I lay back in bed as Diana came out of the en suite with only a towel wrapped around her head. I gazed with unbridled lust at how her breasts jutted proudly forward. As she turned to the walk-in to choose her attire for the day, the sight of her adorable ass as she bent to select a pair of shoes resulted in an immediate physiological reaction. My morning wood, which had already been rampant, almost instantly begged for mercy.

The memory of last night’s incredible sexual escapade where Diana had begged me to take her anally was vivid in my mind. I put a damper on my lust as I watched Diana slither into a dress that molded every delicious curve of her body before sitting in the armchair facing me to slide her thigh-high stockings up her elegantly extended legs.

“We need to speak, Diana, before you go to work,” I said.

“What’s on your mind?”

“A couple of things. Come sit next to me and I’ll explain. Remember a few weeks ago I had told you that we needed to resolve the situation with Shelly as well as to make plans for you and me going forward?”

“Of course.”

“It’s time. Shelly has been fun, and sharing her body will never lose its appeal for either of us. However, we need to find a regular partner for her. Now that we have moved in together, I would like to explore the possibility of that new venture in the Bahamas. Since Donna is trained, you should have no problem leaving the club for a few days.”

“David, as I had told you, I was in on both these possibilities. So what’s your plan?”

“First, remove your hand off my cock unless you wish to have to get dressed all over again and….”

“Oh my, David is horny, is he?”

“Damn it, yes, woman, what do you expect when you do that to me?”

“Well, we can’t have that,” Diana said, lifting the sheet, plunging down, and voraciously mouthing the rampant cock rising in full majesty in front of her mouth.

I lay back as Diana’s mouth engulfed me from tip to root. It was as if my cock was sucked into a warm, velvety sheaf, and soon I was arching my hips and moaning softly. Diana bobbed her head up and down and played her tongue in circles around the tip when she came up for air.

“David, you taste so good. I could do this all day,” she said as she licked the precum that was oozing from the tip.

“Honey, I couldn’t last all day. I’m almost ready to come.”

“Oh yes, baby, give me all your yummy cum,” she said, resuming her bobbing motion while gently massaging my balls.

“Just like that. Don’t stop. I’m going to come. Take it all, my little slut,” I moaned as I ejaculated string after string of warm, thick cum down her throat.

She raised her head and smiled at him. “Feeling better?”

“Hell yes. You are amazing. Feel like getting back in bed for more fun and games?”

“Darling, I can’t. Today is my last day. I HAVE to go to the club. Today Donna takes over. Her training is complete.”

“That brings up what I wanted to talk to you about. Tonight I want to bring in Ed and introduce him to Shelly. If those two hit it off, I think we will pitch them on the Bahamian Island sex club concept. Then the four of us can go down there and scope out the situation.”

“You were serious about that?”

“You bet your ass I was. I have placed a deposit, subject to inspection, of $100,000 on it.”

“My God. I thought you were just daydreaming. You mean this could really happen?

“I have tickets booked for next week. Interested?”

“Bastard! Of course, I’m interested. You are not going down there without me.”

“I thought that would be your response.”

“Tell me, does Ed know he is meeting Shelly tonight? Does he know about you and me?”

“No. I just invited him to come over for supper at the club.”

“I want you to play around with what I suggest then. Donna has a new concept she wants to try out. I want you to play stupid, and we’ll have some fun. Don’t give anything away. Can you do that?”

“Well, seeing the state of ignorance I’m in, it should not be difficult.”

“Good boy, I’ll see you then at about seven tonight.”




When Ed and I entered the bar at the club, we were greeted by Amy, the new bartender. She told us that we were expected in the new private dining room.

“Private dining room? Where’s that?” I asked.

“Please follow me,” Amy said and led the way. We followed, both watching her ass sway as she walked in front of us. She stopped in front of a door and said, “Please take off your shoes and place them in the rack to the left of the door.”

“Our shoes?” I blurted before remembering my promise to Diana that I would play along with whatever she had planned. I obediently took off my shoes and placed them in the rack as Ed did the same.

