Mac and Grace return in this sequel to The Last Escort. Grace started off at Mac’s highly compensated escort, but she is now his wife and the COO of his growing international firm. This part begins with their wedding night. Readers should be able to enjoy this story even without having read the first book. But if you haven’t read The Last Escort yet, I highly recommend it. Many thanks to those readers who encouraged me to not let go of these characters quite yet. I’m humbled by your many amazing comments.

Chapter One

Grace Stewart felt her body trembling nervously as the man she was about to give herself to slowly unzipped her dress. She stepped out of it as he unhooked her bra and slid her blue panties down over her hips, letting everything fall to the floor.

An erotic shiver ran down her spine when he kissed the back of her neck and said, “Mine.”

Her eyes fluttered as she moaned softly in agreement, “Yours.”

Strong hands picked up her now naked body and carried her to the bed. “Spread your legs for me,” he demanded seductively.

She did as he directed her, and she did so willingly. She watched, wide-eyed, as he released his thick, hard cock from the confines of his trousers but stayed fully dressed. He kneeled between her open legs and rubbed the head of his prick along the slick opening to her dripping wet sex.

“I’m going to open you up and take what belongs to me.”

“God, yes! Take all of me!”

He slid into her slowly, then began to pump his engorged prick into her tight pussy. “Mmm, nothing like fucking a married pussy,” he mused.

She looked so erotic, gazing into his eyes as he moved inside her. He reached down and played with her pleasure button while he felt her clamp down on his shaft.

“Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!” she cried.

“Mmm, such a good girl! Cum on my cock!”

Her body thrashed and writhed while he continued to fuck her and rub her sensitive little clit. “Again!”

She was screaming and panting as waves of orgasm washed over her and left her breathless. When he was sure she could handle no more, he pushed her to one final climax before his balls tightened and released, and he filled her with his seed.

Neither one could speak for a few moments. Then he propped himself up on his elbows and said, “What happens when your husband finds out I slept with his wife on your wedding night?”

“You’re incorrigible. Grab me some water, please, husband. I need to rehydrate before round two,” Grace said, grinning.

“Round two? You’re a greedy woman, Mrs. Stewart.”

“Well, Mr. Stewart, you did promise me a spanking when you were screaming your head off on The Demon.”

Mac laughed, “What kind of woman drags her new husband on a roller coaster that goes upside down just because he couldn’t guess the color of her panties quickly enough?”

“Oh, come on, Mac! How did you not guess blue? It’s my favorite color, and yours, too!”

“I selected all of your bras and panties for the trip. I don’t recall choosing that pair that I just removed from your body.”

“I bought them special for the wedding. They were my something blue.”

“Something blue?” Mac asked with his brow furrowed.

“Yes, you know. The bride is supposed to have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”

“Oh,” Mac said, shrugging. “So, the panties were something blue. What were the other things?”

“My something borrowed was the handkerchief that Franz gave me. Although he said to put it in your pocket instead of his if I blew my nose in it.”

Mac laughed, “That sounds like Franz.”

“The something new was my dress, of course.”

“Of course. But what was the something old?”

“I couldn’t think of anything, and then it occurred to me that my little gold ball that you like to flick with your tongue has been there for about ten years. I figured that was long enough to be considered old.”

Mac grinned. “You mean this sexy little Amazing Grace pussy piercing?” His fingers played with the gold ball and started her juices flowing again. “Flip over, Mrs. Stewart. It’s time for me to spank my wife.”

McKinley Stewart had never spanked a woman before Grace. Oh, he’d given his ex-fiancée Louise a few playful swats and his former girlfriend, Johanna, perhaps more than a few. However, he’d never put a woman across his lap and spanked her until her ass turned red. And fuck if it wasn’t an enormous turn-on! Especially since it made Grace drip like a faucet. He figured since they had just gotten married several hours ago, he should probably make love to her first. But now, she was patiently waiting for him to follow through with his promise to spank her.

Spank! Spank!

Grace gasped and then moaned.

Spank! Spank!

“Mmm-hmm,” she purred.

Spank! Spank!

She started to squirm and pant.

Spank! Spank!

“Oh, God, Mac! Why does this turn me on so much?”

