherry on a toothpick. He handed them to Tony who added a shot of the Peach liquor, then two shots of Vodka.  The moment I saw this, I got up and took two of the glasses, then instructed Tony to pore just a small dash of the vodka into the one I was going to have, and one shot in Aaron’s glass, as I didn’t want him getting drunk, I might have plans for him later on.

Rex tried to have me take another shot, but I gave him a look, “Rex, I know my limits, you don’t drink, so don’t try and force me.”  He backed off and took some of the finished cocktails over to the window seat.  

I asked Tony what the cocktails were called, “Sex on the beach,” and gave me a dirty grin.  I wondered if Ryker had bragged to him about our antics on the beach at Peachgrove Bay.

Then thought, No, Ryker is not a blab and tell sort of guy. I trust him.

When Rex came back for more drinks, I put a hand on his shoulder, “I see you are interested in Bailey.  Just take it real slow, if you spout your usual, rubbish and refer to sex all the time as you did with me, she’s going to run a mile.  She’s nineteen, and probably already thinks you are a dirty old man.”

His hackles went up and he snapped back, “I’m only twenty-six, hardly an old man, and what would you know anyway?”

“I’m just trying to help you, calm down!  We all want to have a good night, ease off, and take things slow, you may get lucky.  But if you carry on around her as you did earlier with me, she’ll back off and if her brothers see that, you’ll probably have them facing up to you.”

Rex made to argue with me, but Tony interjected, “Rex, you cause any trouble and Ryker, Aaron or I will toss you out; now get the rest of the cocktails out there and let’s all enjoy ourselves.”

Valerie and Owen came back into the lounge and got our attention.  “We have raided the theatre companies wardrobe, and are all going to dress up.  So boys follow Tony downstairs to the apartment.  Girls follow me.” And she beckoned us to follow her to their bedroom.

She asked me to get the same outfit on as this morning, and that she would work on something for Sacha, then she would do my makeup and ears.  Sally pulled out some clothes and told Bailey to get undressed, she looked very uncertain, but when she saw me stripping off, she followed suit.

Sacha was a more difficult proposition, even with the three drinks she had consumed, she was emphatic she couldn’t undress in front of us.  But Valerie was not taking no for an answer, so Sacha, downed the final half of her cocktail in one gulp and asked for another one.

I pulled my robe on and offered to make it.  I wandered out into the lounge, a bit apprehensive with my being nude under a short thin robe, but no one was there.  I could hear the guys all laughing and hooting downstairs.  

I mixed up what I had seen Tony doing earlier, but just a small shot of the peach liquor and Vodka then topped it up with a good splash of grapefruit and cranberry juice.  The last thing I wanted to do for Ryker, was have her drunk and being sick.

Back in the bedroom, I found that Valerie had managed to get Sacha to strip to her bra and panties, and noted that they were very plain.  Sacha almost grabbed the cocktail of me and downed half in one gulp again.  Then let Valerie slip a very filmy multilayered long blue skirt over her head.  She explained to me that they had done Aladdin a couple of years back and this was the Arabian princesses outfit.  Valerie then got Sacha to face the wall and take off her bra.  She gulped at her cocktail again, then did as Valerie had told her.  Valerie pulled the long-sleeved baggy top that matched the skirt, over her head.  It was ‘V’ necked, showing her ample cleavage, and had an elastic band that pulled it in about four inches above her tummy button.

She turned around and we all commented on how beautiful she looked.  And it was true, the filmy material was not at all close-fitting, but as she turned it moulded itself to her stunning figure.  I noticed that Valerie kept her away from the mirror, as you could see the faint outline of her areolae through the top, and they were standing up hard.

Sally was encouraging Bailey into wearing an almost identical set of white lingerie, as the blue set I had worn this morning.  And as I pulled on my own blue set, I watched Sally direct Bailey to don a burgundy tiered skirt that came well above her knees at the front, but was much longer at the back.  When I saw a pirate hat, plastic cutlass, and a skull buckled belt on the bed, I realised she was doing her up as a pirate. 

Now Bailey was not in the same league as Sacha or Valerie with her looks.  But she was not at all plain either and had a stunning figure.  As Sally helped her into the white lace-trimmed bodice, pulled the detachable sleeves onto her arms and fastened a burgundy lace choker around her neck, she started to look like one very sexy pirate lass.

