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Anne checked into the hotel. She and Jason hadn’t stayed here for a few months now, but it was a nice hotel, cheap and in a good location.

Jason couldn’t sleep over, but they would still get a few hours together. In a way Anne felt lucky, as her company was paying for this hotel. She had a training session in the morning, and the venue was deemed to be too far away.

Jason had told Paula he was late back as he was meeting up with some old friends.

This was how they had been for eighteen months now, ever since the holiday when they sneaked behind their partners’ backs and had sex. They couldn’t get enough of each other.

With Jason having to go away, this was the last time for a few months, which made it more special. Anne had a special treat for him tonight, too.

After checking in Anne went across to the lift.

“Second floor too?” Anne asked the older lady as she followed her into the lift.

“Oh, yes, thank you very much… Have much planned, dear?”

Anne smiled to herself. “Oh, no, just on a training course tomorrow, have you?”

“Just catching up with…my girls.”

The lift stopped and Anne got out of the lift and the older lady followed.

“Daughters?” Anne said as the old lady followed her down the corridor.

“You could say that.”

Anne reached her room number; the old lady must have been staying near her room but seemed to hover around her a little too long.

Anne thought she sounded pleasant but looked a bit creepy in her oversized glasses and didn’t seem to understand the concept of personal space; then again, a lot of older people didn’t. Her mind flicked back to thoughts of Jason.

“Hope you enjoy your training,” the old lady said as Anne opened her hotel room door.

The older lady walked to the end of the corridor and then turned back on herself and slowly repeated her path back to reception, smiling as she walked past the room. The younger, busty lady went into number 202.

On reaching reception, the older lady asked to be checked in again, as she needed to be on the second floor. Playing the sympathy card, she asked for the room number she and her late husband stayed in, number 203.

The room was booked, as was 202 and 204, the rooms closest to it, but room 225 was free but a little dearer than the room the older lady had originally booked for.

“That’s okay, dear, I will pay the difference,” the lady said, passing over the money.

“In fact, it’s the room opposite number 203, so it’s close by, if that helps, madame.”

“Oh, that is great, thanks so much.”

“No, problem, just let me update the records… its Mrs…”

“Oh, Mrs Wild, thank you, young dear.”


Anne stretched her arms after the drive and had a quick water before she got changed. She decided to be ready in her outfit treat for Jason. Taking her clothes off, she slipped her body into her sexy outfit for Jason.

Paula would be getting a boob job, and Anne wanted to make sure Jason wanted her more. Anne loved the sex with Jason, and Paula was jealous of Anne’s bust; she always had been.

Secretly, she hoped Jason didn’t like the implants; apparently, she was going up from an A to a D-cup. It was the biggest she could go to, according to the surgeon.

She felt sexy in her outfit and was sure that Jason would approve. Checking the clock in the room, it wouldn’t be long now before Jason would be there.

Anne lay in the bed and gently played with her pussy, thinking about Jason and feeling turned on.

She didn’t get much time to play, as her mobile vibrated. It was Jason; he was a little early and had just parked outside the hotel and was on his way upstairs.


In room 225, Mrs Wild was lying on her bed. 

She had got changed for her meeting too. Off came her woolly jacket and jumper, then on came her white fitted vest top and on top of that, her long-length white laboratory coat. Carefully, she placed her treats in the drinks bar, in her hotel room, to keep them cool.

Her plan was made that little bit easier. She was in the room less than six feet away from the room she would be visiting: her patient’s room, and she had an all-access room card provided by Michelle through one of her friends.

Mrs Wild then got up and walked across to the dressing room table, where there was a picture of a lady who looked in her forties. A portrait one, which was quite recent, when she was out shopping, looking quite happy, her blue eyes smiling and her short brown hair freshly dyed a lighter shade of brown.

“Oh, dear Anne, you may have forgotten about your fling with my husband, but I haven’t. It looks like it’s caught up with you now, and what do I find out… that you are having an affair all these years later… and with your friend’s husband… you naughty, naughty girl.”

Mrs Wild perched on the dressing room table, looking at the picture still.

