I came up to my window and lifted the blind a tad. “Oh, there you are, step-sis, in that blue and white cheerleading uniform. I’m sure you’re walking at a normal speed, but you seem to be ambling very slowly. I know I shouldn’t be attracted to you, but in that uniform, you’re smoking hot, Yvette. You have a smooth-looking belly, and your shaved legs and arms don’t hurt either. I’d love to have you here in my bedroom,” I moaned, jiggling around.

I watched her until she disappeared into the house. So, the show ended there, but I had to go to my door. I cracked it open and got another view of her walking towards her room. I didn’t think she noticed me leering at her, but I got another sexy view to love.

I didn’t feel my schlong because I knew that’d lead to something terrible, but I still couldn’t help seeing her in that sexy uniform. I definitely thought she was pretty even in regular clothes, but she turned on my pleasure center in that uniform.

After a moment, she went into her bedroom and shut the door. So, the show was over yet again, so I closed my bedroom door. I sighed and rubbed my face for a few seconds again. I didn’t know what to make of everything, but it was true.

I lied down on my bed. “I want to have sex with you, Yvette, but possibly just because of your cheerleading uniform. I think cheetahs are perfect for your uniform too, but it’s you too. Your blonde hair, pretty face, and skinny figure pull their own weight too, but shit, maybe I’m just a sucker for a woman in uniform. I don’t know, but I want to do it with my step-sister. Does that make me a bad person, though?”

I didn’t get an answer, but I stayed on my bed and thought about her for a few minutes. I failed to touch my cock because I knew I’d never been able to resist the temptation to masturbate. I crossed my arms but still thought of her in that uniform.

I couldn’t stop thinking of her to save my life, but I still couldn’t bring myself to think of her in that way. I loved her as my step-sister, but she sure gave me a hard-on to deal with, though. I felt it but didn’t touch it, but of course, my head wasn’t allowing it to go away.

Then I suddenly heard a knock on the door. “Scott, are you in there? May I come in there?” I heard her ask.

“Uh,” I muttered, attempting to get under my blanket. “Yes, Yvette, sure.”

She came in there, and I immediately feasted upon her again in uniform. I jiggled and tried to keep my cool, but I certainly knew I would probably set off some alarms. Nevertheless, she seemed distracted, though.

She stopped a couple of feet in front of the bed. “Scott, I love you, and you love me, right?”

I took a deep breath. “Yes.”

“Well, you’ve seen my routine with my squad at the football and basketball games, but do you think we’re any good, or most importantly, am I any good?” she pondered, failing to make eye contact.

“Uh, yes, you’re good, step-sis.”

“Do you mean that, or are you just saying that?”

“I mean it, Yvette,” I stated, looking at her. “You’re an awesome cheerleader. You could be a cheerleader in the NFL or NBA if someone like a talent agent saw you.”

“I think you’re full of shit, but thank you, Scott,” she replied, coming to me and sitting on the bed. “Are you okay? You’re sweating up a storm?”

I bit down on my bottom lip as I saw not only her in her uniform up close, but her moneymakers front and center too. I couldn’t help, but leer at them. I indeed loved and respected her, but she presented something I certainly loved seeing.

She hugged me after a few seconds but didn’t speak. I failed to talk too but surely vibrated quite a bit too. I knew she noticed, but as we hugged, she didn’t say a word. After a minute, she let go of me.

“Would you mind seeing a cheer I’ve been working on, Scott?” she asked, before a pause. “Well, you’re cheesing, so I’ll take that as a yes,” she said, getting into position. “One, two, three, four,” she cheered, moving her arms. “We kick ass, but they’re a bore. Five, six, seven, eight, let’s kick them out the gate.”

Even though it was just a somewhat stale cheer, I looked at her like she was naked.

“So, you liked it?”

“Yes, step-sis, that was short and sweet,” I replied, keeping my crotch covered.

“Thank you,” she added, before hugging me again. “I think I just needed an ego boost because some of my fellow cheerleaders didn’t like it. They thought it was too basic.”

