Four days later, the group met at the private plane hanger at Love Field in Dallas. Diana and David arrived together. Shelly and Ed drove separately. As the weather was warm in Dallas and warmer at their destination, they were all wearing shorts and carrying small rolling suitcases. David also carried his briefcase.

“Dude, why are you bringing a briefcase? This isn’t supposed to be a working trip,” Ed pointed out.

“Wrong,” David countered with a laugh. “This is most definitely a working trip, but hopefully, we’ll have some entertainment along the way. Once we’re airborne, I’d like to call a meeting to order and give you all a rundown of what I’ve already put together.”

“That sounds dull,” Shelly commented.

It was Diana’s turn. “Trust me. David’s mind is never far away from fun, but he’s put in an amazing amount of work on this project and I think you’ll want to see it.”

“I’m excited about it,” Ed added. “I can’t tell you how anxious I am to move to paradise and spend some quality time with Shelly.”

Shelly put her arm around Ed’s waist and grinned.

Diana and David grinned too, hoping that their plan to get these two people together was working.

Once inside, they were met by the pilot, Dennis Parker. “I can see you’re traveling light,” he said as he saw the small amount of luggage.

Holding out his hand to his oft used pilot, David said, “Hey, we’re going to a tropical paradise. If you’re going to spend your time naked, you don’t need to pack much.”

The pilot laughed. “That sounds like a winner. Since you don’t have much, why don’t you just carry it on board and stow it back by the head? We’ll be ready to depart in fifteen minutes.”

The group followed Dennis to the plane and boarded.

Once inside, Diana was awed by the luxury of the cabin. “This is very nice,” she told David as she ran her hand over the plush leather seats.

“It’s much faster than flying commercial and only a little more expensive than buying four first-class seats,” David told them. Pulling out a package from his suitcase, he held it toward Shelly. “This is your official paradise uniform. What’s inside is what I want our resort staff to wear at all times. There is a halter top that I would consider optional. Knowing what fantastic breasts you both have, I might think you’d want to show them off from time to time.”

Shelly opened the package to find two sarongs and two tops. One was white with a red design. The other, white with a yellow design. “What do we wear under the sarong?”

“Whatever suits your fancy,” David said with a wicked grin. “The sarong is designed to cover your treasures, so cover them or not. I’m certain our guests will be pleased either way.”

“May we put them on now?” Diana asked, obviously pleased with David’s planning.

“Yes, please!” David told them.

“What will the men wear?” Shelly wanted to know.

“White shorts and shirts with a similar design to your outfits,” David answered. “I would expect the shirts to remain unbuttoned.”

“Excellent!” Shelly responded. “Come on, Diana. Let’s give these uniforms a try.”

As the ladies moved to the back of the cabin, David handed Ed a shirt. “You take yellow and I’ll take red,” he told Ed.

Just as the women came back wearing their new clothes, Dennis entered the cabin. “Hey, that’s nice,” he said, trying to hide his excitement at the sight of the women. “We’re ready to roll. If you please buckle up, we’ll be on our way. For your information, our flying time to Freeport is just under three hours. I expect to find a smooth ride at about 42,000 feet. So if you need to join the mile high club, we’ve got you covered.” Looking at David, he said, “As you know, there are liquid refreshments in the bar along with some snacks. Enjoy the ride, folks. I’ll see you in the Bahamas.”

The group selected the oversized leather chairs that were turned toward each other and strapped in. Before anyone could speak, they felt the jet rolling. David jumped up, opened a compartment and removed a bottle of champagne. Back in his seat, he handed the others glasses and opened the bottle, pouring each of them a portion of bubbly. “To a new adventure,” he said, holding out his glass.

The others touched their glasses to David’s and took a sip just as the jet’s nose lifted off the ground and lifted into the clear morning air of Texas.


Five minutes later, they heard Dennis on the intercom. “Okay folks. You can unbuckle now and move around.”

The group moved to sit around a foldout table farther back in the cabin. David pulled out a folder from his briefcase and smiled at them. “Let me show you what I have.”

