Think you’re a pro in bed?

Well Nadia Bokody seems to think most men don’t really know what they’re doing between the sheets.

The sexpert, from Australia, explained how there’s a big difference between a “bad” sexual encounter for a man and woman.

She discussed how lads often refer to a bad sexual experience as it being boring, while it’s a different story for females.

Writing for, Nadia said women often experience physical discomfort or pain and want their partner to hurry up in bed.

The journalist said: “This sex never results in her climax.

“Men will inquire about what they can do to ‘fix’ their sexually apathetic wives, while women ask: ‘What’s wrong with me?’.”

Nadia Bokody
She says a man’s bad sexual experience is different to a woman’s

She explained how this attitude demonstrates that women see their role in sex as being to fulfil the needs of their partner.

While men don’t recognise their need for equal pleasure.

But this isn’t just Nadia’s words, in fact a study published in the National Journal of Medicine found that women feel the same way.

The sexpert continued: “These women have learned their comfort is so insignificant, they’ve resigned to a life of obligatory bad sex.”

Nadia Bokody
She says how most women just want the sex to hurry up and end

She went on: “Not ‘bad’ as in boring; ‘bad’ as in painful, demoralising and dehumanising.

“It’s never occurred to them that, actually, sex needn’t be this way; they’re not losing out on anything by walking away.

“Because we teach women the greatest achievement we’ll make in our lives is to be picked by a man.

“That that goal is so important, it should supersede our comfort, our happiness, and our connection with ourselves.”

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She detailed what women should be looking for in their partners and in the bedroom.

Nadia concluded: “‘Good’ sex isn’t the absence of pain and coercion.

“It’s joyous, emancipating – sometimes even a revelation, but most importantly, something you really want to do.

“And dreading intimacy with your husband is a red flag you’ve compromised that in the pursuit of being chosen.”

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