‘A little, but you’re stunning anyway,’ I thought, licking my lips and checking her out.

She was distracted for a moment and kept her eyes off me. I couldn’t help but look at her again, even though she was my step-sister. I just saw her as the ravishing cheerleader she was and felt my pecker going nuts too.

“Are you okay, Scott, again? You look like you’re sweating up a storm.”

I wiped my head and broke eye contact. “Yes, I’m fine, Yvette, don’t worry about me,” I said, before hiding my face. ‘Okay, I saw your cheer; you feel better, now you can go away. I’ve already admitted to myself, I want to have sex with you, but now you’re making it extra hard not to at least relive myself.’

Although, I didn’t hear any footsteps, which only made my heart rate increase. I didn’t know how I’d ever get her out, but I had to wait her out. I was on the edge of the edge, but she still wasn’t leaving.

“Why are you hiding your crotch with both arms?” she asked as I heard her step forward. “Oh, Scott, do you have an erection?”

“I’m sorry, Yvette,” I apologized, uncovering my face. “It’s the uniform; I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It just happened.”

“What do you mean it’s the uniform? Do you have a thing for cheerleaders?”

“I don’t know, but I think it doesn’t matter what cheer you exclaim; you’re just beautiful, step-sis. I know I’m not supposed to see you like that, but I do. I didn’t before, but when I first saw you cheer, I just saw a different side of you.”

“You’re into me because of my uniform?”

“I guess, again, I’m sorry. I know it’s wrong to be attracted to a step-sibling for any reason, but I can’t help it. You’re stunning in anything, but in that uniform, I don’t even know what to say.”

“Okay, I won’t say that’s normal, but I understand. I just had no idea you felt this way about me. So, you’ve seen me cheer in like a hundred games since our parents got married; you’re telling me I was turning you on every time you saw me?”

“I guess, but you’re not mad, are you?”

“No, just blindsided, I think. I love cheerleading and you, but I always thought they were separate. I wasn’t expecting anything like this, so I’m not upset, but something, I guess. I can’t be upset if you’re legitimately attracted to me. It’s not like we’re blood-related,” she explained, looking at the ground. “Shit, you’ve just seen me in this uniform hundreds of times whether I was going to a game or practice. So, you’ve wanted to fuck me all this time?”

“Yes, but it’s not like that, step-sis,” I made clear, getting up with her. “I love you and respect you too. I think you’re a great woman, and I’d never put you in that position even if you didn’t know about it.”

She stayed silent and bit down on her bottom lip. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking, but it seemed like she was okay. I just waited for her, but still felt awkward.

“Just to be clear, it’s just the uniform, right? If you never saw me in it, you wouldn’t have a crush on me?”

“I have no idea, but it definitely made it clear, though. It’s like it captured your beauty and dropped a ton of sugar on yourself, making yourself as sweet as candy. I mean, damn,” I moaned, before covering my face. “I’m sorry, I’m practically hitting on you.”

“Yes, you are,” she giggled, pulling my hands down. “It’s okay, though; I’m not freaked out if that’s what you’re worried about, Scott. So, you want to have sex with me mostly thanks to my uniform?”

“Yes, I guess, you’re a fierce cheetah just like that one.”

“Are you flattering me now?”

“I guess I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” she made clear, before kissing me briefly. “How was that?”

“I loved it.”

“Me too,” she added, wrapping her arms around me. “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you, Yvette.”

“I love you too, Scott,” she said, before kissing me again. “Have you ever had sex with a cheerleader?”

“No, never, step-sis.”

“You’ve never fantasized about me even once?”

“No, of course not, Yvette, again, you’re my step-sister.”

“I know, but even if no one else knew about it, not even me, you still didn’t do it? You just love and respect me that much?”

“Yes, Yvette, I thought you were a wonderful woman when I met you, and I still do.”

“So, you’ve never thought about what lies beneath my uniform? You can already see I have big tits, but you haven’t tried to imagine them without the uniform or my bra?”

