In the age of Covid, dating online is one of the best ways to meet new people.

After all, you can get to know them first before having to physically meet up.

But, finding love through an app can be a minefield.

Luckily, there are dating app experts who are willing to offer their advice to singletons online.

And, a TikTok user who claims to work for a dating app has shared her top tips for spotting the red flags on prospective dates profiles.

Her advice could even help you to avoid being catfished, reports the Mirror.

In the video clip, @sydneyplus said: “How to detect dating app red flags, by someone who actually works at a dating app.”

Sydney’s first red flag was hidden within the photos on a man’s profile.

Dating online can be tricky
Dating online can be tricky

She explained: “If he’s standing in front of a nice car, eight times out of 10 it’s not his.”

The dating app expert added that if their bio lists them as an “entrepreneur”, “writer” or “musician” then that means you’ll be splitting the bill at dinner.

Her third and fourth warning signs involved the contents of their profile.

Prepare to walk away if you spot these red flags
Prepare to walk away if you spot these red flags

She added: “If he says ‘my mom is my world’ he’ll either ghost you or propose within a month, there’s no in-between.

“And if he’s looking for ‘smth casual’, it’s not worth the tears sis.”

The video was viewed over 70,000 times and liked by hundreds of people.

Some commenters shared the red flags they’d come to recognise over time.

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One person wrote: “When the bio says ‘I’m looking for a woman with a sense of humour’, he probably means I’m going to tell you misogynistic jokes and expect you to laugh.”

And, another noted that if all of their photos are from the same day then you should be concerned.

A third wrote: “Not here for hookups 100% means he’s here for hookups.”

Another said that if he calls himself a “nice guy” in his bio or complains at all then you should avoid dating them.

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