There’s no such thing as being universally amazing in bed as everyone you hook up with is going to be into different things.

But there is one way to up the chances of your lover having a good time – enthusiasm.

A host of men on Reddit have revealed what actually makes a woman good in bed (and not one single answer was “big boobs”).

According to them, it’s not huge knockers or a peachy rear, it is confidence and effort in the bedroom.

Many voiced if a woman has “good communication” surrounding her sexual desires and is the confidence to ask for what she wants that it is a huge turn on.

They also said that simply being enthusiastic about sex will get them hot under the collar.

Couple kissing
Men have revealed what actually makes a woman good in bed on Reddit

One said: “Making a guy feel like you are craving him and wanting him. Being vocal. Doing things you both like to have done (yeah you should talk about what you guys like before).

“I have a lot of personal things that make it good for me as I’m sure everyone does, so talking about what those things are, good communication will go a long way.”

Another said: “Simply being an active participant. Not just laying there waiting for me to do all the work.”

“Technique and confidence is a big factor. Being able to take the reigns and not just being a passenger. Particular examples are stuff like how well she rides on top and how active she is on the bottom,” voiced another.

One user commented how confidence is a massive factor of what makes a woman “good in bed”.

Couple cuddling
Men said confidence in women turns them on

They said: “Having the confidence to say what turns her on or doesn’t work. Far too many guys (on here) think that bedroom success is a universal instruction booklet.

“For instance, not every woman wants their hair pulled. And it’s more than just “pulling hair” – there’s a certain way of doing it so it’s not a sharp discomfort.”

Another said how what they lust for most is a woman who is enthusiastic in the bedroom.

They commented: “Its not going to be about specific techniques, but enthusiasm.

“I’d much rather have standard-issue conventional sex with a partner who is into it, into us, and into enjoying themselves and interested in my enjoyment, than do anything with someone who is just going through the motions.”

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