“No, Yvette.”

“Would you like to see?”

“No, you’re still my step-sister, so we shouldn’t get involved. I love you as my step-sister, and maybe I’m screwed up because I have a crush on you, but that doesn’t give us the right to go beyond a step-sibling relationship. It’s not fair to our parents, or each other, because it may be fun now, but could lead to something bad.”

She giggled and kissed me again. “So, you’re like a horny boy scout then, huh? You want to have sex with me, and I offer to show you my boobs, but you still decline,” she chuckled, before wrapping her arms around me again. “If you don’t do something now, you better not show up at another game or practice, Scott. I won’t stand for you seeing me doing something I’m passionate about while you want to stick it to me the whole time. I can show you them with my uniform still on if you’d like.”

“No, step-sis, maybe I’m into you, but I’m not looking to tarnish our relationship.”

“Aren’t you a reluctant one,” she branded me, before a gap. “Fine, I’ll leave you alone, but say goodbye to your fixation,” she warned me, before strolling back towards the door without breaking eye contact. “You got to kiss me, so that’ll be it.”

I plopped my hands on my face for a few seconds, but I didn’t hear the door open, though. Once again, I shook around and felt my wood still vibrating like mad. I surely knew she wanted me to say something, but I didn’t know what else to add.

I felt my skin cringe, but as I maintained that boner. It wasn’t going away, and I couldn’t even cover it. So, I knew she was looking at it, but she didn’t say a word. It seemed like we were playing a game of chicken, but I already knew who was gonna win.

After roughly one hundred and twenty seconds, I brought my hands down. “Whoa, step-sis,” I objected, bringing them right back up again. “You have your boobs out now.”

“Trust me, I know,” she added, pulling my hands down again. “I still have my uniform on, but it’s crunched up there. You may look at them; I don’t mind, Scott.”

I took a deep breath and calmly angled my head down to see her lovely breasts. My eyes widened, and my cock surely got even harder. I didn’t know what would happen, but she allowed me to see those tits, and they were so great, I couldn’t look away.

After a moment of feasting on that eye candy, she stepped forward again. “So, to be clear, you wouldn’t like this if I wasn’t a cheerleader?”

“I don’t know, but it did something to my mind to make me want you.”

She kissed me yet again, but then she grabbed my hands and brought them to her melons. “Oh, are you having a seizure now, or do they feel that good?”

I leaned my head back and felt like a blizzard stormed my insides while lava covered my skin. I loved the feel of those moneymakers, and I certainly had to react to feeling them in my own way. She failed to talk or even rub my hands; she just let me have my moment.

Although, after that, she brought my face to hers again. “So, I’ll return the favor and be your respectful step-sister,” she said, before feeling my crotch. “May I pull out your pecker?”

I couldn’t answer, but I shook around nonstop yet again.

After another moment, I saw her lift her bottom. “Maybe I’m bad for not wearing a bra, but I’m still wearing panties, though.”

“Oh, you’re beautiful, step-sis.”

She kissed me again and certainly gave me the thrill of making it with a cheerleader. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t stop her when I felt her undoing my shorts. I twitched as our lips stayed together for the moment, and when I felt her hands come onto my cock, I yanked my lips off hers.

“So, you’re feeling my tits, and I have my hands on your pecker. Would you to fuck a cheerleader?”

“Yes, but this is still wrong.”

“Even though you didn’t stop me and still haven’t from feeling your johnson?”

“Yes, so we can’t do this,” I protested, backing away.

She just smiled again and kept her top and bottom up, and then she pushed down her panties as well. So, she kept her uniform on, even though it was scrunched up, but then she took off my shirt as well.

So, even though I was resistant, I wasn’t closing myself off to her. She saw the opening and evidently liked the prospect of fulfilling my desire to have sex with a cheerleader. I didn’t even think it was about that exactly, but the mix of that with it being her.