“I know your secrets, Anne… and tonight I will have my revenge. It will be funny; I promise you that. Oh, those big boobs of yours, they drove my husband mad, didn’t they? I’ve read the emails from all those years ago. Howard wanting to suck on mommy’s boobies…you saying your girls needing some attention. How cute you have given that heavy bust of yours a name.”

Mrs Wild stretched out her fingers and thumbs of her big hands, until they cracked slightly, the sound echoing in the quiet hotel room.

“I’m looking forward to having a nice play with them later. See what the fuss is about.”

Looking across to her door, Mrs Wild heard footsteps in the corridor and the creak of a door opening.

In a quieter and chilling voice, Mrs Wild whispered to the picture of Anne, “Looks like Jason has arrived. Enjoy that fun of yours, and I will see you a little later.”


When Jason opened the hotel door, the lights were dimmed down, and Anne had left the door ajar for him. “Anne?”

“Waiting for you, big boy.”

Jason was already excited but as he entered further, he saw Anne stood at the end of the bed. She looked so sexy and was wearing a see-through short white nightie. Poking through it he could see her nipples, which were attached to her massive boobs, which just hung low under the nightie.

“End of the bed, legs apart… pants off…come on, Jason.” Anne stood a little away from the end of the bed with her finger seductively touching her lips.

Jason hurriedly took off his trousers and his pants. Anne grinned at the sight of his seven-inch cock beginning to stand to attention. Gently kissing Jason’s head, she unbuttoned his shirt and ran her fingernails through his hairy chest.

Stepping back, she started to dance in front of Jason, wiggling her hips seductively and raising her arms in the air. Jason was mesmerised. Anne was quite pretty, with nice blue eyes and short brown hair. Jason always thought her bum and legs were understated, especially in that short nightie. The nightie only just went past the curve of her womanly hips. All the attention, when with Anne, was on those boobs of hers and in that see-through top, they hung so alluringly, and gently undulated with her every move. 

Slowly, she turned around and then at first Jason enjoyed the curves of her hips, then he saw that underneath that nightie, Anne was wearing a little white G-string. Her lower cheeks were exposed, not covered by the nightie; the rest, beautifully covered by the see-through fabric.

Her round bum was crying out to be touched and squeezed, but Jason stayed seated with his legs apart. His cock was fully hard now.

As she turned back around Jason admired her little belly wobble. She had a nice curve to her round belly, which was starting to overhang a little, then his eyes were on that little white triangle of her G-string. He wanted her badly. That was hiding her pussy, which was normally covered in a little tuft of brown pubic hair.

Paula was normally completely shaven, which he preferred, but Paula didn’t have the womanly curves of Anne, and he had never slept with anyone with boobs as huge and perfectly shaped as Anne’s.

Anne moved into the gap where his legs were apart and brushed her pussy against her hard cock, before bending over slightly to put her boobs in his face. They felt so soft under the fabric of the nightie and squashy to his face.

Turning around again, Anne started to move her bum in a circle, all around his cock. Jason was so turned on, he was worried that he was about to blow his load already.

As Anne felt his hard cock on her bum and heard him moaning and his breathing increase, she became more turned on. She just wanted to give Jason an extra treat; she was apprehensive about how everything was with Paula and concerned about her having a boob job. Slowly turning around again, she bent down and started to suck his cock.

“Fuck…fuck… oh… Shhhh…” Jason moaned, as Anne sucked his swelling cock, as he tried not to ejaculate in her mouth. He just wanted to get his cock in her pussy.

Anne was getting so wet, she could already taste a little of Jason’s precum as she teased him. Sensing Jason’s growing excitement, Anne moved away from his cock and pushed him onto the bed.

They rolled around, with Jason frantically feeling all over her body before slipping his fingers into her wet pussy. Anne felt his hard cock rubbing all over her nightie and against her flesh. Jason’s hands then pulled her tight G-string down.

Anne pushed Jason down on the bed and with a little adjusting, took off her G-string and climbed on top of him and onto his cock.

“Fuck, Jason…you’re so fit.”

“Ohhh… Anne…ohhh… yes.”

