This is the final chapter of Gone Fishing! I want to thank all the readers who have been following lbenton’s “for fun” challenge. I loved all the impassioned comments both pro and con. As a writer, if you can evoke strong emotions and opinions, then you have succeeded in bringing your characters to life in the reader’s mind. I will be moving on to direct publishing, for, without the bitter bite of reality, the beautiful moments are never as sweet!

Hall Pass, Day Two.

Kyle woke with his head pounding and the bright sunlight hurting his eyes and a bit shocked that his wife was snoring next to him. Lori was passed out naked on top of the covers, with streaks of dried cum covering her body from her matted hair to her feet.

Kyle climbed out of bed, wondering when she dragged her ass home last night? Or was it this morning? He grabbed the bottle of Advil out of his Dopp kit and went to get some hair-of-the-dog for his hangover. Kyle had come prepared for a night or two of excess. After all, they were here to celebrate their anniversary. He grabbed the fifth of Absolut out of the freezer, then the tomato juice, Tabasco and celery out of the fridge. He mixed up a Bloody Mary with a double shot of vodka, ate two Advil, and chased them with a long pull of his drink.

Then, despite his hangover, Kyle proceeded to loudly bang around the kitchen as he prepared breakfast.

Once he had the pancakes and eggs plated, Kyle left the bacon on low heat to slow cook and prepared a Bloody Mary for Lori, complete with a celery stick. Then he grabbed two more Advils and headed for the bedroom, sure his slut wife had partied until the wee hours with her studs. Kyle slammed her drink on the nightstand and slapped the Advil down next to it.

“Lori!” he barked and shook her awake.

“Mmm, Whaaat…” she groggily croaked as flakes of dried cum shed from the corners of her mouth and chin.

“Get your cum-covered ass up! Breakfast is ready,” Kyle coldly growled.

“Are you alright?” Lori asked with a mousy, cracked voice, suddenly wide awake as a cold shiver of fear ran up her spine.

Kyle just glared at her as he pointed at the drink and pills, then turned and walked out of the room.

Lori knew Kyle would never hit her, or any woman, for that matter. He was raised better than that. But he had never spoken to her with that tone, and she was confused. While she knew he would not be happy about her having sex with other men, Kyle had given her the hall pass, and he had to know she would take it and use it! So, he was just going to have to get over it, Lori thought.

She quickly threw on a loose Tee and short shorts, wishing Kyle would have given her time to take a shower. But then, she didn’t imagine there was much to be modest about. Now that Kyle had seen her looking like the centerpiece of a bukkake party!

She didn’t need the Advil, but Lori did take a big sip of the Bloody Mary to get that dry, pasty taste out of her mouth as she headed for the dining area. She took a seat, sat her Bloody Mary on the table, and waited. Kyle brought the syrup, butter, and silverware and sat without looking at or saying a word to her.

Lori stared at the pancakes, eggs, and bacon, not wanting to start the inevitable conversation.

Kyle sat and began to eat. But after a few bites, his stomach started to reject the food. He stopped eating, afraid he couldn’t keep his breakfast down and stared at his plate to avoid looking at Lori. But that only made his stomach churn and cry for relief.

Lori’s guts were churning for another reason as she stared at her husband. She knew she had stepped over the line in her blind rage over Kyle having been with so many women. Though she knew deep down, it was more about her not having any experiences before she met and married Kyle.

Yet, Lori didn’t regret having sex just for the fuck of it. Nor did she regret being gangbanged by four horny young men that found her desirable and wanted nothing more than to fuck and fill all her holes. But she had to admit that as amazing and intense as her first squirting orgasms, her first multiple-rolling orgasms, and first anal orgasms were, something was missing. Something only Kyle could give her. Something that Lori only felt when her husband lovingly looked into her eyes as she came.

Lori also had to admit that it was her naive pride that had held her back. That had held them back. That had made her reject what she now knew were Kyle’s reasonable requests. But she also knew her hall pass was only for a week and that they would be spending the rest of their lives together, and from this day forward, she sure as hell couldn’t or wouldn’t ever deny Kyle any sexual pleasure he desired after what she had done last night.

Then Lori realized that thinking about those hot young men was making her nipples hard and her pussy wet. She could tell by the look on his face Kyle was unhappy with her, but then he had been without for more than a week, and she thought actions might speak louder than words at this point.

