Communication is the heart of relationships. Without it, it’s like pizza without pizza dough — baseless.

When something is this fundamental, you’d think it’d be easy but it’s not.

Relationships can be many things. But for a lot of people, they’re actually all about communication.

That’s why you got together in the first place, right? Because when you connected, communication sent you swooning.

So whether it be verbal, physical, or spiritual, the connection between you and what you create in that connection is where the magic happens.

So, if there’s a lack of communication in a relationship, what happens to you, and what happens to the relationship?

When you struggle to communicate, the magic quickly disappears.

Whether it’s with couples with relationship issues or sexual issues, difficulty in communication is the number one issue most couples have in common.

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What happens when communication is strained in a relationship? Here are 3 possible answers.

1. You become invisible.

Sometimes, you’re the one who isn’t communicating. Other times, your partner is the one who has checked out. But more often than not, the lack of communication is caused by both parties.

This often has its roots in different communication styles and what you believe communication is.

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