Amy ushered us into a sparsely furnished room. She indicated that we were to sit on the Japanese tatami and cushions in front of a low table. “This is the Japanese room, gentlemen. Now can I get you a drink from the bar?”

“Ed, still a scotch drinker?” I asked.

“Sure am.”

“Amy, bring in my private bottle of Scotch with water and ice on the side.”  The whole room was decorated in a Japanese motif. The wallpaper depicted various men and women in tastefully arranged sexual positions that surely would be censored if they were on public display.

“Very attractive,” Ed said.

“You mean the room?”

“No, the bartender. The room is nice, but she is ravishing. Did you see those boobs?”

“How can you miss them? Been getting any recently?”

“Not even a sniff. My lawyer warned me to be a good boy till the divorce was granted. He did not want to deal with any complications. Told me we would get a better deal from the judge if only the ex was up to her eyebrows in adulterous love affairs.”

“So when does the actual divorce take place?”

Ed looked at his watch before answering, “Three hours ago.”

“Really! You are now a free man.”

“Yes, sir. I am.”

“Well, that calls for a celebration. Where’s that Scotch?”

There was a rap on the door, and a woman dressed in a kimono entered carrying a tray with the bottle of Scotch, glasses, and an ice bucket. She knelt on the floor, deposited the tray on the table, and made a deep bow. “Hello, name is Mitsui, tonight be your waitress. Others be here soon.” She then served both of us a healthy dollop of Scotch and gave us an inquiring look to see if we wanted ice or water in our drinks.

We stared at this unexpected foreign apparition, and as I prepared to speak, the door opened again, and two more women dressed in kimonos walked in, bowed, and murmured ‘kombawa’ before kneeling and making a deep bow. They then proceeded to kneel next to us.

Mitsui spoke up, “David and Ed san, this is Aiko,” gesturing towards the woman kneeling next to me, “and this is Fukumi,” indicating the woman next to Ed. “They be your Geishas tonight.”

I stared at Aiko, who smiled at me. She stared back with a hint of a smile on her intensely scarlet lips, which contrasted startlingly with her completely white made-up face. Her jet black hair was done up in an elaborate coiffure. When I looked at her eyes, I saw that they were the same blue as Diana’s, and then it hit me. I silently mouthed, “Diana.”

She winked and murmured, “Hai.”

Tilting my head towards the other Geisha, I gave Aiko a questioning look. Again she murmured, “Hai.”

“Aiko and Fukumi do not speak much English,” Mitsui said, “So I do the transalating for you.“ She proceeded to light a fire under a steaming caldron of broth and uncovering trays of thinly sliced beef as well as trays of vegetables. Mitsui laid out small dishes of sauces on the table in front of each couple. “This dish named shabu-shabu,” she informed us.

David turned to Ed. “What do you think of all this?”

“Well, I don’t know what to think yet. However, if her name is an indication of what happens later, Fukumi can certainly do that to me.”

“Ed-San, Geisha, not prostitutes,” Mitsui said. “Geisha must be respected. If SHE decides to sleep with her guest, is mark of great respect for the man. Now food ready to be cooked.” She gibbered at the two Geishas in Japanese, and they took chopsticks and started to put slices of beef and vegetables in the now boiling broth.

Aiko and Fukumi fed us with chopsticks during the rest of the meal while Ed and I chatted about his divorce and future plans. He informed me that he had managed to get off relatively lightly in his divorce settlement and planned to close up his offices and work remotely as he was established enough to run his operations without being Johnny on the spot.

I had to laugh as Ed occasionally tried to slide his hand into Fukumi’s kimono, at which point she would titter and slap his hand away. I had done the same with Aiko/Diana to establish that she was totally nude under the kimono.

Mitsui kept refilling our glasses with Scotch, and I suddenly realized that it was Donna who was playing the role of our serving girl under the wig and the whiteface when she giggled and gave me a wink as she topped my drink.