Spank! Spank!

“Have you had enough, darling? Do you need to cum again?”

“Yes! Please!”

“Spread your legs for me, baby.”

Grace moved her legs apart while she was still on her tummy. Mac slid two fingers inside her and used his thumb on her clit. He wasn’t overly rough, but he wasn’t particularly gentle either. It didn’t take long to have her writhing in pleasure.

“Cum for me, baby,” Mac said as he increased the pressure.

“Oh, God, yes!” Grace screamed as she flooded Mac’s hand.

He rubbed her juices all over her rosy bottom. God, she was so hot!

Grace rolled over and grinned. “Does it give you the same thrill to think about the fact that we’re married now?”

Mac crawled in next to her on the bed and pulled her into his arms. “Absolutely. I love you, wife.”

“And I love you, husband.”

Round three left them exhausted, and they drifted off to sleep afterward, spooning and snuggling.


Chapter Two

“Wake up, baby. We promised to have brunch with all of our wedding guests this morning,” Grace said as she nudged Mac.

“No, you promised to have brunch with them. I’d be content to stay in bed all day with my wife,” Mac argued.

“Don’t be grumpy. It’s just an hour or two. Then you can have me back in bed and do anything you want with me.”

“What if what I want to do isn’t in bed?” Mac asked as he dragged his ass out of bed.

“That’s even better,” she said, grinning wickedly.

Mac had to admit the brunch was very nice. Franz Huber, head of the Vienna office, approached him and patted him on the back. “Your wife’s little matchmaking idea with my daughter and your friend was an excellent idea.”

Mac laughed, “Oh?”

“Oh, yes. Johanna put the Do Not Disturb sign on her door. Of course, I knocked anyway, and she came to the door with her hair disheveled and what I believe was dried cum on her face,” Franz shared. “She looked quite perturbed that I had interrupted her.”

“I’ve never seen Johanna with a hair out of place,” Mac mused. “I’m very happy for her and Sal.”

Mac tucked away a fleeting moment of jealousy. Not that he wanted Johanna. It was more that he’d never ignited that much passion in her. Well, good for Sal.

Then he looked at Grace across the room. His cock twitched as he recalled how much passion he had ignited in her last night. That kind of desire just takes being matched with the right person, he decided. She was chatting with Max Becker, head of the Munich branch of his firm. As he crossed the room to her, his heart was warmed by the sight of her as she bent down and picked up little Noah, the youngest boy of Max, and his wife, Virginie. He was about three and had been one of the ring bearers with his brother, Elias, who was five or six. When he reached this happy little crowd, he was surprised when Adele, their eight-year-old daughter, rushed to hug him.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Stewart, for letting me be the flower girl in your wedding!” Adele said exuberantly.

“You’re very welcome, Adele. But how about you call me Uncle, or Onkel, Mac.”

The young girl’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Oh, can I? I mean, may I?” she asked. Then she turned to Grace and asked, “And may I call you Tante Grace?”

“That’d be lovely,” Grace said, smiling. Noah wiggled out of her arms after giving her a smooch on the cheek.

Max laughed and said, “Okay, mein Lieblings, go sit down and eat your breakfast.”

Virginie smiled, “She’s quite taken with both of you. The boys are as well. Thank you for being so kind to them.”

Grace wrinkled her nose, “Of course! Your kids are delightful.”

“And so well behaved,” Mac added. “We will need to take notes on that when the time comes.” He winked at Grace.

Virginie grinned, “Well, I imagine the two of you would like to eat so you can get back to working on making that baby.”

“Virginie! Try to remember that Mac is my boss,” Max said, embarrassed by his wife’s comment.

Mac laughed, “Relax. She’s not wrong.”

After a delicious meal, they said their goodbyes to their guests and headed back to their suite.

“Are we?” Grace asked.

“Are we what?”

“Are we working on making a baby?”

Mac took Grace into his arms. “I don’t mind the sound of that, do you?”

“Well, I’m going to be thirty-seven soon, so we should probably think about it sooner than later,” Grace said.

“Then go off the pill, and let’s have a baby,” Mac said as he nuzzled Grace’s neck.

“What about my role in the company?” she asked.