David noticed that Shelly already had her hand on Ed’s leg. “I’ll be as brief as possible,” he said. He began by unfolding a map. “This is a map of Grand Bahama. The property we’re going to inspect is on the north coast,” he said, pointing. “The north side has more shallow water than the south. So the south is more appealing to fishermen. We aren’t expecting any of the guests on our property to be interested in anything outside of a sensual nature. For example, I can’t imagine Ed wanted to spend time on the back of a fishing boat if he could be naked in bed with Shelly.”

“You got that right,” Ed laughed and David saw Shelly’s hand move closer to his package.

“We’ll land here at the Freeport airport,” said David, again pointing to the map. “From there, it’s about a ten-minute car ride to this spot here. Then we’ll take a boat to our island… here.”

The others followed David’s fingers on the map.

“What I see as a bonus for our resort is the short amount of time it takes to get there. From plane to resort shouldn’t be more than thirty minutes.”

“I was in Puerto Rico once and it took over two hours to get to the resort,” Ed told them. “Thirty minutes is great!”

“Our island is here,” David pointed. “If you decided to walk around it, you’d walk two miles. So, it isn’t enormous. There is currently a house on the island that we’ll use for office, registration and as our sleeping quarters.”

“Is someone living there now?” Shelly asked.

“The place has been vacant for about a year,” David reported. “A couple was living there for several years. They got island fever and moved back to Denver. The good news for us is they built the house and installed running water and electric power. After a little cleaning, the house is livable. I knew you ladies wouldn’t want to break a nail doing house cleaning, so I hired someone to do it for us.”

“So, we’re actually going to stay on the island?” Ed asked.

“That’s correct. I got permission from the realtor to stay on the island for two days to inspect the property. Shelly, since real estate is your game, you’ll be in charge of dealing with that side of things. Ed, I’ll need you to calculate the expense of additional building. My idea is to have about twenty bungalows spread out around the property and a large bar surrounded by a pool in the middle. Diana’s job will be to assess the potential for the restaurant and bar facilities.”

“You’ve really got this thing worked out,” Diana said with a bright smile.

“Listen, sugar lips. It’s all I’ve thought about since the idea came up. I’ve already invested at least a hundred hours in research and planning. And I’ve invested $100,000 in the property as earnest money.”

“How much are you going to need from us?” Ed asked.

“I don’t expect you to put any cash into the project,” David explained. “I’ll want you and Shelly to supervise the buildout and manage the place when it opens. You’ll be paid a percentage of the profits, plus live there free.”

“And we’ll only need one bedroom,” Shelly added. David saw her hand tighten on Ed’s crotch.

“The complete island is listed at $850,000, with everything included. I’ll expect Shelly to get it down to $750,000 and I’ll finance the island. Diana has friends that backed her financially when she built the 416. I’ve spoken to one of them and been assured that they’ll back her again for up to two million. At the moment, before looking at the property, I think that’s all we’ll need,” David explained.

“How do you see us attracting customers to our island?” Diana asked.

“I’ve looked into advertising,” David replied, taking out an additional stack of papers. “Our advertising will be less expensive than what it would cost to promote a major hotel. We’ll use magazines designed for swingers along with websites for the more sexually liberated. A friend of mine in advertising suggested a slogan, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but the Bahamas are closer! We also have the existing members of the 416 many who I am sure would be interested.”

“Oh, I like that,” Ed said. “So we will be courting the swinging crowd?”

“As I’ve dug into it, that seems to be the best group to shoot for,” David suggested. “We don’t want college kids who drink and throw up. We want a more mature crowd that is interested in sex with multiple partners. That’s where the money is. If we can attract swingers, the word will spread about our establishment. And no amount of advertising is equal to word of mouth.”

“What’s the name of our island?” Shelly wanted to know.

“It has a name,” David said with a laugh. “But I recommend we use our own name. I would suggest Ecstasy Island. What do you think?”

“Yep,” Ed said as he nodded his head. “That’s a little more sophisticated than Orgasm Island.”

Everyone laughed at Ed’s comment.

“I can just see our logo for Orgasm Island,” Ed laughed. “A hard cock squirting jizz with a woman’s hand around it.”

The laughter grew louder and David noticed that Shelly had unzipped Ed shorts and was holding his stiff cock.

