A couple who are known for swinging have explained that they hope to open a “church”.

The duo, who operate on the swingers only platform Sexlog, want to bring the swingers movement to more couples around the world.

Swinging is when committed couples choose to open up their sex life to individuals or other couples and swap sexual partners.

The kinky practice has boomed in the UK over the last decade with a 50% rise in the last ten years.

That’s around 1.5million Brits wife swapping and enjoying threesomes and group sex.

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The pair post sexy content online
The pair post sexy content online

Arthur “the bear” and Luana Kazaki shared the news of their latest endeavour on social media alongside their reasons for wanting more people to swing.

Luana said: “It was the best thing for our relationship and career, we wouldn’t be where we are today in neither without it.”

The pair earn around £56,000 every month selling subscriptions to fans on OnlyFans.

They post videos and photos of themselves in saucy situations which followers can access.

They want people to break the taboo around swinging
They want people to break the taboo around swinging

Arthur added: “Being swingers is a lifestyle just like any other.

“It’s taboo because it’s sex related, but is a strong culture and lifestyle that should be respected.

“So many people who are interested don’t get the chance to try it out for themselves because our society deem it taboo.

“That’s what we wish to avoid with the creation of a church.”

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He continued: “We thought of opening a swingers school, but that is just not going to have as much of an impact as a church.

“We as a community as tired of hiding and want this part of our lifestyle to be respected.

“We wish to liberate everyone from the shame society has put in it, we no longer want people to shy away from it because they are embarrassed.”

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