Making out is hard to do — when it comes to finding the perfect location. The best places to make out are often also the most forbidden, so we made things easy for you with the ultimate kissing bucket list to get you started.

Remember when people told you the places you should never, ever give smooches to your husband?

There’s nothing worse than inappropriate PDA, so definitely avoid locking lips at the hospital or your child’s school event. 

The best places to make out should bring you no shame.  

A good place to make out is a place where couples can go for privacy: elevators, hotel rooms, cars, etc. (Hint: If you are parked, kissing in a car is not against the law.)

From ice skating to swimming in the ocean, there are certain places you just need to put on your must-makeout list.

Here is a ‘Kissing Bucket List’ of the 25 best places to make out.

1. The Eiffel Tower

Kissing 1,050 feet above the ground with that amazing view will give you chills (in a good way).

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