They both moaned with pleasure. Anne was riding Jason faster and faster, Jason looking up at Anne in her sexy see-through nightie, her big boobs fighting to get out, their movement restricted, caged in its tight fabric.

Anne looked down at Jason; she found him handsome and was turned on by him. Neil, her husband, just wasn’t the same. The sex wasn’t like this at all.

Knowing what Jason was thinking, Anne slowed down and grabbed the bottom of her sexy nightie and slowly lifted it up to expose her heaving bosom, and then off over her head and onto the floor.

Jason starred at her beautiful boobs as they rested there, almost covering her chest, her boobs resting a few inches above her round belly. They hung like two big teardrop-shaped moulds of heavy flesh. At the bottom of all that flesh, the nipples were erect, pointing towards him. They were not only the biggest boobs he had seen, but they were the most perfect, in shape and size, their soft cool milky texture too.

Anne started to jiggle them as she fucked him on top, his cock swelling in her pussy. Slowly she leant forward, whilst gyrating on his hard cock, the soft and heavy flesh of her boobs touching his face, driving him wild.

Anne leaned back and fucked him more. She rode his cock quite fiercely.

“Oooh… Jason… you… ohhh… fuck.”

Anne moaned loudly and climaxed; so strong was the climax, she found herself giggling but continued to ride Jason’s cock. Looking at Jason staring at her, she jiggled her boobs more and Jason reached up to touch them and squeeze them before he could take no more and moaned even louder as he ejaculated in her.

Anne loved that she had pleasured Jason and smiled at him as he panted. Rolling down and off him, she then hugged him closely. Anne loved having her naked body wrapped with Jason’s naked body, feeling his cock against her, and his hairy chest. Their cool flesh was touching, although after sex, like now, their sweating flesh.

“You turn me on, Jason.”

“So do you, Anne, that body of yours. You’re so womanly, so curvy.”

“Fat?” Anne liked to tease Jason.

“No, not fat at all, you’re curvy in the right places, a nice round bum, curvy hips and…”

“Big boobs… I knew what you were going to say.”

“Well not that actually, just that G-string, that was the smallest pants I’ve seen you in and your bum looked extra curvy.”

“Maybe I will treat you to some more then.”

Jason smiled. “But. Anne… I have to say…”

“Say what?”

“Your boobs are huge.”

Anne and Jason both giggled.

“You’re obsessed, Jason.”

“They are just so big and juicy.”

“What about Paula’s?”

They both giggled loudly.

“Stop teasing her, you know she has little boobs. There is no competition.”

“What about these implants? They are going to be D-cups.”

“Ha, those, well I prefer natural ones anyway.”


“Also, I think your big H-cups will be way bigger anyway.”

Anne smiled; she wanted Jason to want her more.

They kissed and hugged more. Soon Anne lay on her side, facing Jason, and could feel it heating up.

Jason was staring at Anne’s deep cleavage as her boobs rested on top of each other; he watched as they gently wobbled with each of Anne’s breaths. His cock started to get hard.

Anne was watching his face change a little; he was wanting her again, and she could feel his cock against her thigh.

Jason started to use his finger to follow the round circular shape of her areolas, making her nipples erect and pointing straight at his face. He then gently caressed the heavy milky flesh under-boobs, tickling Anne and making her giggle. With every touch of his hand against her boobs, it was making Anne wet with excitement; her boobs were big and sensitive.

Reaching down, Anne grabbed his hard cock and started to tug it as Jason moved his hands and fingers below and under the sheets, his fingers now playing with Anne’s wet pussy.

Anne, already turned on, was moaning loudly before Jason then put his two fingers together to poke into Anne’s pussy and stimulate her G-spot. He had Anne’s hips swaying and her moans getting louder as he pleasured her. It wasn’t long before Anne had lost focus on tugging his cock and moaned loudly as she climaxed.

Happy with pleasuring Anne, his eyes rested back on her impressive H-cup bosoms.

Anne, smiling to herself, adjusted herself and moved from lying on her side and sat up in the bed, watching how Jason’s eyes followed her boobs wobble with her movement and spread out to the sides as she sat almost upright.

“Maybe you need a little feed before you leave?”