The meal finished, Mitsui stood, with a bow, she invited us to follow her into an adjoining room. We entered a room with a huge onsen (Japanese multi-person bath) from which a veil of fragrant steam wafted an aroma of jasmine through the room. “This is relaxation room. Please take off clothes and take shower. Geishas come soon. I help before they come.”

“Do you believe this?” Ed blurted out as we both stripped.

“This is the 416 Club. I have learned never to underestimate what might take place here.”

We stepped into a sizeable glassed-in area that, in my mind, could easily have held six people at the same time. Mitsui, who had disappeared behind a screen, came out clothed in an entirely diaphanous shift. The garment struggled to cover her upper body while doing absolutely no good covering her lower body.

“I wash,” she curtly stated. “Sit,” she ordered, pointing to a pair of low stools placed side by side. She knelt behind us and started soaping our backs with an exfoliating brush. I could feel my skin tingle as she worked the brush up and down my spine.

This was followed by her hands caressing our backs with a gel-like soap. I let out a gasp, echoed by Ed, as her hand reached under the stool and started soaping our testicles. The flutter of her fingers was sensational. My cock started oozing precum as I was under such sexual tension imagining the events that would soon occur.

Mitsui started washing our shafts and brought me right to the edge before stopping. Her finger sought my asshole, and she slid it right up my butt and washed me out. Sitting beside me, Ed gasped, and I imagined he must be suffering the same fate.

“Mitsui, I have to fuck you,” he hissed.

“Ed-San, Mitsui will be your fluffer. You can’t fuck her without Geisha’s permission.”

“What the heck is a fluffer?” he asked.

“A fluffer is there to get you aroused between sex bouts. They are widely used to keep male porn starts erect between shoots.”

“Well, she has certainly succeeded.”

The door to the room opened, and Fukumi and Aiko entered. The kimonos were gone. They crossed to the onsen and slipped into the water.

“Fuck me, did you see that?” Ed asked.

“ED-San, that is Fukumi, not fuck me,” Mitsui giggled.

“Ed, I’m not blind. I certainly noticed.”

“Which one do you want?” he asked.

“Fukumi was certainly interested in you. Why don’t you go with her? I will content myself with the other one. What was her name? Aiko, I think.” I saw Aiko/Diana cast a furious look my way as I said that.

As we stood to join the Geishas, we were treated to the sight of both women wrapped in each other’s arms kissing passionately. Fukumi lowered her head and sucked on Aiko’s nipple while her hand busied itself underwater, presumably to toy with Aiko’s pussy.

We stepped into the tub, and both women ignored us while continuing to pleasure each other. Aiko gibbered something to Fukumi, who went to sit on the edge of the tub and spread her legs wide, showing us her shaved pussy with its glistening pink core. Aiko stepped between those spread thighs and started licking the tasty morsel in front of our eyes.

“Great floorshow they have here,” snickered Ed. “That’s it, Aiko, get her ready for my cock.”

Aiko needed no further encouragement and lapped at that pussy with relish while Fukumi moaned and groaned with pleasure. I could see the tongue lashing she was giving, and it was driving me wild.

Finally, Ed could take no more. He stood crossed the bath and moved Aiko aside. “My turn, Fukumi, or whatever your name is. Get ready to have a Texas cock shoved deep into your hole.” He raised her legs, placed himself between her thighs, and drove his cock right into her gaping pussy. Fukumi gave a shriek as he plowed into her balls deep in one shot.

Aiko came to sit next to me and asked me, “Enjoying things so far, love?”

“Great setup. Was Donna responsible for all this?”

“Yes, she has a real genius for this type of thing. Are you ready for the big reveal?”

“What big reveal?”

“Wait for it. It should be soon.”

We turned our attention back to the two on the other side of the tub. Fukumi was raising her ass off the tiles to get more of Ed’s cock into her. A sheen of sweat made her white face makeup run, and her moans and groans filled the room and echoed off the walls.

Suddenly she yelled, “Come on, you Texas fucker, harder. Pound my pussy raw.”

