There are many different types of relationships. No two relationships look the same.

But sometimes, labels and categories can help us understand better. Your connection with your sexual partner, for example, is probably not the same as anyone else’s. 

However, it can be useful to understand each other’s boundaries.

Are you two in a committed, exclusive relationship or are you friends with benefits and allowed to hook up with other people? Or perhaps, is your relationship an unhealthy one that needs to come to its end?

Just as there are different types of couples, there are different types of relationships between humans.

Your romantic relationship type depends on many things — the people in it, your experiences so far, your characteristics, etc.

After careful research, we present to you the 11 types of different relationships. Here are the criteria for each:

1. The Independent Relationship

Being independent is not bad for you. However, being in a serious relationship requires compromise and sacrifice. Independence is not the quality that you are looking to show off.

Sure, you and your partner need to be independent up to a certain level that allows you both to function without each other, but total independence in the relationship is never a good sign.

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