Realizing the business talk wasn’t going to last much longer, David asked, “Now then, who needs to join the Mile High Club?” He was surprised to see the smiling faces of his friends as they held up their hands.

David packed his papers back inside his briefcase and stood, allowing everyone to see the bulge in his shorts. Holding out his hand to Diana, he said, “Since I’m already a member, I’ll show you the way.” As Diana stood, David turned to Ed. “You’re on your own, but I think you know how to get there.”

David pulled Diana to the couch and removed her top to expose her beautiful breasts. Bending, he kissed each nipple. Untying the sarong, David let it drop to the cabin floor. He was delighted to see that she wasn’t wearing panties. Taking off his shorts, David sat on the couch, spreading his legs and exposing his steel-hard cock. “I’ve reserved you a place,” he said with a smile.

“Thank you,” she whispered as she straddled him and positioned her pussy just over his cock. As his tip slipped inside her hot wetness, she sighed. “I hope this initiation takes a while.”

“I suppose that depends on how fast you move,” he said as he pulled her mouth to his.

As she began to glide back and forth, David knew she would reach orgasm pretty quickly. He could feel her rubbing her clit against his skin and sensed how wet she was becoming. He could feel his balls being coated with her juices.

They both turned to look when they heard Shelly yelling, “Yes, Ed. Fuck me!”

Shelly was leaning over one of the leather chairs, her legs spread wide and Ed was slamming her as hard as he could.

“I don’t know about you,” Diana whispered in David’s ear as she began moving again, “But I love to watch pretty people fuck.”

“I guess it’s the next best thing to doing the fucking,” he laughed.

“I think the next best thing would be putting your beautiful cock in my mouth,” she said with a groan. “Baby, but I do love fucking you.”

“I think that you like knowing someone is watching us,” he said as he squeezed her ass cheeks.

“I guess I do,” she snarled. “This is so fucking good, baby. I’m gonna cum! Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

When Diana’s body clenched around him, David sucked one of her hard nipples into his mouth, sucking on it as she groaned.

They heard Ed and Shelly groan simultaneously and both turned to see Ed holding on to Shelly as he pumped her full of his semen.

Surprising David, Diana pulled off of his cock and walked over to the other couple. He heard whispering before Diana came back and sat beside him. David watched as Diana wrapped her hand around his cock and began stroking it. She leaned against him, whispering, “I want to see you cum, David. I’m going to stroke your big dick until it explodes. I want to see the entire load on my hand.”

Paying no attention to the other couple, David concentrated on Diana’s soft hand gliding up and down his rigid pole, using her own juices as a lubricant. Putting his head back against the cushion of the couch, he growled. “I’m cumming, Diana. Right now!”

A hot rope of cum shot out of the end of his cock, sailing eight inches in the air before it fell down on her hand. More than seeing, David sensed a flash of light. It happened each time another splash of jizz shot out of him. “Fuck!” he groaned. “That’s so good!”

Then he heard laughter. Opening his eyes, he saw Shelly on her knees with her phone in her hand. David realized that she had been using her phone to take photos of his ejaculation.

Shelly turned the phone around to show David the photo. “There it is,” she laughed. “It’s our new logo!”


Once they were on the ground in Freeport, Diana noticed a woman standing in the shade of the private plane hanger area holding a sign that read, “David Kingsly.”

“Looks like you already have a woman waiting for you here,” Diana said with a laugh.

“Come on,” David told the group. “That’s our ride to the island.”

Reaching the woman, David held out his hand. “Hi. I’m David Kingsly.”

“It’s so nice to meet you, Mr. Kingsly. I’m Anna Dodge with Grand Bahama Realty. Is this the rest of your investment team?” she asked, looking at the others behind David.

“It’s nice to meet you, Anna. This is my partner, Diana Spangler,” he told the woman. “This gentleman is Ed Darden, our engineer and business manager, and finally, Shelly Connors, our client relation and real estate expert. It’s so nice of you to meet us here.”

“I have a van waiting outside,” Anna announced to the group. “In a little more than ten minutes, we’ll have you at the boat dock area. From there, we’ll take a fifteen-minute ride to your island. I know that the house has been readied for you and I’ve taken the liberty to put in a supply of food to last your two days here.”