To finish it off, Sally got her to sit on the edge of the bed and pull on some black fishnet hold-up stockings and then helped her pull on a pair of knee-high black pirate boots. 

Bailey looked over to me, for support.  “My brother will kill me if he finds out what I’m wearing under this.”  She lifted the front of the skirt, looked down and gasped when she saw her very pronounced camel toe, parting the lacy white crotchless panties.  I started telling her, to relax, that we would look after her, when Valerie piped up, “Don’t worry about Owen, I’ll sort him and keep him away from you.”

Sacha spoke, “I hope you are going to keep Rex away from me?” Then as the implications of going back into the lounge struck her, “Oh! I can’t go out there dressed like this, I need another drink.”  She downed the rest of her glass and thrust it over to me.  “A strong one please.”

Again I headed out into the lounge, still no guys, thank goodness.  And while I listened to the indecent, raunchy banter, rolling up the stairs, I poured her another ‘Sex on the Beach’ cocktail.  Only this time I put half the Peach liquor and the smallest dash of vodka in it.

When I entered the bedroom, Bailey was doing Sacha’s makeup.  Valerie and Sally were both in the nude, sorting out underwear, whilst directing Bailey what colours and makeup to use.

Sacha reached out and took her cocktail, and again took a huge slug of it.  “That’s a better one, the last was a bit weak!” She stated, turning her head to me obviously avoiding looking at Sally and Valerie in the nude.

This time Sally pulled on a much more modest outfit than she had worn at lunchtime.  It was a black and white Maids outfit.  But under it, she had on the flimsiest Lingerie set I’d ever seen, it was made of white transparent lace, and really she may as well have had none on at all, as neither the bra nor briefs hid a thing.  Even though the outfit was more modest, she still looked like a bit of a slut.

Valerie had picked out a Wonder-woman outfit, but it was brief and sexy and she had on very sheer briefs and no bra.  Hers and Sally’s outfits were surely not from the theatre, it would be a very raunchy show indeed if ever their costumes were to be worn on stage.

I asked her about the costumes.

“Most are from shows, but we get donated a lot of stuff, some of it like these.” And she waved her hand over her dress, “Were from a raunchy fancy dress party a year back.  But they are all stored in a room at the back of our hall.”

Valerie did my hair and again glued on my elven ears, and I blushed at the comments all the girls gave me.  Sacha was particularly complimentary and was starting to lighten up and enjoy herself.

Then they made up Sally and finally Bailey.  The transformation of Bailey was incredible.  What a job Sally did, Bailey looked stunning.  Before she stepped into the bedroom, not many heads would have been turned out on the street, but now, she was crowd-stopping.

When we were all ready to go out to the lounge and could hear the guys all laughing outside the door, Valerie turned to Sacha, and saying, “Arabian princesses don’t wear these,” she lifted the flimsy skirt, reached under and pulled down Sach’s cotton panties.

Sacha struggled to hold her legs tightly closed and stop their removal.  But Sally moved in front of her, stopped her from bending over, and attempted to calm her down.

“I can’t go out there!” Sacha cried, “I’ll die of shame.”

“We are all dressed the same, and the boys all have no boxers on, that was the message I gave Tony.  So you can’t be the only one that pikes out.”

Sacha reached out to me and clenched my hand, panic showing in her eyes.  “I can’t do this.”

“Of course you can just follow me,” and I half dragged her out into the lounge behind the others.

I spent the next few seconds, observing and taking in all the interactions, as I crossed to stand with Aaron by the credenza. 

Sacha had dropped my hand, the second we were through the door, and rushed in panic straight across to Ryker.  He put his arm around her and protectively pulled her tightly against him.  They looked stunning together, her startling beauty, his six foot three swarthy frame towering over her.  He was dressed up as Aladdin, he had on a white baggy shirt with a purple waistcoat over it and white baggy turquoise trousers.  A Turquoise Fez as perched on his head; the Fez, waistcoat, and trousers were trimmed with gold thread and beads.

I was startled to see the look on Ryker’s face; he was smitten, and she was gazing up into his eyes, her panicked look, slowly changing to a look of acceptance of her predicament.