Ed froze in place at hearing her speak English. “Don’t stop. I’m about ready to come,” she yelled.

Ed looked at me with a baffled look but rose to the occasion as he resumed pounding the willing pussy offered to him.

They became a blur of motion as he sped up, and she bucked and writhed under his weight. With an ear-splitting shriek, Fukumi came at the same time he did. He collapsed on her amazing tits, gasping for breath. She held him in place by wrapping her legs around him, and they kissed for the longest time.

When they finally came up for breath, Mitsui presented Fukumi with a washcloth so she could wipe the makeup off her face. She also removed the wig that hid her long blonde hair and fluffed it out, so it cascaded over her shoulders.

Ed turned to me, grinned, and said, “David, I’m in love.”

Diana removed her own wig and said, “Let’s say you are in lust. Maybe you two can work on the love part. Ed, meet Shelly, aka Fukumi. She confessed to me that she also was very taken with you before we came into the room. I think that you two have now been properly introduced.”

“Diana, I really did not recognize you in that outfit. What are you doing here? I thought you never participated with clients.”

“Well, Ed, there are clients, and there are very, very special clients. Thanks to you bringing David to the club, he and I are now both partners and lovers.”

“Congratulations to both of you. It could not have happened to nicer people. David, you are one lucky man.”

“Thanks, Ed. We have some ideas we would like to discuss with you and Shelly that might be right up your alley.”

“What ideas?”

“They’ll wait. First, it’s time for fun and games.”

I turned to Diana and whispered in her ear, “Honey, are you ready to turn your fantasy of making love to two men at once into a reality?”

“You mean you and Ed at once?”


“Sure, but I have one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“I have resolved that only you can fuck my ass. No one else ever gets to experience that pleasure.”

“Thank you, love. It shall be as you wish.”

We turned our attention back to our lovebirds. Shelly was gently sucking on Ed’s cock while he fingered and toyed with her pussy.

“Ed, Diana wants to experience her first DP and has chosen you as one of the two men. Think you are up to that?”

“Hell yes. I’ve leched on her for years now.”

“Are you ready, or shall we give you more time to recuperate?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“What about me?” whined Shelly.

“You’re next. While you wait, Mitsumi will prepare your ass for Ed’s cock.”

“Ed, Mitsumi is Donna, the new club manager.”

“What’s that all about?” He asked.

“We’ll talk about that later.”

Meanwhile, Shelly eagerly got on her knees, and Donna just as eagerly got behind her. We watched as Donna spread Shelly’s ass cheeks and began rimming the pink star-shaped pucker.

Ed licked his lips as he watched, fascinated as Donna toyed with fingers and tongue at Shelly’s ass.

“Guys, this is not a spectator sport. Come over here and fuck me,” said Diana. “Ed, sit down in that chair, and I’ll ride you Texas-style.”

“What’s Texas-style?”

“Cowgirl, of course. Now sit.”

Once Ed was seated, she spread her legs and slowly lowered herself as she guided his cock into her pussy.

“Damn, you’re tight, woman,” Ed moaned as she engulfed more and more of his cock into her hot wet snatch.

Once he was fully lodged, I pushed her forward, raising her ass and using some Astroglide lubed up her rear passage and my cock. Placing the tip of my cock at her pucker, I pushed forward gently and just held it barely in her till she relaxed and gaped slightly. She pushed back against me and my cock popped in past her sphincter.

With both of her holes filled, she was tighter than ever. I started a slow in and out motion, which eventually allowed me to be fully encased in her deliciously warm and tight ass. After some experimental thrusts, Ed and I developed a rhythm. As I pushed forward, he would draw back. The result was that Diana’s holes were constantly massaged. I could feel Ed’s cock through the thin membrane rubbing against mine.

Diana started moaning on each stroke, and I could feel our cocks pulsing deep in her body. She was uttering unintelligible cries of pleasure.

