Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Is he serious about us?” It’s easy to develop feelings for a man you’re dating and then wonder if he’s on the same page as you.

While guys might not come out and say it right away, they do a lot of the same things women do when they start to see you as someone they want to make a permanent part of their life.

You’ll know he wants a serious relationship by the way he treats you, how much of his time he’s willing to spend with you, how deep your conversations get, and whether or not he introduces you to his family and friends. But sometimes, the signs he wants you bad aren’t as obvious.

But those are just a few of the many signs your guy could be giving you that show how special you are to him. Knowing what to look for will help you avoid getting your heart broken if you suddenly find out you both want different things.

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How do you know if a man is serious about you? Look for these 17 signs he’s serious about you (listed in no particular order):

1. He’s had a conversation with you about wanting to make your relationship exclusive.

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but the “assumed relationship” is common — and not something that you want to fall for.

If he isn’t trying to date you exclusively, he knows that you could meet someone else at any time and that doesn’t bother him much.

2. He respects your opinion and regularly asks for it.

He listens and shows you respect. He remembers what you say and considers your advice.

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