Either way, she brought me to my bed and lied down with her private parts still out too. She invited me to get on top of her, but I knew it wasn’t for me to make sweet love to her just yet. I wasn’t about to just jump the gun, but I wasn’t about to put my wood away either.

I just knew she was stunning in normal clothes, but she was a supermodel to me with her cheerleading uniform on. I lied down on top of her and felt my schlong going nuts, but I steered clear of her vagina.

She placed her hands on my lower back but didn’t push my shorts down, though. She smiled at me and then kissed me. It only lasted a few seconds, but then I wrapped my arms around her as well and made out with my step-sister.

I certainly excellent, like I was making love to her, so I could only envision that doing it with her would like having cancer cured. Needless to say, as I was lying on top of her with her boobs and pussy out there, it was the real deal.

Still, I wasn’t about to rush her, though, so we made out like lovers and enjoyed each other’s company unlike we ever had before then. I got to feel her bare bosoms on my chest, and they certainly gave me a pleasurable touch.

I moaned somewhat, and as my motor kept going, I couldn’t keep my dick away from her twat. I felt her bush a bit, but every time I did, I yanked it out again. That got her to giggle, but she didn’t pull her lips away for over five minutes.

She absolutely made me feel beyond amazing, but then she gently pushed my lips off hers. “Are you ready to fuck a cheerleader?”

“Don’t say that; you’re still a delightful woman, and I don’t want to fuck you. I want to…”

“Make me feel good, even though it’s wrong to do it with your step-sister?”

“Sure, I love you, Yvette.”

“I love you too, Scott; now grab your rod and align it with my soaked pussy and shove it in there. Then fuck a cheerleader if that’s what you want.”

I was frozen, just staring at her for a moment. I couldn’t even lean up somewhat; I had to eyeball her and see everything she stood for at that moment. She was a smoking hot cheerleader I loved to leer at and my step-sister.

I had to keep doing the same set of mental gymnastics, but of course, I loved her and couldn’t turn her down either. She leaned up to kiss me one more time, so she spread a little more taboo dust on me to take what I wanted.

So, I grabbed my schlong and calmly brought it to her slit. I already felt it marginally numerous times, but then it just got real, so to speak. I gently pushed my pecker in there and surely jolted with my head back.

“Feel free to cum inside me, Scott; I’m ready to be a mom.”

I immediately looked at her again. “Are you serious?”

“No, I’m on the pill,” she giggled. “Just don’t tell my mom; she’ll take it the wrong way.”

“I love you, step-sis,” I moaned, before kissing her again.

“I know, now make love to a cheerleader. I’ll keep the uniform on the whole time, so you don’t forget it.”

“I’m gonna take you on the best date imaginable, step-sis; I love you, I love you, and I love you some more. This is wrong, but it feels so good, though.”

“And you haven’t begun thrusting either, so make love to me.”

“Okay, I’m sorry, step-sis,” I apologized, before letting my johnson go in and out and grabbing her thighs.

We kept eye contact, and she rubbed my lower back too. Obviously, this was out of this world, and I didn’t even know what to make of it. Needless to say, we knew it was wrong, but oh so right at the same time.

The only reason she sparked my sexual interests was because of that uniform, but nevertheless, she certainly delivered the lust and love with it too. I felt her drenched twat and certainly felt more than thrilled by the sensation.

I let my cock thrust as slowly as possible and already had trouble holding my load. I didn’t know what to expect, but of course, that was part of the fun. I looked at her like nothing else mattered as we maintained a small gap between us, but we didn’t speak.

I indeed wanted to check out her body until my eyes got as high as the sky on the image of her, but I still respected her deeply and gave her the intimacy she deserved. I wasn’t even sure how long my wood was, but I felt at least half of it going in and out.

I had to rattle myself a bit from doing it with her, but I also got her to do the same. So, we both had to close our eyes briefly but still maintained our eyes on one another like nothing and no one else mattered.

It was true then because we certainly had a decent step-sibling relationship then, but we went into uncharted territory and seemed to be handling it well. I could only see our relationship getting better because of this, but all bets were off.

