Are you married and having an affair? Do you find yourself, to your surprise, continuing to stray from your marriage?

When you’re in the throes of an affair, you might feel like you’re drowning. You know this is the wrong thing to do, but you want to ignore all the reasons why affairs are bad.

The highs of being with your affair partner are amazing, but the lows that follow can be all-consuming.

And if you haven’t had an affair before, you’re most likely feeling way out of your depth when it comes to how to handle it.

Nevertheless, you need to take a good hard look at the choices you’re making, for the present and the future!

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Here are 5 reasons affairs are bad, spelled out plainly

1. You are not soulmates.

It may feel that way, that after years of marriage with someone who just doesn’t get you, finding someone who does feels like such a gift. It feels like you finally have a chance at the happiness that has been out of reach for so long.

Most people don’t set out to have an affair. They usually start with two people talking about mundane things. Those mundane things shift to more personal things, things you don’t share with your spouse.

Before you know it, you feel very attached to your affair partner and are having an emotional affair. More often than not, that attachment becomes sexual in nature and the physical affair begins.

And you’re sure that you’ve finally found your soulmate and that you are totally justified in having this affair. But this, I’m afraid, is just an illusion.

What you’re feeling right now is that initial excitement that everyone feels at the beginning of any relationship. That period of time when you stay up all night talking, every day feels brighter, and the sex has never been better.

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