“Did you get my request for adult drinks?” David asked. “We don’t do well without our daily ration of booze.”

The smiling woman laughed. “Oh yes, I have everything you requested. I ordered just what you wanted and charged it to your credit card per your request. You will have the better part of two days to relax and study the island. There is cell service there, so you can reach me at any time with questions.”

As they were riding to the boat dock, Anna told David that she had spoken with the men that would run the ferry service to and from the island. “For $50.00 a day, they will run two boats back and forth according to the flight schedules. In my opinion, that is quite reasonable. Their boats are clean and fast.”

“Thanks, Anna,” David said, giving her a big smile. “Do you think it will cause any kind of problem if we have naked people walking around the island all day?”

“None at all,” she assured him. “As long as you keep your naked people on your island, no one will say a word.”

“Excellent,” he said with a grin. “We’re not planning on opening a nudist camp, but we might well have people wanting a total body tan.”

“Then I hope you’ll allow me to visit,” Anna whispered.

David looked her over, making sure that she understood what he was doing. “I would like to see you walking around the island wearing nothing but a tan,” he replied. “Our real estate expert, Shelly, will be managing the property and she might want to see a real Bahamian tan.”

“I think your women will have no trouble adapting,” Anna told him. “They are two of the hottest women I’ve seen here in years. I would be equally delighted to see the progress of their tans.”

Diana and Shelly, who had been eavesdropping, gave each other a grin as they eyed the dusky beauty. Anna noticed and flashed them a smile exposing her pearly white teeth. “I love your outfits,” she told them, devouring them with her eyes.

The group loaded into the boat and Anna waved goodbye from the dock. She had told David she would come out to check on them tomorrow after assuring them that nothing on the island was locked. They would be completely alone.


Arriving at the island’s dock, David and Ed were pleased with its condition. “I would think we’d want to expand the dock a bit,” Ed suggested. “I think you’d want someone here to welcome the guests and take their luggage. Then after they’ve checked in at the house, the greeter could deliver the bags to the appropriate cabin.”

They found the trail to the house was clear-cut and not a challenging climb. It took them less than five minutes to arrive at the front door. They were standing on the highest point on the island. Turning slowly, they could see it in its entirety.

Diana put her arm around David’s waist. “It’s really pretty, David. There’s plenty of shade and the views are excellent.”

“We are in fairly shallow waters here,” David explained. “So, we shouldn’t have any large boats harbored off our shore. The fishing fleet keeps to the south side of the island. I can see this being the kind of remote area our guests would appreciate.”

“Let’s take a look inside,” Shelly called out as she approached the front door.

“Go ahead,” David called back. “We’re going to make some notes on the island first.” Giving Diana a hug, he said, “I think we should have some kind of pier right over there. We’ll need a place for people to play in the water.”

“You mean, have sex in the water,” Diana said with a chuckle.

“Exactly,” David laughed. “Can’t you just imagine people having sex on the beach, under the palms, or in the pool?”

“What kind of pool?” Diana asked as she pictured a pool in the low middle of the island.

Circling his finger in the air, David said, “I’m thinking of a bar right in the middle of the property. It would be surrounded by a pool. I think the pool would be more for sexual play than swimming. We’d want there to be little pockets where a couple could stop for a little pleasure. Can’t you just imagine a bunch of naked people in the water without a care in the world other than who they’re going to fuck next?”

“I like your idea about the bar. What you’re describing is exhibitionist heaven.”

“Wouldn’t you like to suck me off with twenty people watching?”

“I think that would be fun,” Diana said as she hugged him again. “But then, you know how much I like your cock in my mouth. I wouldn’t be deterred by a few people watching.” Noticing there was no one around, she suggested, “Why don’t we go down to that grassy area over there and christen this island?”

“Christen it by having sex?”

“Of course,” Diana answered with a big smile.

David took her by the hand and led her to the spot she had pointed to.

As soon as they arrived at her spot, Diana took off David’s shirt and shorts. She dropped to her knees, pulled down his boxers and immediately swallowed his stiffening rod. She pulled it out of her mouth and looked up at his face. “God, but I love your cock, baby. I just don’t get enough of it. Why don’t you lie down on your back and let me ride it for a while?”