“I’m not sure how long I can hold it, but where should I shoot, Yvette?”

“Wherever you want, horndog. You want to fuck a cheerleader, so make the fantasy your own.”

“So, if I get your face even a little bit, you won’t bite my head off?”

“No, unless you want me to, Scott.”

“Oh, you’re smoking hot, step-sis. Fuck all those others in the squad; you could be the whole team, I swear.”

“I know, but quit talking; you can have the time of your life without words, you know.”

I nodded and kissed her again. I felt my schlong take the deepest shelter in her snatch that I could possibly imagine as I kissed her. That kiss only lasted for a moment, but then I arched my back up again.

I grabbed her thighs and had my dick thrust a little harder. That got her boobs to move a bit more, even with the top still scrunched up above them. I knew it, but I still didn’t look down at them, though.

I just watched her watch me the best I could and relished the whole situation. I couldn’t feel bad or wrong about making it with her because it was too good to pass up indeed. After another moment, I lowered myself back towards her again.

I had to stay close to her and feel that way with her as well. I desired her to feel just as good as I felt if only to show her how much her insistence meant to me. So, we kissed each other several times but still didn’t speak.

I looked right into her blue eyes, and she looked into my brown ones several times and just enjoyed each other the best way two people could. I felt my load building up like a water tank getting filled somewhat quickly.

I knew I’d have to pop at some point, but I still wasn’t certain where to let it out. Nevertheless, she still gave me permission wherever I wanted since it was my fantasy to do it with a cheerleader. I still wasn’t about to go rouge on her, though.

I let the intimacy build up just like my load, and I wasn’t about to let either get ruined. So, even though I was beyond stoked then, I still focused myself and made it work the best I could. Just letting my pecker go in and out ever so slowly was sky-high, but I didn’t go for space.

She evidently respected me for respecting her in that context, so she brought her palms to my shoulders. She grasped them hard, and that certainly told me her defenses were going down somewhat quickly.

So, I had to attack her with my breath as I knew she was truly enjoying herself too. As if she couldn’t read my face, though, I had to kiss her several times actually to confess it to her. We kissed even more passionately that way, and we surely made ourselves more than step-siblings.

I also felt the ticklish effects of feeling her bush rubbing on me right below my stomach too. With my load building up right there, she pushed me even further and had my body frying a bit more under the circumstances.

I felt my heart beating so hard; it felt like an overheating engine. Nevertheless, I was still going out in a blaze of glory if need be. I still wasn’t sure what it all meant for us after all was said and done, but right then, we were made for each other.

We didn’t worry about the consequences of doing it with one another or anything else. I couldn’t entirely separate our real relationship from this sexual one we started then, but I was sure in the end we’d be closer.

“Do you feel that? That’s your dick going in and out my pussy, I can tell you like it, and it’s rock hard, stud. It shouldn’t be because I’m your step-sister, but I love you, so I had to make it happen for you. I don’t see how you want me just because of my cheerleading uniform, but that’s fine with me. You work out for your desires and fixation on me if you need to; I don’t mind, but arch your back again,” she told me before I did. “Now look at those shaking jugs, Scott; I won’t slap you.”

I followed her suggestion and watched them flop somewhat. She was sexy as hell already, but then she went up a level. She not only let me see them, but she recommended them too. I couldn’t help but see her as my step-sister, but she succeeded in making me love doing it with a cheerleader.

I leered at her whole body, well, at least what I could see anyway, and I had to appreciate the sweet perk of the whole thing: seeing a hot cheerleader’s perfect body. I already knew her body was flawless, but of course, actually seeing it was so much better than imagining it.

My whole body was covered in sweat too, but yet, I wasn’t about to stop. I felt my load boiling, and I knew it’d come out soon, but until then, I was doing a cheerleader, and nothing else mattered.

She allowed me to eyefuck her tits, so I did. I failed to glue my eyes to them, but I certainly get more than the legal dose of them, though. Seeing them move with every thrust was like its own sensation, and getting them one after another was mindblowing.

