It was late on a Friday night when I headed for the men’s room before leaving for the day.  Opening the door, I took in a sight which I’ll not soon forget.  There before me were two stewardesses at the sink, kissing.  The dirty blonde, in more ways than one, was sitting on the counter.  Her legs were spread and wrapped below her friend’s ass.  I’d seen them many times but never caught their names.

What is it about flight attendants?  Are they trained to be so arousing?  And who designs those uniforms?  Why does a tie or whatever you call what they wear seem even remotely sexy?  Is it necessary for those outfits to look so sexy that even an average-looking girl becomes a goddess?

The curly-haired brunette was standing there in her navy skirt, which probably reached mid-thigh but was currently up around her waist.  Her ample buttocks were on display as her blonde friend kneaded them vigorously.  Either they didn’t see me enter or didn’t care as I headed for a urinal.  I tried in vain to get my stream started, but it was impossible to do with a raging boner, as most guys know.

Daydreaming for a moment, I remembered my first day in this building.  
I’d only been in the insurance business for a few years when I started working for someone new.  My old job wrote only high-risk auto insurance, and I’d learned all I could from them.  If I was going to stay in this God-forsaken profession, I needed to increase my knowledge.  So, I went to work for an agent with a large and well-known company that wrote multiple lines of insurance.

The building we were located in was two stories inside a rather bustling shopping center.  We were located on the second floor along with the center’s management company, a psychiatrist, and the main office for a regional airline.  On my first day, I began climbing the stairs to the second floor when they first appeared to me.  The door at the top opened, and two flight attendants emerged.

They were each carrying a small travel bag and looking so enticing in their provocative outfits.  The angle of the staircase and the shortness of their hemlines teased me mercilessly as they stood static on the top step.  Not realizing it, I had also stopped moving and found myself leering like a teenage boy.  They grinned and giggled, knowing that they had me so easily.  

Upping the ante, the girls dropped their bags and began petting each other.  Their hands started with the bountiful breasts. Next, they slowly meandered down to their hips and finally settled on the plump booties they both displayed.  They each gave the other a couple of quick squeezes before laughing again.  Then they grabbed their bags and headed down the steps like it never happened.

When my two sexy tormentors got to my step, they split apart.  Brushing my shoulders simultaneously, they let their free hands drift across my crotch as they passed.  Turning to watch the wiggle of those buxom cheeks, I displayed my erection as it struggled to break free of my slacks.  Hitting the front door, they both turned and eyed me one last time.  Seeing my protruding prick, the dirty blonde made a move toward me.  Her friend gripped her arm and directed, “We have a plane to catch and many more of those to see.”

Blowing me a kiss, the blonde uttered, “Soon,” as she raised her skirt to flash me her naked ass.  That was my first day at the new job, and now I had to figure out how to get my cock under control before starting work.

So, this tease went on for several months, with us running across each other in the hallway or the parking lot. Invariably they would tease unmercifully before leaving in a whirl.  At some point, I didn’t even pay them any attention anymore, and I guess that’s how we got here.

It was common knowledge that the women’s room was always locked, but the men’s wasn’t.  An old stereotype, I guess, but given that the building had so few inhabitants, it did seem prudent.  It seemed especially important given the number of vagabonds that frequented the woods behind.

The tarts either arrived at the office late or decided to up the taunting.  
Standing there at the urinal, unable to shrink my pulsing erection enough to pee, I heard, “Having a problem over there?” the blonde questioned.

I turned away from the urinal and faced them with my raging hardon poking through my slacks.  “Yes, actually, I am.”

“Mmmm,” she purred.  “Turn around, baby, and see what our new friend has to offer.”  The curly-haired brunette twisted her head around and squealed, “Bring that over here.”  As I gradually approached, she bent over into her blonde-haired friend while spreading her legs.  “Open me up for him,” I heard her murmur, and the blonde did just that.

Placing my legs between hers, I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them and my underwear to the floor.  I pressed my cock between her buttocks and moved it up and down her crease from her slit to her pucker and back again.  The brunette softly cooed before pressing her lips against the dirty blonde’s.  As they began to wrestle tongues, I dropped to my knees and pushed mine into her open puss.

I lashed at her labia and clit with my energetic tongue as she squirmed and forced my face deeper into her gluteal cleft.  The brunette was either quite worked up or was an easy cummer.  Only about a minute into my oral assault, she was cumming all over my face.  “Fuck… fuck, oh God, yes!” she cried before demanding, “Stick that dick of yours in my cunt, damn it!  Fuck me hard!”

I stood and pressed the head of my cock between her pussy lips before grabbing her shoulders with both hands.  Rolling the tip around her slippery entrance, I patiently waited.  Impetuously, the brunette screamed, “Fuck me with your prick…arghhh!”  Before she could finish her rant, I plunged full force into her needy hole and began a punishing jack-hammer action.

Fortunately for me, she was so wet there was very little friction, and I was able to continue for several minutes before stopping cold.  Throughout the pounding, she screamed wildly and came at least once more.  Sliding out, I dropped again and began digging my tongue into her pucker.  She was still panting from my maniacal fucking, and now she started moaning like a whore.