David didn’t need any encouragement to follow her directions. Once his cock was pointing to the blue sky, Diana dropped her sarong and top. “Do you like what you see, David?”

“You are especially beautiful outdoors with the wind kissing your hair. Your breasts are magnificent and your nipples look hard. I can see your fantastic shaved pussy is already glistening with wetness.”

Diana lowered herself until she felt the hot tip of his cock touching her folds. She let the head slip in before she dropped, sliding all of it inside her. “Fuck yes!” she gasped. Diana moved his hands to her chest. “Hold these while I fuck myself on your wonderful cock.” She began gliding back and forth, smiling down at David. It took her several minutes to reach the point where she lost control. “Oh, David!” she cried out. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum. Oh, fuck!”

Her pussy clenched around David’s cock and her body shook. She collapsed on his chest, panting. Diana put her hands in the grass and said, “I hereby christen you, Ecstasy Island. My you bring men and women to outrageous orgasms for the rest of time.”

David rolled Diana onto her back, still buried deep inside her. “If that’s the case, this man is now going to have his own amazing orgasm.” David started with a hard, fast pace, feeling Diana’s juices coating his balls. The gentle breeze blowing over the island magnified the erotic feeling moving him quickly toward his edge.

“Fuck me, David,” Diana gasped. “Fuck me until I die!”

David gave her three more deep thrusts before putting his arms under her knees and pulling her ass up off the grass. He growled before filling her with his load of spunk. When his balls were empty, David gently put her back on the ground. He pulled his softening cock from her while staying on his knees, waiting until the semen rolled out of her and onto the grass.

“Now this island has been christened,” David said as he lay down beside her. “Our mixed fluids have joined together to fertilize this hallowed ground. Hopefully, many more couples will do the same.” David put his hand between Diana’s legs, covering his fingers with semen. He lightly rubbed his wet fingers over her nose and mouth.

“Thank you, baby,” she whispered. “Now I can smell us together. I can taste us together. And I’m going to want you more than ever.”

After five more minutes in the grass, David helped Diana up. They walked back to the house carrying their clothes. Stepping inside the front door, they were more than pleased with what they saw. The tiled floors looked new and the paint looked fresh. There was a large covered patio in the back with a grand view of the blue waters below.

“This would make a great coffee bar or breakfast area,” Diana said with a happy smile. “The kitchen is large enough that it could be equipped to serve the number of guests we hope to have.”

“I think we would turn the living room into the resort office and reception area,” David suggested.

“Let’s check out the upstairs,” Diana said, taking David’s hand and pulling him.

At the top of the stairs, they heard noises coming from what they presumed to be the master bedroom. Walking to the open door, they discovered Ed on top of Shelly, going at her like a crazed animal.

“Fuck me, Ed!” Shelly screamed. “Fuck me with that big dick and make me cum again!”

Putting his arm around Diana, he cupped her naked breast. “I love a woman that demonstrates vocal appreciation.”

“Yes!” Shelly cried out. “Fuck yes!” as she locked her ankles behind his thighs and pulled him deeper inside her body.

While the two tried to catch their breath, David and Diana dropped down on the bed beside them. “I take it you’ve claimed this room for your own?”

Looking over and smiling at David, Shelly replied, “Actually, we’ve tried out all three bedrooms while you two were fucking in the grass. We tried this one last and I prefer this bed to the others.”

“All righty then,” David laughed. “Perhaps we’ll go test out the other two.”

“The one on the far end is almost exactly like this one,” Ed said, now able to speak. “I think Shelly likes this bed because it’s a four-poster. She’s already told me that she likes to be tied up.”

Pulling Diana off the bed, David said, “When you two are capable of walking, join us in the kitchen. We’ll make ourselves some kind of rum punch and discuss our business on this island.”

“Do we need clothes?” Shelly asked.

“Not unless you’re feeling the need to be modest,” David answered.

Shelly laughed.

As David and Diana walked into the large kitchen, he pulled her into his arms. “I have a feeling our two days here are going to go way too fast.”

“You understand that we’ll have to have sex in every room in this house to christen it properly,” she said.

“I do,” he said with a chuckle. “But you know, I’ve always been up for a challenge.”



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