There is never a right or wrong time to say “I love you” to someone for the first time.

Sure, you can play it safe and wait until the other person says it first, or you can go with the old adage I typically like to suggest, which is to only say “I love you” when you can no longer actively stop yourself from doing so.

But there’s plenty of reason so many people completely bug out when it comes to deciding whether the time is ripe to say those three little words.

And of course, it isn’t that the act of saying them is so challenging. It’s everything that saying “I love you” represents.

Sure, it’s a sweet statement, but it’s also a promise — to be invested in another person, to put their needs above your own, to make the choice every single morning to be in love with that person and to treat them with the love and respect that they deserve.

After all, the act of loving someone is no easy feat, and while saying “I love you” is romantic as all get out, it’s not something you should say just because your heart and head are giddy about the prospect of a future with someone new and exciting.

I think in many ways there are certain things you have to know about your partner before you start saying I love you.

If you start using these three little words too early, you run the risk of zapping them of all importance.

It’s super easy to say you love someone you think is hot but who you don’t know very well, but how are you going to feel about them once you get to know their dark side?

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