I felt my rod getting hotter too, but certainly making it more difficult to keep going. She clearly saw it, so she wiped the sweat away and kissed me again. She knew it was coming, so she moved her hands down to her boobs and rubbed them.

I nodded and even blew her a kiss. I could only take away she wanted my seed plastered all over her melons when the time came. I even kept myself in suspense in knowing how long it’d be before I needed to give her my white love.

‘I can picture it happening even with my eyes stuck on hers, but I still know I need to do it right. I can’t just get her everywhere; it might hit her face. I can’t let that happen; I have just to get those perky bundles of joy and maybe her stomach too. I surely can’t get her beautiful uniform, though.’

“Aren’t you sweet? You’re thinking about it now, aren’t you? You want to be respectful of your step-sister and want to cum in just the right place, not my face, right?”

“Yes,” I answered, coming back down with her. “I don’t want to upset the most dazzling woman in the world.”

“You think I’m the most stunning woman in the world, really? Not like Lena Paul, Sofi Ryan, or Jenna Sativa?”

“Yes, step-sis,” I moaned, yanking my schlong out. “I’m sorry if I get you where you don’t want me to, though,” I added, stroking it.

She rubbed her breasts again but kept her eyes on mine. I tried to concentrate and control my load the best I could, but of course, anything could happen. So, I aimed my cock right at her left tit and let it loose.

I couldn’t even watch it splash, but I failed to hear her gripe. So, I took that leap of faith in myself and let my seed bolt out on the same boob four more times. I twitched with each shot, but I held as firm as I could.

I just went for it and really abandoned any plans to keep my seed hitting the right place. So, in effect, I didn’t know where it all ultimately ended up, but I didn’t hear a peep out of her. I just let it happen, and that was that for the time being.

“Thank you for that, Scott. I knew you loved me, but I didn’t know how much. Spoiler alert, you got more than my boobs.”

Then I reluctantly looked to see her. “Oh, shit, I didn’t mean to get your uniform, step-sis,” I moaned, shaking and shooting her a nervous look.

“It’s okay, I won’t bite your head off,” she made clear, leaning up with me. “I still love you, and you still love me, right?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then I think I’ll be okay with some cum stains,” she made clear, before pushing me on my butt. “Okay, you made love to a cheerleader. Did you like it?”

“Yes, I loved it.”

“Good, because now you’re gonna have one ride you,” she added, getting over my crotch and grabbing my pecker.

She aligned it with her slit again, and I was going in bareback again. I managed to stay upright, but after my dick went back into the pleasurable wonderland known as her twat, she had to bring her hands back to my back and hold me up too.

“You made love to a cheerleader; now you’re fucking one, Scott. No more mushy stuff now; I know you love and respect me, but now is the time to feel me. Your hands are coming to my tits or my ass, so pick a destination.”

“Shit, you’re the sexiest cheerleader there is,” I moaned, plopping my hands on her butt.

“I just ask that next time you feel the need to fuck me, you tell me, but wait a minute, is that gonna be every time you see me cheer?”

“Probably, step-sis.”

“I guess I’ll just have to start sneaking into your room every Saturday night, so should I stay on the pill?”

“I guess, Yvette, damn, you have me speechless.”

“Good, feel me riding you,” she added, pushing me back a bit.

She began moving her body around a bit, making my cock follow her cherry around with it. I kept my hands on her butt, and I clutched it as time went on too. She did all the work herself, and even with her uniform still on, she went on strong and certainly wooed me.

She grabbed my shoulders and used them for stronger leverage, so she was set to fuck me as hard as she could. She certainly made me incapacitated, so I had to depend on her to keep me upright. Nevertheless, I was okay with her taking the lead.

I felt my hands moving back and forth nonstop following her butt, and she was milking my pecker nonstop, making me want to squirt like a cum cannon. Once again, I didn’t know how long I could last, but it’d be another fuck session to remember.