“Honey,” Lori said softly.

Kyle looked up at her blankly.

“Honey, you made me a wonderful breakfast, but I’m really hungry for some sausage!” Lori purred as she gave him a naughty come hither gesture with a smile to match. She patiently waited for him to respond, but she couldn’t tell if Kyle would come to her, or if he just wanted to scream at her.

Kyle stared at his wife, his head spinning with emotions! Her voice and the look in her eyes had given him a raging hard-on, yet he still felt angry and sick to his stomach as his legs stood and, seemingly against his will, walked to his wife.

“Kiss me, honey,” Lori said, then self consciously began to wipe at the dried cum around her mouth. Kyle snatched her wrists and tightly held her hands beyond her shoulders. Then he leaned in, and they fell into a desperate, passionate kiss.

Lori broke free from his grip, frantically undid his pants, and stroked his hard cock as they wildly tangled tongues and moaned through their noses. Then she broke their kiss and looked desperately into his eyes. Kyle knew what Lori wanted, and he suddenly had a powerful urge to give it to her as he grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock into her eager, waiting mouth.

Kyle felt her gag and choke, instinctively lifted his hands away, and started to pull out. But Lori was having none of it, grabbed his ass, and forced his cock balls-deep down her throat. Then she began to aggressively bob from the ridge of his helmet to burying her nose in his pubes and swiping her tongue over his balls.

Either the boys had taken the time to teach Lori some of the finer points of giving a deep-throat blowjob last night? Or I need to take a closer look at Lori’s search history to see exactly what kind of porn she’s been watching, Kyle thought, as Lori proceeded to give him the best blowjob of his life! Bar none.

Lori batted her eyes up at Kyle every time she pulled his cock out of her throat and swirled his helmet with her tongue. Then she would dig her nails into his ass and force his raging cock back down her throat, quickly building Kyle towards an orgasm. Lori desperately wanted to taste his cum as she stared up at Kyle with pleading in her big green eyes, opened wide, stuck out her tongue, and wildly stroked his cock!

“I-I-I’m cumming!” Kyle sputtered out to worn Lori, still trapped in his engrained mindset that she would never give him another blowjob if he came in her mouth. Lori was still wildly stroking when his first rope of cum blasted across her nose, lips, and tongue.

His knees almost buckled as Lori stopped stroking and started tickling his frenulum with the tip of her tongue. Kyle felt like he was going to pass out from the overwhelming pleasure and pain as rope after rope of his more-than-week-old pent-up cum drained from his balls! Lori milked every last drop into her mouth, then grinned up at Kyle as she wiggled her cum-covered tongue at him. She made a show of swallowing his cum, then opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue with a ‘see, I was a good girl, and swallowed it all’ look on her face.

Kyle took her by the hips, then lifted Lori out of the chair and into a deep passionate kiss filled with lust, hate, love, and redemption. She tightly wrapped her arms and legs around him. Kyle carried her to the kitchen counter, swiped the morning’s sundries into the sink, and sat her down. Then Kyle literally tore her short shorts from her body. Lori could tell by the look in his eyes that she had forfeited the right to reject his wants and desires. Not that Lori wanted to, or ever would again. But at that moment, despite how sore and spent Lori felt from being repeatedly fucked senseless by those horny young men, she needed Kyle to take her, reclaim her, to make damn sure she knew that no matter what, she was his wife and soul mate for all time!

Kyle roughly grabbed the back of her knees and lifted them high and wide as he trapped her legs in the crooks of his elbows and grabbed her hips. Then Kyle rammed his cock balls-deep into his wife and held it there, repulsed and turned on by the slippery feel of the other men’s cum in her dirty used cunt!

She couldn’t believe how hard his throbbing cock was after just giving him a world-class blowjob. But Lori saw no warm love and affection pouring from his heart as Kyle slowly pulled his cock out, then rammed it into her quivering wet cum-filled cunt, and began to fuck her with that same selfish abandon that those horny young studs had last night.

To Lori, it felt as if Kyle’s powerful strokes were piercing her soul, her very existence as she grabbed his ass, dug in her nails, and squirted on his cock as she started to cum. “Oh, God, Yes! Fuck me, HARD! FUCK ME, KYLE! FUCK ME-FUCK ME-FUCK MEEE!” Lori screamed out as she experienced rolling, multiple orgasms with an intensity that just couldn’t be matched by any random horny young man, no matter how hard he pounded her slutty married pussy!