The deeper I dug into her rectum, the fouler her language became.  It started off with, “Oh, yeah, lick my ass, you bastard.”  As my tongue plunged unhindered into her anal cavity, it became, “You dirty fucking ass licker,  stick your cock in me and fuck me like a whore.”  I obliged her after slipping inside her pussy a few times for lube.  

I finessed my cock into her rectum non-stop until my ball sac was against her sodden slit.  “Oh God, oh God, oh fuck,” she mumbled over and over as she slowly relaxed around my embedded shaft.  When I could feel her anal ring ease its grip, I launched into a slow, but full stroke hump.  

Leaning back a little, I gripped her hips and watched the rippling of her butt cheeks as I slapped into them repeatedly.  It was mesmerizing and intriguing at the same time.  I felt almost hypnotized by the tide-like crests of her broad and fleshy buttocks. Unfortunately, my intoxication was broken after some time as her oral reactions became deafening.

My answer to her opera was a sudden acceleration.  Within moments she clamped down on my intrusive member and shook wildly.  As her contractions slowed, I felt her weight pressing back against me.  I held her in place long enough to extract myself from her and then gently lowered her to the floor.

Standing back up my, eyes locked onto the blonde’s.  She got a wild look on her face then raised her skirt, exposing her bald puss.  I returned her barbaric visage and ordered, “Suck me now!”

For a fleeting moment, she was taken aback, but her deviancy returned as she went from the counter to her knees in a blink.  Taking my hairless scrotum into her mouth, she manipulated them like a professional.  It was the only time that I felt close to an unwanted orgasm.  Gaining control of myself, I pulled them from her mouth and said, “Cock, now.”

Like the pro she was, the blonde took me all the way into her throat on the first plunge. Then, holding me there, she raised my hands to her head and invited me to use her.  I took it slow at first to maintain my self-control.  Her throat was a welcoming albeit restrictive canal, and I was on a mission to teach these two a lesson in teasing.

Once I’d regained my composure, I pounded her mouth furiously for a couple of minutes. Then, pulling out, I raised her up to see a tear-streaked face covered in slobber.  Pushing her back against the counter, I raised her skirt before lifting her onto her bare ass.  While keeping my eyes locked onto hers, I raised her legs onto my shoulders.  She grasped my cock and lined it up with her slick snatch before I plunged in whole-heartedly.

I set an easy but forceful pace, pummeling her wanton pussy.  She wasn’t the easy cummer her friend was, so I tore open her blouse to expose her bra-free tits.  She had sizeable brown areola capped with the most enormous nipples I’d ever seen.  I tested their sensitivity by starting with light flicks.  She did respond with a temporary closing of her eyes, so I began to roll them between my fingers.  I’d found her weakness and began to exploit it aggressively.

“That’s it, twist them hard and pull them.  I’ll cum for you.  You cheating bastard!  No one fucks both of us and doesn’t cum. No one… fuccckkk!”

As her rant continued, I took her advice and worked them over good bringing about her first climax.  I felt the ripples of her orgasm as I held myself deep within her quivering box.  As she came down from her peak, I massaged her massive mammaries while still fully ensconced in her lubricious vagina.

“You may as well take my ass too,” she quipped while sharing a devilishly sexy look.  “Just so you know, I cum much easier from anal sex.  So you should have me a folded-up quivering mess in no time.  I only hope that I remain conscious, unlike my friend down there.”

“Well then, why don’t we roll you over and punish that little sphincter of yours.  I’d love to fill that tempting ass of yours with my load.”

She grinned before pushing me back with her legs.  Once I dropped free of her pussy, she rolled over eagerly and spread her glutes.  I quickly dove in tongue first and pillaged her little star for several minutes.  She wasn’t kidding about her anal sensitivity as she neared another climax while my tongue worked thoroughly.  I lathered up two fingers in her slit before slipping them into her rectum.  Within a few pumps, she groaned ecstatically and gripped them like a vise.

With my fingers still inside her anal ring, I slipped my pole back into her puss for some homemade lubrication.  She was still writhing from her cum when I switched and pushed my penis about halfway into her ass.  That was all I could manage as her clenching restricted my progress.  Spreading her cheeks myself, as her hands had moved to grip the counter, I started a pumping motion.  Although I wasn’t making any real progress, it seemed to relax her.

Recovering from her latest acme, the blonde blurted, “That’s it, you dirty bastard fuck my ass like the prick you are.  Give it to me hard and… arggghhh!”

I followed her advice and fucked her hard, intending to fill her with my seed.  It wasn’t long as I felt her ring beginning to tighten as she started to cum again.  I was right behind her and began to swell in her dirty hole.  Slamming in full force one last time, I began pumping my baby batter deep within her bowels.  We both shook and heaved, and I collapsed onto her back.

In the aftermath, I helped her to her feet.  We both cleaned ourselves up as she replaced her shirt with another from her bag.  I also got to pee, finally.  After she woke her friend, I helped her up as well before she got cleaned up.  Once we were all reasonably presentable, I asked, “Can I buy you ladies dinner somewhere?”

“Sure,” they replied in unison.

Then the brunette added, “How about we get Chinese at the Mandarin Inn across the way?”

“Maybe carry-out and take it to your place?” the blonde suggested.

They looked at each other for a second before turning back to me.  “Of course!” I replied as I put my arms around them and headed out the door.


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