“Grace, you are amazing. You’ll be able to find the right balance. I’ve lacked a Chief Operating Officer for many years. Anything you can accomplish while being the mother of my child would be an improvement.”

Grace smiled weakly. “What if I can’t get pregnant?” she asked.

“Is there some reason why you think you can’t?” Mac asked, concern written all over his face.

Grace shrugged. “No reason. But it could turn out that way. Will that be a problem for you?”

Mac seemed perplexed; something was off here. “Grace, do you not want children? Because, if that’s the case, I think we should have talked about that before we got married.”

“Would you have decided not to marry me if I couldn’t or didn’t want to have kids?” Grace asked, the hurt seeping into her heart.

Mac was caught off guard and took too long to answer. Grace pulled away and said, “Your silence is very telling.”

“Grace, of course, I would have married you anyway. But I’ve always imagined myself as a father someday,” he said.

“Oh? Even when the last escort, Rebecca, got pregnant, and you tried to pay her off to have an abortion?” Grace said, her words laced with hurt and anger.

“That’s a low blow, Grace. I don’t think I deserved that,” Mac snapped. “I assumed you wanted children. If that’s not the case, I’d like to know that now so I can process it and put it away. But I want you regardless, even if you don’t want kids.”

Tears welled up in Grace’s eyes and then spilled down her cheeks. “I do want kids. I’m just not sure I can have them.”

Mac’s irritation slipped away when he saw the look of misery on her face. “Hey,” he said, taking her hands in his. “What makes you think that?”

“I don’t know; I think I’ve always been afraid that I wouldn’t be able to have kids after what happened to me in Cote d’Ivoire,” Grace answered, referring to the gang rape she’d suffered through more than a dozen years earlier.

Mac realized he misread the situation and pulled her into his arms, and held her tightly. “I want children with you, but if it’s not possible, we will cross that bridge when we get there. I could never regret marrying you, okay? I will love you forever, for better or for worse. Those weren’t just words, Grace.”

“I’m sorry, I know that. I really do,” Grace answered, wiping away the new set of tears that were streaming down her face. “I love you so much, and sometimes it just scares me that I will wake up, and this will all have been some lovely dream.”

Mac reached under Grace’s dress to find her without panties. He grinned and pinched her left ass cheek.

“Ow! What was that for?” Grace cried out.

“I was just proving that this isn’t a dream, it’s all very real, and you are my wife,” Mac said, smoothing a hand over the area he had just squeezed between his thumb and forefinger. Then he lifted her chin and covered her mouth with his. The kiss was so tender that Grace thought she might melt.

“There now, feel better?” Mac asked.

“Yes, thank you. I don’t know why I freaked out. I just want to make you happy, Mac,” Grace said, wiping away a single tear that snuck out.

“You make me incredibly happy every single day. I don’t want you to worry about getting pregnant. I’ve heard that makes it harder to conceive. How about we just see what happens?”

Grace nodded.

“Hey,” Mac said as he tucked a stray curl behind her ear. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Let’s climb back into bed and be newlyweds,” Mac said, grinning.


Chapter Three

On Monday, Mac and Grace met with Kiersten Jorgeson for two hours in the morning and then with the Copenhagen staff in the afternoon. Toward the end of the afternoon session, Mac excused himself when his phone rang. “I’m sorry, I have to take this.”

Grace watched his face when he looked at the caller ID and hoped it wasn’t something serious. She finished up the meeting without Mac. Kiersten seemed confident that things were on track for a smooth transition and that, with Grace and Mac’s support, she’d be able to keep the employees focused and productive.

“Mac and I will be in town tomorrow if you need anything. After that, you are certainly welcome to call if we can be of any assistance,” Grace said reassuringly.

When Mac walked back into the conference room, he looked numb.

“Mac? Are you okay?” Grace asked.

“I have to fly to Chicago for a few days. You can stay here and wait for me, or you can go on ahead to Edinburgh. I’d like to stay at Cheval The Edinburgh Grand Hotel. See if you can get us the Penthouse Suite. I know it’s three bedrooms, but I like the layout, and we can host small groups up there. I will give you Callum MacAdam’s contact information so you can set up a meeting with him,” Mac said, trying hard to keep his voice steady.

