A TikTok user has sensationally claimed that she lets her husband “play” with her mum as part of a family swinging arrangement.

In a video, uploaded by Millie @milliesellers411 she claims she “keeps her man happy” by enabling him to “play” with her mum.

She then films her so-called mum wearing a tiny crop top and hot pants wrapped up in the arms of her husband.

“Yeah I’m that kind of wife,” she says proudly as she stands in front of the couple.

The video has been watched more than 11 million times and many viewers said they hoped it was a joke.

The TikToker posed with her so-called 'mum'
The TikToker posed with her so-called ‘mum’

But in the caption, Millie seemed to indicate she was serious and said: “Don’t judge, and yes I do.”

One user commented: “I really hope this is a joke.”

A second person said: “OK I’m going to bed this is too much.”

“You know how I keep my mom happy? I let her play with her grandkids,” another person wrote.

Someone else said: “Bruh. Open relationships are one thing BUT WHEN YOU KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY NOOOO.”

The TikToker films her husband and mum together
The TikToker films her husband and mum together

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But another user seemed to spot something the others didn’t and commented: “Lol relax guys she’s a swinger and that’s the other guy’s wife. It’s not her mother.”

In other videos, Millie shows herself asking her husband which of her female friends he would like to sleep with.

She also shows a clip of herself in bed with a “married man” and his wife.

This comes after a swinger who earns thousands on OnlyFans spilled the beans about her open marriage and the one-night stands she enjoys.

And a police officer was mistaken for a stripper after coming to break up a swinger sex party with several guests trying to sexually preposition him as he tried to bring order.

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