Is your marriage in crisis?

When you got engaged and married, you probably felt happy and excited about your future. You had dreams, goals, and a vision of romance, love, and fun.

But sometimes, couples gradually shift from feeling connected and close to feeling distant, misunderstood, and alone.

If your fights go unresolved, you may wonder if you should wait and see what happens, avoid looking at the real issues, or deal with the issues directly.

No matter your decision on how to deal with the situation, if it doesn’t improve, you may find your marriage in crisis.

Whether your marriage is stuck, you’re arguing non-stop, not talking for days, or just “had it” with your spouse, it’s time to learn what it really means to have your marriage in a crisis.

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What are the biggest issues of a marriage in crisis?

Issues may vary between couples, but researchers have identified that specific issues can create the largest challenges for couples.

Communication challenges impact almost every couple, but when the issues become unresolved fights, this drains and exhausts couples.

Gridlocked and perpetual arguments keep couples from getting to the core of the issue, preventing them from reconnecting.

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