I spun around to search out Ethan, wondering how he was taking this.  He was dressed as a Pirate, and there was a jealous, hurt expression on his face.  But only for a moment, as Sally moved up against him, threw her arms around his neck, gave him a kiss and told him he looked very sexy.  How shallow, I thought, he’s all right when someone is giving him attention, but not happy when Sacha looks at someone else.

I then looked for Rex and saw his shoulders had slumped, and his usual brash, beguiling confidence disappeared before my eyes.  He had expected Sally to come to him.  He was dressed up as a Vampire, I thought that to be very appropriate.  His satin shorts were wine-coloured and matched the lining of the black satin cape.  He had popped some fang teeth in his mouth and gave us all a menacing grin, as we entered the lounge.  But now shoulders slumped, he pulled them out and looked around for someone to talk to.

He saw Tony had moved in on Bailey and walked dejectedly over to join them.  Tony was dressed up as the devil, in red and black.  Bailey turned and welcomed Rex, then I watched her placating him as she turned her head slightly to take in Sally hugging Ethan.  A look of compassion slipped over her face and she turned back to Rex and gave him a hug.

Tony suddenly the one feeling left out, searched out Valerie.  She had nabbed the two brothers, Owen and Carson.  They were dressed as Satyrs.  Their sheepskin jodhpurs were padded, especially at the back, and black tails arced away from those padded butts.  No shirt, just black waistcoats, and small goat horns on their heads. 

They looked like a wicked pair ready to cause mischief.  Especially the younger brother, Carson, he was eyeing up every woman in the room, and I felt a thrill of anticipation and dread when his greedy lecherous gaze took in my body from head to toe.

I noted the girls also checking out the guys in shorts.  I’m sure that the laughter and ribald comments I had heard when they were changing downstairs, had to do with the fact that the shorts were quite tight and showing off their wares.  Aaron in particular was showing off a very big bulge, and I saw with some alarm, that Bailey was having a good gawk at it, which gave me a familiar twinge of jealousy in my stomach.  Ryker’s baggy Aladdin trousers were no better, with no underpants on, his bulge was just as indecent.

Valerie had Owen and Carson setting up paper cups and bottles of chilled beer on the dining table.  Then called Tony over to help them lift the table into the lounge.

I pushed Aaron to go over and help lift the table.  He was dressed as an Elf King, with a long blond wig held in place, by a sliver crown of twisted branches, I guessed it was actually made of plastic, but it looked real.  Like all the others he had tight shorts under the long flowing coat, that was left open, displaying most of his chest. 

Aaron looked delicious, I hoped we looked as good together, as Ryker and Sacha.  And with that thought in mind, I leaned back and picked up Ryker’s camera.  He had left it on the credenza for me, sitting under the wall phone.  I snapped some photos of everyone but mostly concentrated on shots of Ryker and Sacha.

Once the guys had the table out into the lounge, Valerie called us all to attention, explaining that we had some games to play, and were to split into two teams, basically how we had sat each side of the table, at dinner.

So Tony got Aaron, Ethan, Rex and Bailey, and myself, into a line, while Valerie got Owen, Sally, Carson, Sacha and Ryker, lined up in her team.  It was ‘Beer Pong’ I’d not played it before, but it seemed most of the others were aware of the rules. The cup in front of you was half full of beer, and you had to bounce a ping pong ball into the cup.  If your opponent got his ball in your cup, you had to drink the beer, give them your cup and you were out.

Valerie called Tony, that we needed a prize.  He said he had just the thing, and disappeared downstairs, he returned with a gold sash that had a big ‘First in Show’ screened printed on it.  There was a lot of banter about who was going to beat who, and Carson threw the first ball, straight into my cup.  The bastard, no one had even said go.  But everyone broke out in protest, “It has to be bounced in, Nique gets two free go’s.” Yelled Rex.

I had my two free throws but didn’t get within cooee of his cup.  Everyone now started throwing ping pong balls, it was chaotic, but the little bastard opposite me had only one miss, then bounced his ball in.  I emptied my cup and tossed it over to him, I’m quite competitive, so was not feeling all that pleased.

I walked over and picked up the camera, calming down and realising It was for the best, as I could stand aside and watch and snap away.  Just then, Bailey’s ball went bouncing across the room, she raced to get it, bent over to pick it up.  Everyone on the opposite side of the table got their photo taken by her pouting pink rose, poking through the cords of her crotchless panties.

