It’s fair to say most of us got a bit bored during lockdown.

However, one woman had a unique way of coping with that woman – cheating on her partner through outdoor sex sessions with strangers.

Accounts clerk Chloe, 32, from Portsmouth, said she became a “sex sinner” during lockdown – and claims it “saved her sanity”.

Chloe began an affair at the start of this year after becoming bored of the sex with her long-term partner Paul, a fireman.

She said: “Lockdown killed all the passion in our relationship. We would always have sex at exactly the same time every week – after watching Line of Duty and then going to bed.

Woman leaning on railing showing abdominal muscles
She deliberately targeted men into their fitness so they could meet up outside

“You could time it like clockwork and all spontaneity was gone.

“I started faking orgasms just to get it over with and watching porn on my own for a bit of excitement.”

Chloe said she knew she couldn’t leave her partner of ten years in the middle of lockdown, so began to fantasise about having sex with other men.

Eventually, she decided to act on her impulses by signing up to affair site

Woman's legs in high heel shoes out in a car window outdoor
The woman would have outdoor sex sessions with the guys

She added she deliberately targeted men into their fitness so they could meet up outside.

Chloe explained: “I love long distance running and am in great shape, so I knew that I was going to get a few offers but I was surprised by the response.

“I deliberately targeted keep fit fans who I could meet by going for a run together.

“I quickly hooked up with Ian, another marathon runner. We would go for 20 miles jogs and chat while we were running.”

Couple running through city streets together
She didn’t spend long just exercising with the men

The pair quickly were doing more than just talking, as Chloe added: “Soon we were stopping off for sex in remote areas while we were out on these long runs. We had sex once on the New Forest which is not far from my home.

“And we plan to go to the nudist beach at Studland Bay which is also nearby when the weather warms up.

“Ian has had lots of affairs and encouraged me to see other men and I have recently met Andy, another keen jogger.

“We haven’t have sex yet but will do when lockdown ends.”

Chloe said the affairs are “exciting” and kept her amused during lockdown.

She added: “It is so exciting meeting new people. The affair saved my sanity during lockdown. I thought I was going to die of boredom.”

Chloe was speaking as a new survey of 2,000 people by revealed the top ten female and male sex sins.

The most common female sex sin is fantasising about having sex with another man while making love to their partner.

Meanwhile, men’s most popular sex sin is wanting to have sex with one of their partner’s friends.

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The confession from Chloe comes after it was revealed this week that one woman discovered her boyfriend was “cheating” after spotting stranger in a hotel photo.

TikToker Serena Kerrigan shared the moment she discovered her boyfriend was apparently seeing another woman behind her back when he sent her a “sweet” picture declaring he was missing her.

The photo looked perfectly innocent until Serena clicked on the live version of the picture, which is an Apple feature on iPhones that shows brief moments before and after photos are taken.

She then realised the guy wasn’t alone in the room. When the live version is played, a woman is seen leaping onto the bed and smiling.

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