“Why do you have to go to Chicago? Shouldn’t I go with you?” Grace asked.

“It’s a personal matter that doesn’t concern you,” Mac said tersely.

He might as well have slapped Grace across the face with how pained his comment made her look. But he didn’t want to drag her into the bullshit that would likely hurt her worse.

Grace lifted her chin defiantly. “Personal things that don’t concern me? Really? Didn’t you just get done telling me that for better or for worse were not just words?”

“It’s a family thing, okay? I would just like to shelter you from their ridiculous nonsense.”

“That’s not how this works, Mac. You don’t get to lecture me about being partners and sharing our fears and then say you’re going to handle some family thing without me. That’s not okay,” Grace said pointedly. “And, in case you need to be reminded, this rock you put on my finger makes me part of your family.”

Mac inhaled sharply and blew out his breath as he shook his head. “My grandmother died,” he said, a mix of irritation and sadness in his voice.

Grace put her hand on his arm. “I’m so sorry.”

Mac put his hand over hers and gave it a quick squeeze. “Thanks. She was old. This wasn’t that unexpected.”

“Still, it’s hard to lose someone you love.”

Mac nodded. “Look, if I show up with a wife in tow, my parents are going to have questions, and they won’t be very nice to you,” he explained.

Grace felt like she’d been punched in the stomach. “Are you embarrassed by me?”

“God, no, Grace,” Mac said, irritated. “I’m embarrassed by them. They are nasty people who think everyone who wasn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth is beneath them. I just want to spare you the unpleasantness.”

“I can handle myself; you don’t have to worry about me,” Grace insisted. “Don’t shut me out, Mac.”

“I didn’t bother to tell them that I was getting married, so you’ll be a surprise. I haven’t spoken to my parents in a long while. The last time I saw them was when I had to explain why I called off the wedding with Louise. My father called me a pussy, and my mother said that all married people have affairs; that’s how things are done. God, they make me ill.”

“I see,” Grace said quietly.

“I just want to show up, go to the fucking funeral, and come back to Europe to be with my wife and my best friend as we grow my firm into something strong together,” he explained.

“Let me go with you, Mac. Let me be by your side and help you get through the next couple of days. They don’t know about my background unless Alice has blabbed to them.”

“No, she’s never met them. They would have never stooped low enough to have anything to do with an administrative assistant. I just…” Mac paused. He knew Grace was right, but he also knew that somehow, his parents would find a way to hurt her.

As if reading his mind, Grace said, “Hey, I’m not fragile. I think I’ve proven that over time. Wouldn’t it be easier if I were with you?”

“You’re right. Ugh, I just can’t stand being around them,” Mac sighed. He took Grace’s hands in his and looked at her. “I love you, and, yes, it would be easier for me if you were by my side. But I’m not going to lie, Grace, it won’t be easier for you; they are ruthless people.”

“I’ve dealt with a lot of situations in my life that would have broken others. But I’m not breakable, Mac. I can withstand whatever crap they sling my way.”

“I’ve already committed to staying in their home. They will wonder why I didn’t tell them I was bringing my wife,” Mac admitted.

“Well, then, won’t I be a lovely surprise?” Grace said, raising her eyebrows.


Chapter Four

After getting reassurances from Kiersten that she had things under control, Mac made plane and car rental reservations while Grace packed. He toyed with making a hotel reservation but knew that his mother would act all hurt and his father would be a dick about it. Still, he wished to God he wouldn’t have to subject his wife to their rude, narcissistic behavior.

“The only non-stop is a nine-hour flight with no first-class seating. I realize I sound like a spoiled brat, but I don’t want to be cramped for nine hours. So, I’m booking us on a 6:00 a.m. flight that has a five-hour layover in Amsterdam,” Mac said rather crossly as he scrolled through the possible flights on his laptop screen.

“Oh, good,” Grace teased. “You’ll have time to stop at The Golden Key sex club.”