As I felt the cum rise in my shaft, she clamped down on me and squeezed me in a vise-like grip. Ed yelled, “Holy mother of god, I’m going to cum.” I could almost feel the jets of cum as he filled Diana’s pussy, and I followed suit and discharged my load deep in her ass. Diana collapsed into Ed’s arms. We both pulled out of her, releasing a flood of spunk to stream out of both her holes.

I took her in my arms and deposited her on her back on a nearby sofa. She weakly opened her eyes and muttered, “Thank you, baby,” before falling into a comatose state right there.

I slid back into the tub and relaxed as I marveled at this woman who wanted to be my life partner. Donna came to join me and promptly grabbed my cock. “David, you have to get ready to satisfy Shelly. May I help you get ready? Here, sit on the edge, and I will get that cock back into fighting trim. ”

I obediently sat on the edge with my legs in the tub as Donna got between them and used her tits to massage my shaft back to life. She squeezed her tits around it and slid up and down till I got erect. From that point on, she managed to suck on it every time it appeared close to her mouth.

I glanced at Shelly and Ed. Shelly was ministering to Ed’s shaft. With apparent success.

My reverie was interrupted by Shelly saying, “Over here, David, there’s a pussy which is hungry to gobble your cock.”

“Go,” said Donna, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Diana.”

Weak-kneed, I staggered over to where the two lovers were. Shelly motioned me to lie on the tatami. Once in place, she positioned herself over me and placed my cock into her pussy. She was wonderfully wet and warm, and I slid right in.

I lay there motionless while Ed positioned himself. Shelly’s tits pressed against my chest. As he entered her, I felt his cock slide against mine, and Shelly said, “Don’t you guys move. I’ll be doing the work this time.”

She started moving her body back and forth, sliding her holes around our two cocks. Despite her injunction not to move, I felt my hips lift upward each time she slid forward. I could see that Ed had a grip on her hips and assisted her in sliding back and forth. I smiled as I heard him occasionally slap her ass, and each time he did, she tightened her grip on my shaft.

It was apparent from Shelly’s moans that she was relishing the experience. When I reached between us and pinched and tortured her stiff nipples, she shrieked, and I felt my shaft and balls drenched by her juices. Her whole body started to quiver as she announced that she was about to cum, and cum she did, her whole body responding to the double stimulation her holes were being subjected to.

I felt Ed’s cock pulse against mine, and we soon followed, filling her holes with our hot cum. She kept riding us and going from one orgasm to the next for some time before collapsing and rolling to the side and dislodging us.

We lay on the tatami absolutely wiped out. I turned to my side to look at Diana as she lay there smiling at me. Donna was spooning her body and lazily toying with her nipples and pussy.

Donna got up and went out, returning with glasses and a couple of bottles of champagne.

The five of us assembled in the bath, and Donna poured each of us a flute of champagne. I explained my vision of our sex island resort between hugging and kissing and words of endearment. When I proposed that Shelly run the operation, she was surprised that we would choose her for that role. However, when I offered Ed a stake in the operation and the offer to run the business end, her eyes sparkled.

“I’ve about had my fill of the real estate business,” Shelly told us. “I’ve made good money, but there’s too much competition these days. I need to work less and enjoy it more.” Reaching over and taking Ed’s hand, she said, “What do you say, Ed? You and I, as partners? I think we would be an unbeatable combination.”

Ed smiled and asked, “Do I get fringe benefits, Shelly?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t do this without your backup. Your magnificent cock is a bonus I won’t pass up. You’ll have to understand that I am high maintenance and a total nympho with a strong lesbian streak. Can you live with that?”

“I’m more than willing to try. I only swing one way, but if we can swing together, I’m ready to try. God knows there’s nothing here I will miss. My business can be run from any place on earth. All I need is internet access.”

I smiled at Diana, “Guess you ladies will be busy tomorrow shopping for tropical clothes. Remember, Ed and I will only accept micro mini bikinis if you insist on wearing anything. I have hired a private jet for next week. You have four days to get ready before we go and scope out our new business in the Bahamas.”



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