Nothing is scarier than being in a committed long-term relationship and feeling like you’re alone because you don’t know how to fall back in love if you’ve fallen out of love. 

On the day you found the love of your life, you never felt more complete. You could take on the world! Now, things have gotten comfortable, and it feels like one of you has changed. But you swear it isn’t you.

The way you speak to each other has harsh tones. And, not only that, it looks like the softness in his eyes is gone. Something’s got to give. You can’t go on like this anymore.

You’re thinking about ending it, yet something inside you believes it can’t be the end and you think, “can you fall back in love after falling out of love?”

Can the two of you really can learn how to fall back in love?

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If you could just figure out how to stop the cycle, the love would come back, and it would all be like new again.

If someone falls out of love with you can they fall back in love? While it seems like a daunting task, guess what? It’s completely possible to fall back in love with your partner. All it takes is some work on the part of each partner, putting in the effort to bring the relationship back to where it once was.

But the first thing you need to know is that those pesky things we all tend to do — blaming stuff like stress, financial problems, and loss of common ground on each other — don’t, and won’t, work. Sure, they may initially stir things up, but the change won’t last. 

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