I snapped my head around to see Owen’s reaction and was not surprised to see a look of angry embarrassment, cross his face.  He made to move around the table to intercept Bailey, but Valerie grabbed him, turned his head to her, and gave him a kiss, “Leave her alone, we’re all wearing the same lingerie.”  His shoulders slumped a fraction, but he stayed put, then continued with the game.  

Carson cleaned up everyone he came up against.  Sacha had some lucky shots, one that hit the rim twice before dropping into the beer.  It came down to her and Carson in the final.  Our team was singing her praises and urging her to beat him, even though she was on the other team.  But on his second shot, he bounced the ball into her cup.

They hung the gold sash around Carson’s neck, I watched Sacha, she was so proud of herself.  Everyone rooting for her to beat Carson, had her looking elated and happy.

Valerie had the guys move the table back into the dining room, then got us back into our teams for the next game.  She pulled out an apple and said we are going to play pass the apple.  She got Owen to come forward so she could demonstrate, and tucking it under her chin she got him to take it from her using his own chin.  I’m sure everyone had played this before as kids.  But she held her hand up as someone muttered, ’Boring’.  

She reacted, “Oh, boring you think, well we are not using apples, we are using these.” And she held up two spongy tubes off rubber.  They were about the same diameter as the apple, but about 6 inches long, she tucked it under her chin and got Owen to try and get it off her.  The first hint I had, that all was not right, was when Owen went crimson red and tried to shy away.

“You’re not a pansy, are you? You do like fanny’s?” she asked him, as she grabbed his arm, and pulled him back to try again.

I asked Aaron, “What is it?”

He laughed and replied, “A rubber fanny, you can see the shape of one on the end, some guys use them to masturbate with.”

I looked and sure enough, there was a perfect caste of a women’s private parts, moulded in one end.

Poor Owen, he could not get it under his chin, he tried to use his hands, but Valerie held them, “No hands allowed, I’ll get something that will make it easier though.”  

She stepped back to the credenza and pulled out two six-inch rubber cocks.  They looked just like real penises, they had veins running down the sides, a big ball bag, with a rubber suction cap under it.  One was black, the other pinky flesh coloured, these naturally got some very ribald comments.

Looking around the group, I saw that Owen was not the only one embarrassed.  Ethan, Sacha, and Bailey were also looking awkward, Bailey I think mostly because of her brothers being there.  

Then Valerie really upped the ante and showed off her acting skills.  She dramatically pulled out a bottle of lube, smeared it over the rubber cock, and made a great show of sliding it in and out of the rubber fanny.  Then ramming it home she got Owen to try again.

This was even funnier, he got his chin tucked under hers, squeezed tight to get a hold of it, and the penis popped out and hit the floor.  I took note of the fact, that when it came to my turn, I needed to make sure to tilt my head, so the thick, balls end, of the cock was facing upwards. 

I had tears running down my cheeks it was so funny, and I wasn’t the only one.  Owen now saw the funny side of it, he bent to pick the cock up and try again, but was laughing so hard, he had to stand back up and calm himself down.

When he finally got down and [picked it up again, Valerie took it from him, “We’re not allowed any more practice, wouldn’t be fair.  Line up everyone, remember, if the cock pops out, you have to insert it and try again, both items have to be passed on, chin to chin.

It was the funniest thing I think I’ve ever seen, the cocks were flying everywhere at first, and the funny dirty comments had me laughing until my tummy hurt.  I tucked as many of the comments aside in the back of my mind, so I could run them past my girlfriends when recounted this scene to them.

When Sacha tried to pass the rubber mass onto Carson.  He tucked his chin under hers, then fondled both her breasts.  She squealed, in what sounded more like delight than annoyance, and both vagina/cock hit the floor.  On their next try, he grabbed her arse with both hands.  She tried to ignore him, but when he pulled her skirt up, exposing her bare arse, and grabbed a handful of both bare cheeks, she lost it again.  By this time our team was well in the lead.

Slowly everyone got the hang of it, and we won our first game, only by the narrowest of margins in the end, but we won.  The gold sash was handed over and we hung it around Bailey’s neck as we judged she had been the most proficient in our team.

Valerie said we would have a fifteen-minute break before the next game, “Go do toilets and refresh your drinks,” she said, heading for their bathroom, and yelling for the guys to go outside.

