Even though we don’t have it, women certainly have some very strong opinions about facial hair.

So strong, in fact, that certain facial hair can make or break a guy’s shot at even a first date with a woman, if she thinks his facial hair isn’t all that.

Personally, unless it’s Walter White, of course, I think goatees should be banned. Yes, they were cool once, but that was for a hot minute in the 90s and, if we’ve learned anything from the 90s, it was a bad time for style — even for facial hair.

Do women like men with beards and other styles of facial hair?

Although the full-beard trend is currently alive and well, research has found that it’s actually stubble, or more specifically heavy stubble (which takes 10 days of living a razor-free life), that has women swooning the most.

We’re not talking about a mere five o’clock shadow, but rather a six o’clock one, and maybe even a six-forty-five one.

Of course, while science may have its version of things, it doesn’t speak for all women.

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