Once again, I noticed her hooters flopping around, but I made myself stare at her face. She was the sexiest woman in the world to me, and I couldn’t resist, but to keep her as happy as I could. I had to do those same mental gymnastics over and over again on what would please her.

I tried my best not to look at her tits, but I had to sneak rarely peeks, though. She failed to say anything about it, but I knew she noticed. Even though she was jerking around riding me nonstop, it was on her radar, and I felt it with a harder beating heart.

“You may check out my jugs, dude; I’m not going to scream. View them, eyefuck them if you want, and feel them again too,” she implored me, stealing my hands and bringing them to her boobs. “I’m not your step-sister; I’m the hot cheerleader you like to lust after. So, work up a good load and give it to her; she deserves some white appreciation.”

I nodded with my mouth wide open and indeed felt the heavenly perk of having a sweet step-sister that was a cheerleader. I kept going back to her being a sexy cheerleader, but I still couldn’t help but love her even more.

She continued to ride me and go nuts. She held my shoulders and arms somewhat tightly to keep herself in place. I couldn’t hold her moneymakers too hard, but I did my part the best I could. I grazed her boobs quite a bit, too, so I enjoyed her the most I could.

We exchanged eye contact over and over again, but we didn’t talk much for some time. We let out some moans, and we told each other we loved one another, many times too. So, the feelings were utterly mutual, so we had to dance in the endzone too.

“Oh, my pussy is feeling it now,” she let out, wrapping her arms around my neck. “Have you fucked many girls with it?”

“Well, ladies aren’t different from you, Yvette, so I wouldn’t say I fucked them.”

“Okay,” she giggled, halting movement. “Have you had sex with other classy ladies?”

“Yes, Yvette, I’ve never fantasized about other women; the best I’ve done is watching porn.”

“Oh, you’ve gotten your jollies watching a woman with a guy or maybe seeing two different females together?”

“Yes, they were being filmed for a reason, so I wasn’t disrespecting them.”

“I know that, weirdo. Do I make you uneasy, Scott? Does your crush make you not want to talk to me or be around me? I’ve noticed that you’re always at my practices and games, but I don’t see much of you outside of that. Even if we don’t have sex again, will you promise me that will change?”

“Yes, step-sis.”

“Good, now taste my tits,” she ordered me, before shoving my face to them. “Here’s something to remember fondly when you see my boobs flopping around the next time I cheer, so let your tongue out and lick those breasts, but especially those reddish nipples. Get them on the stunning cheerleader, stud,” she beseeched me, scrubbing them with my face. “And grab my ass too, so you can hold me tight. By the way, feel free to shoot inside me; I’m on the pill. So, let it all out, and find out just what my nipples taste like, dude. You know the sight and feeling, but what about the taste? Do they taste like strawberries, cherries, or maybe watermelon?”

“No, cantaloupe, Yvette,” I told her, looking at her.

She kept her palms on my head and watched me licked her right nipple ever so slowly. Needless to say, it was another sensation to enjoy, which I did most definitely. She looked directly into my eyes right back and gave me the lustiest look ever.

“Get my other nipple too.”

I followed her order and pleasured both of her bundles of joy. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but seeing her appreciate me in that way was mindblowing, and it certainly made me want to keep going. I let my tongue go slow, but she was fine with that.

She never stopped caressing my head and even sparked a few tears. I didn’t address them, but neither did she. That made me fondle her butt even more and, indeed, once again, reevaluate just how much I loved her.

I felt like I’d found my one true love even though she lived with me for a few years. We were both eighteen and getting ready to go to college soon, but of course, we had something to talk about in the future if I was gonna see her more beyond seeing her cheer.

Her jugs were C-cups, so I had to enjoy them so much more solely because of that. Just like the uniform itself, the simple fact I knew her cup size made me jiggle even more. I didn’t know what to think of everything, but she won me over like throwing a dart where the whole board was the bullseye.

“So, you’re a boobs man, then?”

I nodded and leaned up to kiss her. “Well, you have all of your bases covered. I couldn’t respect you more, but I guess avoiding you isn’t very respectful.”

