Our souls live inside our physical body, and our souls travel from lifetime to lifetime and body to body. As they do, our souls leave behind broken hearts and beautiful relationships from past lives that result in positive or negative karma.

These soul connections are extremely powerful and difficult to resist because our souls have loved each other before.

We all have more than one soulmate connection in our lifetime. And in fact, not only do we have many soulmates in our lifetime, but we cross paths with lost souls from previous lifetimes often.

When this happens, our souls fall in love with the familiarity of each other and simply can’t stop thinking of one another because we feel complete with them.

How can you know when your soulmate is thinking about you?

Our souls bring into this lifetime the negative issues and karma from our past lives, as well as the connections full of joy and connection we create during the wonderful times we share.

Our souls may also encounter those who were our friends, siblings, and/or enemies in past lives, who may be here now to straighten out our karma. Sometimes doing so isn’t easy, and at other times, it is quite simple.

When I do what I call “feelings readings,” I channel the soul of the person I am asked about, their softness and their energy.

And here are some signs your soulmate is thinking of you, as well as how to understand and connect with their thoughts.

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