Jason moved forward and wrapped his mouth right around her teats and sucked and licked away, like a hungry baby. He loved getting his mouth on her big boobs. Anne’s boobs were so sensitive, it was pleasuring her too.

“I think you need to mark these boobs as your own, they need some special attention, as well as all these compliments,” Anne teased Jason.

Jason got up on his knees and Anne used her hands to put Jason’s hard cock into the heaving bosoms, which completely engulfed his cock with their fatty flesh. Anne’s boobs – fleshy, milky, and cool texture – were driving Jason wild.

Slowly and then speeding up, Anne started to give Jason a titwank as he moaned louder and louder. Anne loved pleasuring Jason with his favourite part of her.

Jason was eager to ejaculate over as much of her big mounds of flesh as he could, so he moved his cock free from her boobs’ grip and smiled at Anne as he started to wank himself off, whilst looking at her bosom.

Anne smiled back and pushed her boobs forwards with her hands.

Jason couldn’t take much more; her big boobs held like that looked so full and alluring, he ejaculated and shot his semen onto them. Leaning down, he moved his cock all over her big boobs, making Anne giggle. Her boobs were too big to cover, but he loved rubbing his cock against them.

“That’s a service Paula can’t provide you, Jason.”

They both giggled.

“Consider them marked, Anne, and… my boobs.”

“Oh, they are your boobs, Jason…every bit of these big H-cups is.”

They giggled again.

With Jason having to leave soon, they both showered together, enjoying their bodies together in the shower, taking turns to soap each other’s bodies down and resisting the urge to fuck again in the shower, with Jason having to leave.

All dressed, Jason headed to the door, with Anne stood next to him naked and clean and fresh from the shower. His cock was getting hard again as he looked at her womanly curves.

They kissed and Jason squeezed her bum, then each of her boobs, before kissing each one too. Anne giggled.

They couldn’t wait to see each other again; the three-month gap couldn’t come quick enough for them.

Jason opened the door and left, with a wide smile on his face, whilst Anne got into bed and thought about the great sex they had.


With it being a weeknight, the hotel was quiet, making each noise sound clearer.

In a room close by, Mrs Wild had heard all their moans and groans and the bed creaks. With each sound of sexual desire, Mrs Wild smiled more, looking forward to visiting Anne later.

With Mrs Wild’s room not having a window to the car park, she couldn’t take any risks with Jason leaving the hotel. Patiently, for twenty-five minutes, she waited by her hotel door, looking through the spy hole out onto the corridor and specifically at room 202.

She had heard the shower running and grinned, knowing that her patient would be nice and clean for her visit.

Then she saw Jason leaving the room and looking pleased with himself.

Waiting until he had walked towards the end of the narrow corridor, Mrs Wild then left her hotel room and followed Jason to the lift.

Feeling her presence, Jason kept the lift door open.

“Have a nice evening, dear? Mrs Wild asked.

He looked just like in his pictures: average build and height, blue eyes, and greying hair. He was smiling widely and seemed happy with himself.

“Oh, great, thanks, hope you have too,” Jason replied.

As he looked at the older lady in the lift, there was something about her that gave him the creeps; it could have been her oversized glasses, or maybe it was her white laboratory jacket. Something wasn’t quite right with her.

She stared at him in a callous and cold way, yet her tone was polite. “Oh, I’m off to start my work, my dear, a patient to visit,” Mrs Wild replied, as the lift door opened for the ground floor.

“Well, I hope it goes well for you,” Jason said, smiling and gesturing for Mrs Wild to leave the lift first.

Mrs Wild smiled at Jason in response.

As she peered off to the right to the vending machine in the reception area, she watched as he buoyantly walked through the reception and out of the main door.

“I can assure you, Jason, it will go well for me, but not so well for the patient I am visiting,” Mrs Wild whispered aloud to herself in response to Jason’s final remark.

Slowly, she retraced his footsteps and hovered by the front door of the hotel and watched as his car left. Seeing him so happy angered Mrs Wild somewhat. That would have to be looked at again.

Anne’s lover was now gone, and she was all alone in her room.

Unfortunately for Anne, Professor Wild had arrived and was ready to play.



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