Is your relationship getting you down? Are you no longer happy in your relationship or marriage?

Everyone experiences tough times, no matter how great their relationship is. That doesn’t mean you need to break up, necessarily.

In fact, it’s how you get through these difficult times that determine how strong your partnership can be over time.

But a lot of how you survive these tough times has to do with how you communicate your unhappiness.

If you’re serious about making the right changes so you can feel happy again — as well as have a healthy relationship that you rebuild together — it’s time to talk to your partner in a way they can hear you.

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Here are the 5 steps to help you communicate your unhappiness and possibly save your relationship.

1. Give it some thought

Before you launch into telling your partner about being unhappy, make sure you know what you’re going to communicate.

This may sound obvious but this can often be forgotten in the heat of the moment.

You get annoyed with your partner because they didn’t take out the trash and all of a sudden you’ve launched into a full-on fight, letting your partner know just how unhappy you are and how much it’s their fault.

In the moment, it feels good to get it off your chest. But, later on, you realize you hurt your partner and the fight didn’t really lead anywhere.

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