I was nearest the bathroom door, so I stood by the door waiting for Valerie to finish.  Sacha joined me, then Bailey came over and asked me if there was another toilet as she was busting, “I think there  is one downstairs.”  I watched her turn and hurriedly walk across the lounge.

Sally was in the kitchen speaking with Ethan.  When she looked over and saw Sacha and me waiting, she turned and followed Bailey down the stairs.

When I came out of the bathroom, a worried-looking Bailey, rushed over to me, “I’ve just come out of the toilet, and seen Sally and Ethan, doing it on the bed downstairs.  Should I go and tell Rex?”

“No, come show me!” I picked the camera up and let her lead the way downstairs.  Halfway down, the sound of Sally in full voice hit us.  Just like at lunchtime she was voicing her encouragement rather loudly.  They hadn’t even bothered to close the bedroom door.  With Bailey giggling nervously beside me, I snapping photos of the pair of them going at it like rabbits.

Sally looked over and saw us, but didn’t bat an eyelid, she just gave us the thumbs up and carried on.  Bailey took off upstairs, embarrassed I guess at getting caught watching.  I thought, ‘what the hell’ and moved into the room, snapping shots when I saw a good angle.

As I backed out of the room, Ethan must have sensed my presence, as he spun around.  I snapped a shot of his startled expression.  He tried to get off Sally but she held him tight, so I escaped out the door and went upstairs.

Valerie, was at the top of the stairs, “I was just coming down to get you, where is Sally?”

I winked at her and said that she was on the bed with Ethan.  Valerie raised her eyebrows, giving me the ‘she’s a bloody worry’ look.  Then shouted down the stairs, for Sally to hurry up, as we were ready to start the next game.

I went and stood with Aaron, explaining to him what Bailey and I had just witnessed.  I looked around for Bailey and saw she was talking with Rex.  I hoped she hadn’t said anything to him, but from what Aaron had told me, I knew that Rex had done the same thing to Sally at previous parties.

Aaron nudged me to look over at Carson.  As I turned my head, Carson looked away.

“He’s got the hots for you,” said Aaron, “his eyes are following you all the time.”

“He’s got the hots for every woman here, but he is funny,” I replied.

“Do you fancy him?”

I looked to Aaron, concern on my face, “No, don’t ask me to go with him.”

“I don’t want you to sleep with anyone else, but I don’t own you, so it is up to you, always.”

“No! This morning was a one-off.  I’m embarrassed I did that with Rex.  I don’t want to do that again,” I said, “anyway he’s too obvious, his lascivious looks would turn any woman off.”

Sally appeared at the top of the stairs, looking pretty hot and bothered, but then after the game of pass the fanny, so were plenty of others.  Ethan came in through the ranch slider, I realised, he had gone out the apartment door and walked up the side of the house.  No one took any notice of him, so he moved over to stand by Sacha.  She just gave him a look of disdain, he took the hint and moved to stand by Rex.

But Sacha came over and asked me, “Has Ethan been downstairs with Sally?”

I just nodded at her, what could I say, it was too obvious and I wasn’t going to lie for him.  To divert her from what I thought may turn into her accosting him, I asked, “What do you do, work-wise?”

She turned to me, not totally concentrating, “I’m a chemical engineer and still do twenty hours a week for my old company online, but over here, I help out as a Teachers Aid a few hours a week.”  Then stunned me with, “I’m happy he has found Sally, I’ve been treating him quite badly the last few months.” And she wandered off, back to stand by Ryker.

Valerie called us all into our lines to explain the next game.  Two half-inch thick ropes were laid out, I saw that they were old halyard cords, rescued from a yacht.  She explained that these were to be passed through the legs of the boy’s shorts or pants, up and out at the waist.  Then for the women, it was to be passed in at the waistband, down and out under the hem.

I had seen this game played at a tennis club function only a few months before, so knew what was going to happen,  in the haste to get the rope through, it got pulled tight and would lift the girl’s skirt up, and the boy’s shorts down.  The difference tonight though was that there was a Barbie Doll fastened to the start of the ropes, and a Ken Doll fastened to the ends.

I knew this would be funny, so I pushed Aaron ahead of me, so I could start first, get finished and get the camera clicking.  Valerie shouted ‘go’ and I dropped Barbie down my cleavage, making sure I missed the little bra, sucked in, to get it past the belt around my waist, then started pulling the rope down to the floor as fast as I could.  I did not pick up Barbie and hand it to Aaron though until I had well over half the rope pulled through.