Mac looked at her incredulously and was about to say something curt when he realized she was trying to make him laugh. Months ago, when they had started this European business trip together, he had toyed with the idea of using The Golden Key to meet his needs since he and Grace weren’t on the best of terms at the time. He grinned weakly, “I was an idiot back then, Grace. I’m lucky you didn’t tell me to fuck off and walk out of that restaurant when we were going over the schedule for the first leg of our trip. I remember thinking, when you walked in, that I could see myself in a romantic relationship with you if it weren’t for the fact that I was trying so hard to see you as a no-strings-attached escort.”

“That wasn’t even a year ago,” Grace mused. “And yet, here we are. I got promoted from escort to Chief Operating Officer and wife. Not a bad deal considering you didn’t want strings.”

“I may have thought I didn’t want strings, but I can’t imagine life ever being the same once I got all tangled up in you,” Mac said, reaching out to run a finger slowly down her arm.

“Now look what you’ve done,” she said as goosebumps caused a shiver from head to toe. “But I’m starving. How about you figure out what to do about dinner? I will contact Bjorn to arrange for a ride to the airport.”

Bjorn was the driver that had chauffeured Grace and Mac around Copenhagen for the past sixteen days.

Hello, Bjorn. We are leaving Copenhagen earlier than planned. We will need a ride to Copenhagen Airport. Are you available early tomorrow morning? We have a 6:00 a.m. flight.

I can pick you and Mr. Stewart up at 3:00 a.m. Does that work?

Yes, thank you.

She saw Mac staring out the window and put her arms around his waist. “I’ve packed what I feel we will need in Chicago and sent the rest on to Cheval Edinburgh Grand Hotel. They will keep our luggage in storage until we arrive. I have our reservation starting next Monday tentatively and have us staying for a week. I called Callum MacAdams, who has a delightful accent, by the way, and set up a meeting with him for Tuesday morning in our suite. He’s looking forward to meeting with us.”

Mac turned around and kissed her softly. “How did I ever function before you?” He ran his hand down her back and settled on her ass, giving it a loving squeeze.

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” Grace admonished him playfully.

“It may be a few days until… well… in my parents’ house…”

Grace laughed. “Then we’d better make sure to have a healthy serving of dessert tonight,” she suggested.

“You think of everything, don’t you?” he said, hugging her tightly.

“I do try!”

“I’ve ordered room service, so we should probably wait until then to get naked,” Mac teased.

“If you insist.”

They had pizza since it was easy and comfortable. That was Grace’s influence, no doubt.

“How did you manage to come out mostly normal?” Grace said as she took a bite of her second piece of pizza.

Mac raised an eyebrow. “Surely you don’t consider me even a little bit normal.”

Grace laughed, “Well, I was trying to be nice. You are my husband, after all.”

“Thank you,” Mac said quietly. “You have no idea how much this means to me that you are willing to poke the wasp’s nest with me.”

“You’d do the same for me,” she said softly. “Now that my tummy isn’t growling anymore, how about we get naked and take our minds off tomorrow?”

Mac said nothing. He just pulled off the jeans and T-shirt he had changed into for their casual dinner and hopped onto the bed. “Come take what you want, Grace,” he said seductively.

Grace stripped her clothes off slowly and sensually, making Mac’s cock hard as a rock.

“You must like what you see,” Grace purred. “Look at how stiff you’ve gotten for me.”

“You’ve been making my dick hard since the moment you walked into my office, Gracie. And I started thinking about sliding into you since you told me that the name, McKinley, was too much of a mouthful to call out in bed.”

Grace smiled wickedly and crawled onto the bed with Mac. “Remember that kiss you laid on me before I left the restaurant after we finalized the arrangements for Amsterdam? I had to take care of my needs when I got home.”

Mac was delighted by her naughty confession. “Show me, Grace. Show me how much you needed me then and how much you need me now.”

“Well, if we’re going to do that, we need to get in the shower, my love,” she said seductively.

Mac followed Grace into the bathroom and watched her sexy ass wiggle as she turned on the water. “Feel free to come in with me, Mac. Or just watch from there, your choice.

She stepped under the hot water as it rained down on her naked body. It felt decadent to have Mac watching her. She cupped a breast and moaned softly before moving her hand slowly down her stomach until she reached the smooth bare mound between her legs. She let a finger glide along her slit, opening up her pink folds.