“You’re right; it’s not. Did you think I’d throw a fit and demand our parents evict you from the house?”

“I have no idea, Yvette, but again, your uniform made it clear that I wanted you.”

“So, do I have the uniform to thank for seeing you at all then? I’m sure you would’ve come to terms that you wanted to have sex with me at some point. So, is it true then, in the end? If I didn’t give you a show like cheerleading, we wouldn’t have much of a relationship at all?”

“I don’t know, Yvette, I just know I loved you since we met, but I’d rather have you wondering why you don’t see me more than you hating me for wanting you, regardless of the reason.”

“Well, if you do ever get another step-sister and you wind up having the hots for her, at least give her the benefit of the doubt and tell her you want to have sex with her. Don’t say you want to fuck her, got it?”


“A respectable woman can still make her own choices.”

“I understand.”

“Once again, good, now make sure you get her nipples too,” she reminded me, before pushing my head to her boobs. “Lick that for me again, and make yourself shoot your load inside me. I want to feel it, Scott.”

I nodded and slathered her nipples like they actually did taste like cherries. So, I had to close my eyes and surely put all of my focus and love into making her feel good. I didn’t know where all I could go with her, but I willing to find out.

I grasped her butt as hard as I could, and that made her do the same to my head. She pressured it hard, but still let me have some freedom to go to both of her breasts over and over again. I bounced between them numerous times and had her shaking more and more.

I still felt her uniform on my face too, but it still only played the role of making the experience even sexier. I moved my face and tongue around on both of those sexy nipples and certainly titillated her perfectly, it seemed.

I couldn’t see her, but I knew she was angled her head back and relished the taboo pleasure. It was still wrong, but that’s what made it so right too. Neither of us could help it; we just admitted it to each other in so many words and actions and moved on.

Experiencing one another was out of this world, and it all seemed to be thanks to her uniform with the cheetah on it. The chemistry proved stronger than the sex itself because I moved my lips right back up to hers.

We wrapped our arms around each other, and I felt her boobs on my chest again. It felt even better that way because it demonstrated the love we had, so we knew that we could kiss each other and feel better than actually having sex.

Even though my schlong was still inside her, we enjoyed each other in a much more intimate way than having sex. She was still the cowgirl, and even more so with her uniform still on, too, so she added many sexual flames to our fire. From one second to the next, I had to part my lips.

“Yes, cum inside your step-sister, you horndog,” she moaned, still holding me close.

I did just that, and I wasn’t even sure how much I gave her exactly, but with each shot, I twitched and surely increased my grip on her. Again, she didn’t mind and just enjoyed the thrills of feeling my seed inside her.

I let it all last for about thirty seconds and evidently felt her even more than when I made love to her. Even though she was on the pill, it still felt great over the prospect that I did the thing that could get her pregnant if she wasn’t on the pill.

After I was done, I calmly moved my lips back to hers and made out with her again. So, we both encased our arms around each other and connected even more. After a moment, I had to lie down and have her go onto her back too.

I didn’t make love to her again but kissed her like a lover. Furthermore, we were too busy making out to talk to each other, but it seemed like we talked through our make-out session. We pressed our lips against each other and indeed proved the love was real.

After ten minutes, she gently pushed my lips off hers. “So, how was fucking a cheerleader that happens to be your step-sister?”


“So, do you promise to act more like a step-brother now? That means hanging out with me more, you know?”

“Yes, I’m not gonna suddenly stop wanting to fuck you, though.”

“Oh, really? Well, maybe we start seeing each other Saturday nights after the games, fair enough?”

“Yes, but would it be asking too much for you to wear your uniform?”

“Wow, you really are hung up on this uniform.”

“Yes, Yvette, you’re dynamite in uniform.”

“Good, but if you expect to get laid, you have to take me on a date then. Take me to dinner, the game, and then we’ll come back here and have some fun in my uniform, sound good?”

“Yes, I can keep a secret.”

“Me too, now make love to me again.”

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