Aaron fed it up the leg of his shorts, everyone started hooting and whistling, about where he was putting Barbie.  The funniest comments were from Carson, he seemed to have a good ribald comment for every situation.

In my haste, the muslin wrap-around dress had opened wide at the top, exposing the scant bra, struggling to contain my boobs.  I didn’t care, I was more worried about everyone seeing my proud mound, sitting bare and exposed between the cords of my crotchless knickers.  I held the two flaps of the hem tightly and pulled the remaining rope through.

I looked over to see how Ryker was going and was pleased to see I had beaten him by a mile.  He had only gotten a small amount of rope through his baggy pants and was trying to help Sacha.  This quickly got him in trouble, as once Sacha got the rope in the top of her long skirt, and dropped it to the floor, Carson grabbed it and started feeding the rope up his wooden Satyr pants.  This pulled Sacha’s skirt down, she squealed, grabbed at the waistband then rushed to pull the rope through.  

Ryker was intent on helping her, the rope tightened and down came his baggy pants.  The noise and jeers from those not actively involved yet, was deafening.  But the best was yet to come.

Carson was having trouble feeding barbie up his Satyr Jodhpurs, they were too tight, and he put a great show of oooh’s and aaah’s, as if Barbie was giving him a blow job.  The then mischievous little bugger saw what had happened to Ryker, put his foot on the rope and jerked it to the floor.

Sacha’s skirt followed, she was naked from the waist down.  I took photos of her, then zoomed in and got some of her startled face.  It showed shock, panic, but other emotions that in the moment I could not define.  Carson though, as soon as the skirt hit the floor, reached over, took the elastic waistband off her top, and pulled it up under her chin.

There was silence, partly I guessed, as the guys took in her perfect hourglass body and the fact she wore no panties, and probably had the most perfect boobs they had ever seen.  I think the girls were shocked, waiting to see what she did.  I’m sure anyone else would have slapped his face.

But Sacha made no such move, instead, she turned away from everyone and bent to pull the skirt up,  which exposed even more of her to us all.  Ryker was trying to help her, and again his just retrieved, pants hit the deck.

They finally got themselves sorted, which was not easy, as Carson was still intent on pulling the rope down.  But finally, it got through to him that his team was shouting for him to get the rope moving, as our team were now at least two people in front.

I saw that Ethan, who was on our team, had fallen over, he was clutching his pirate pants tight, as Rex, was trying to jerk them off by flicking the rope.  I realised Ethan was probably getting quite drunk, as he had been knocking back the drinks and Tony has a habit of making them quite strong.

I looked back to Carson, he had had to unzip the woollen shorts, to get barbie through, and now was in a similar plight, with Valerie and Sacha trying to jerk his shorts down, and when they succeeded, he pranced around, waggling his quite impressive cock at Valerie.  And looked the absolute picture of the mischievous little Satyr he was dressed as.

Then Ryker took the camera from me and whispered in my ear, “Sacha’s period has started, have you got some pads or Tampons?   Can you take her to the bathroom and sort her out for me please?”

Sacha was hiding by standing behind him. I didn’t want to miss any of this, but Ryker indicated he would take photos for me.  I grabbed Sacha’s hand and lead her into our bedroom.  Pulled a pad from my bag then led her into the bathroom.  I wet a flannel, then went to lift her dress, but she fought me embarrassment and shame written across her face, “Don’t be silly, I’m not bothered by a little blood, I might be training as a doctor soon.”

She relaxed slightly and I lifted her dress, there was no blood, just a clear fluid running down past her knees.  I immediately thought she had peed herself, then saw the milky white streaks in it. “How did you feel when this happened?”

“All tingly and weird, I thought I was going too faint.”

“Have you ever felt like this before?” I asked.

“Not really, no!”

“You have had an orgasm, and done something I did two days ago for the first time.  You have squirted?” Then I said to myself, “No one even touched you, you have cum and squirted from just being exposed, how remarkable.”

At that moment Ryker called from our bedroom, “Can I come in Nique?  Is Sacha all right?”