Mac subconsciously moved his hand down to his rigid shaft and stroked it gently while he watched his wife touch herself. He was so aroused by the erotic sights and sounds of her working two fingers between her swollen labia.

Grace leaned back against the shower wall and spread her legs apart, inserting those fingers inside. She used her thumb to rub circles on her clit and moaned, “Oh, God, yes.” Her hips moved rhythmically as she whimpered, edging herself several times like she had done that night. Only this time, her husband played the voyeur, and she couldn’t hold back any longer.

Mac recognized the look on her face as her climax drew near. “Cum, baby,” he said softly. “Cum for me. Show me how much you need my cock.”

Grace bucked against her hand and enjoyed the sweet release of an intense orgasm as Mac joined her in the shower. While she was cumming, he picked her up and slid his engorged member inside her.

“Hold onto me, Grace,” he said as he began thrusting into her soft, wet walls. “God, I love you!”

“Mmm, I love you too, Mac. You feel so good inside me! God, yes, fuck me!” Grace cried out.

Mac began to pump faster and deeper as Grace came again. Her entire body quivered against his, and he knew he would climax soon. But he wanted to feel her quake like that one more time. He reached down and rubbed her puckered star, poking a finger inside, and triggered release for both of them. His balls tightened and let go as he exploded inside her while she clamped down and cried out from her own orgasm.

“Christ, you make me happy, Grace. You’re so fucking good!” Mac said, panting.

“I love you, Mac. Thank you for not shutting me out,” Grace said moments later while drying off after the delicious shower sex.

“I love you, too, Grace. Thanks for not allowing me to be stubborn about this. I have to say that I am dreading going to Chicago a whole lot less now that you are going with me.”

“As if I’d let you out of my sight this soon after getting married?” Grace laughed.

The next morning, Bjorn was there promptly at the crack of dawn to pick them up. Once they were at the airport, Bjorn handed Grace a bag. “My wife made you some Kanelsnegle. They are like a combination of cinnamon roll meets croissants. I think you and Mr. Stewart will enjoy them. I’ve enjoyed being able to provide transportation for you both,” he said.

“Bjorn, thank you so much for being so helpful and kind. You went well beyond the call of duty as a driver for us. Please thank your wife for being so thoughtful,” Grace said.

After helping her into the S-class Mercedes, Mac stopped Bjorn before he got behind the wheel. “I can’t thank you enough for your wise advice. I will do my best to enjoy each new thing I learn about my wife along the way.”

Bjorn laughed, “Try to see the little mysteries as fun surprises. I learned this morning that my wife grinds her own cinnamon to make Kanelsnegle. I had the audacity to suggest she use ground cinnamon from a jar. You’d have thought I’d suggested she put poison in the batter.”

Mac grinned. “Redheads, huh?”

“Indeed,” Bjorn chuckled.

Mac and Grace arrived at the airport before the Atelier Lounge was open, but Mac wanted to get through security and not worry about rushing. “The lounge opens at 5:00 a.m., so in the meantime, we can wait by the gate.”

Grace nodded sleepily. In her mind, they could have slept another hour before heading here. But she had to admit; she enjoyed the comfort of VIP lounges. “It’s a good thing I married you,” she teased. “It would have been hard to return to the life I lived before you. I’ve become far too used to the creature comforts that money like yours can provide.”

Mac laughed. “You wouldn’t have had to return to that life with the salary I’ve been paying you. I’m assuming you’ve been tucking that away.”

“Aside from the chunk of change I spent on your wedding ring and a few things I’ve purchased along the way, like that little green dress you like, yes. I also prepaid another six months on my storage unit that I’ve been renting to house the few belongings I have to my name,” Grace said casually.

Mac looked at her and realized there was so much he had yet to discover about the woman Grace was before she became his last escort and then his wife. But Bjorn was right; he needed to embrace what he didn’t know yet as opportunities to get to know her better.

The one thing that Mac was utterly sure of was that this was the first time that his head wasn’t about to explode on his way to his parent’s home in Chicago. Of course, they weren’t even in Amsterdam yet. But he felt confident that having Grace by his side would help him handle any bullshit that his mother and father could try to pull.

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