A married man and father whose wife agreed they could sleep with their friends’ partners together has spilled all on his raunchy love life.

Jake, who is in his mid-30s, told Strictly Anonymous podcast host Kathy he and his wife remain brilliant parents and lovers – but he’s “too sexual” for a normal relationship with her.

He said: “I love my wife. I’ve always loved my wife.

“She’s great. She’s my best friend. I couldn’t live without her.

“It’s just, I don’t know, the sex… She’s not about sex like I am.”

The dad-of-one added the bedroom adventures they used to have are no more.

Jake blamed the "vanilla sex" he was having with his wife for his more recent escapades
Jake blamed the “vanilla sex” he was having with his wife for his more recent escapades

“I wasn’t ever gonna act out on any of this stuff, but it got to a point where I told her all these things and her answer has become […] ‘If you need this in your life, maybe you need to go find that,” he continued.

Jake and his wife were childhood sweethearts, having been together on and off since the age of 12.

They even lost their virginity to each other at 16.

But that lifelong connection was tested by Jake’s intense sexual energy.

When they were 19, Jake and his wife began ‘swapping’ with best friends John and Amy.

At one point Jake and high school best friend John 'ran a train' with John's wife Amy in the middle
At one point Jake and high school best friend John ‘ran a train’ with John’s wife Amy in the middle

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And friends soon cottoned on.

“Nobody knew what we were doing, but when people saw us together they were like ‘Whose wife is who’?” he said.

Eventually the couples settled down and both had kids.

But Jake’s fierce sexual desire never died – while his wife’s dwindled.

After the first swap, she became jealous but soon got over it.

Meanwhile Jake bragged to colleagues that his marriage was open and flexible and sought alternative partners in the workplace.

His wife was not doing the same.

It was further complicated by the fact Jake is bisexual – and wanted to have sex with John and Amy, whether or not his wife was involved.

He continued: “We agreed I’d have sex with Amy downstairs while she went upstairs to have sex with John.”

Kathy suggested this introduced “more privacy” to the relationships, which Jake agreed with.

Jake, mid-30s, told the podcast he is too sexual for one partner alone
Jake, mid-30s, told the podcast he is too sexual for one partner alone

Jake especially loved having his pantyhose fetish explored with Amy, which his wife was not comfortable doing.

He said: “My wife does this maybe once a year, max.”

At one point, John, Amy and Jake even ran a so-called ‘train’, which in sexual terms describes a woman in between two men having sex with her at the same time.

For Jake, this was a sexual highlight.

But Jake’s wife still doesn’t know the most extreme details about his ongoing affairs – and definitely doesn’t seem like someone who listens to Strictly Anonymous, so probably won’t find out.

For now, the decision to be honest – and potentially save their marriage – lies on his side of the bed.

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