Yes, I called out, as Sacha yelled No!  But I overrode her and again called him in, and told him all was all right, and winking at him as he entered.   Then informed him of what had happened.  He wrapped his arms around her and told her how wonderful she was, and how happy he was for her.  So I went into Valerie’s room and picked out a pair of her panties, put a pad in them, and took them back to Sacha.  I would have used my own but doubted that mine would fit her.

When we got back to the lounge, It was noticeable, how many were now looking a bit worse for wear.  Yet there were three or four at the credenza, waiting for Rex and Tony to make them drinks.

I went over to Aaron and asked who won, “We did by a mile. I saw Ryker taking photos, so you can look at those later and see what happened.  It was as funny as a fart, went to bits after you left.  By the way, what was wrong with Sacha, Ryker was looking quite worried?”

I was telling him what Sacha had just experienced when Valerie called us all together for one last game.  Everyone eagerly formed back into two lines, the party was in full swing. I’d never been in a group this, the air felt charged with electricity, anticipation and stupid happy grins on everyone’s faces, as they awaited what was to be the next event.

Valerie brought two empty Kellogg’s serial boxes out, laid them between us and explained.

“You have to bend down and pick these up with your teeth, then stand up straight and then down again to place the box back on the floor, the box has to be left standing up and I’m putting these in to make it more interesting.”  She held up the rubber fanny and cock, then stood them upright on the cartons,  “The last one left will be the winner, and this is for double points.”  She looked over to her team and told them that this meant they could still win, even though they were two games to one down.

I noticed that Carson moved opposite me, and realised he wanted to beat me, but also have a lookup my dress as I bent down.  So when Valerie yelled ‘Go’ I turned away at forty-five degrees to him, sat down on my heels with knees wide apart and dipped down to garb the carton.  

I didn’t give a dam what they may see, seemed to me everyone had seen everything of everyone anyway.  But as I stood up, I caught Owen staring between my legs, looking decidedly uncomfortable and embarrassed.  The difference between the two brothers struck me, they were like chalk and cheese. Owen was about five-ten, strikingly handsome, but very self-conscious and serious.  Whereas Carson was about five-eight, ‘shortest man in the room’ but outgoing and so perfectly suited to the mischievous, cheeky, Satyr, he was dressed as.  

I had beaten Carson easily, my ballet training and sport I had played, meaning I was way more supple and well balanced.  So he and Sally were out first round, which was no surprise, as she had knocked back a lot of wine.

Valerie then pulled out some scissors and cut the cartons down by two inches.  Suddenly the game made sense, this was going to get difficult.  We all bent and attempted to pick the boxes up again.  This time our team lost Aaron and Ethan, Aaron being too big to be much good at getting his head down near the floor.  And Owen fell, I wondered if he had done it on purpose, as he squatted down supposedly innocently, in front of me.

But I wasn’t going to be put off, let them all look, I knew I could win this, my competitive streak overriding any modesty.  It got much harder, Valerie cut only an inch from the boxes this time, which exposed the rubber sex toys, I got mine up and down, but Rex, Sacha, and Ryker were out.  I saw that Carson, the little bugger, went and squatted down by his brother and gave me a wink and a cheeky grin.

I was not going to be put off though, another inch was cut from the cartons, and we lost Tony, which left just three girls, Valerie, Bailey and myself.  Another inch off, which made the sex toys look very unstable, threatening to fall out.  Sure enough, Bailey lost her cock from her box (that was what Carson yelled out), as she stood up and was out.

Just Valerie and I, another inch cutaway, all the guys squatting down opposite to watch my legs part, even Aaron had joined them the bastard.

But I wasn’t going to be denied.  I’d noticed that the cocks had a vacuum cup on the bottom, so when everyone was laughing at Bailey for losing hers, I had licked the bottom and stuck it to the base of the box.  I hoped it would hold, and it seemed to have stuck tight.

“Go!”  Tony yelled out.  Down I went onto my haunches, face only six inches from the floor.  I slipped my mouth over the head of the rubber cock bit hard and lifted.  It held, and I stood up straight then dropped to my haunches again, to place the carton back on the floor.  

The howls of protest were drowned out by encouraging comments from my team, and I think most of the guys on the other team.  So I showed off for them, making moaning sucking noises, I worked my lips up and down the rubber shaft a few times.  This final action quelled all protest, I had won.

I was given the Gold Sash. And Aaron lifted me off the floor and banged my head on the ceiling, he was so happy.

To be continued…


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