Kyle felt Lori’s gushing Juices spraying on his belly and running down his legs as her cunt clenched on his cock with each new wave of her never-ending orgasm, driving him to pound Lori harder and harder until he emptied his balls deep in his slut wife’s used, bruised, swollen red cunt!

Lori could feel Kyle cumming deep inside her as he thrust like a bull, and her next orgasmic wave was so strong that she almost passed out and went limp in his hands. Lori felt Kyle lift her limp body to him and carry her to the bedroom, impaled on his still pulsing cock. He tossed her on the end of the bed, grabbed the pillows, and stacked them in the center. Then he picked Lori up like a ragdoll, placed her face down over the pillows, ass in the air, and slapped her ass hard! “So, you like getting spanked… Hmm,” Kyle rhetorically stated.

A cold chill ran up her spine, and Lori suddenly felt very stupid and guilty. She felt stupid for so quickly dismissing her keen instincts in the heat of the moment last night. Obviously, Kyle had been watching her, them! But mostly, Lori felt guilty for giving away the one thing she had always denied Kyle and knew he coveted, and she had no doubt about what he was going to do to her next.

Kyle climbed onto the end of the bed and stared at his bright red handprint. He could see that it was just one of many duller random hand-shaped marks on her ass as he shoved her legs wide apart, spread her cheeks, and surveyed her used holes. Kyle felt a surge of anger and excitement at the sight of his fresh cum streaks mixed with the dried remains of four other men’s cum as he watched his seed ooze from her cunt and swatted her ass again. Lori lurched and gasped, but she did not complain.

Then Kyle shoved three fingers deep into her wet cum-filled cunt, and began to rub them over her red, abused ass hole. Still, Lori didn’t complain as Kyle mimicked what those horny young studs had done to her last night. He rubbed over her pussy lips, ground on her clit, and then returned to her ass and began to work his fingers in one by one. Lori responded with shivers and moans as he twisted and wiggled until he had all three fingers buried in her quivering gaping ass.

Lori hoped that Kyle would not be too rough with her as he pulled his fingers out of her ass and pushed the head of his cock against her clenching sphincter. She braced herself for the hard thrust she knew she deserved, but to her relief and surprise, Kyle went slowly. She felt her ass relax and take him with ease as he slid into the countless loads of cum that had been relentlessly pumped into her ass by those horny young men.

Kyle held his cock balls-deep in her ass as he grabbed her braid, pulled her head up, and roared out with rage, agony and disgust! He was enraged that Lori had given her anal virginity to another man without a second thought. In agony over the fact that he had given her the hall pass to do it. And he was disgusted with himself for being so turned-on as his cock throbbed in his slut wife’s used cum-filled ass!

The agony and pain in Kyle’s primal outburst cut through Lori like a knife, and she was overcome by a deep sense of shame for so thoughtlessly giving away such a precious gift as Kyle gently rubbed her tail bone the way Samuel had. But there was nothing she could do to change it, and Lori was ready to face the consequences as he slowly withdrew until the ridge of his helmet was tight against the inside of her nervously clinching pucker hole. Then Kyle rammed his cock balls-deep into her ass, yanked her head back by her braid, and roughly grabbed her tits as he started pounding her with every ounce of rage in his soul.

Lori’s shame was quickly being overcome by the incredible sensation of Kyle’s rock-hard cock thrusting deep into her bowels as her building orgasm tingled through every fiber of her being. Her first anal orgasm was a mind-blowing experience. But Lori could tell that this orgasm was going to make that one feel like a fly-by afternoon ‘quickie’ as she began to urge Kyle on, “Take me, Kyle! Fuck me like the slutty anal whore I am!

Lori’s slut-shaming encouragement caused Kyle’s pace to change from out-of-control pounding to slow withdrawals with deep, hard thrusts.

Kyle could feel Lori’s body shaking with her building orgasm as guttural growls flew out of his mouth with each hard thrust. Then Lori began to go over the edge, “Oh, FUCK, YESSS! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR SLUT WIFE’S DIRTY USED ASSS! KYLLLEEE! Lori screamed out.

Her clenching ass pulled him over the edge, and Kyle buried his cock balls-deep with one final animal thrust. “FUCKIN’ WHOREEE!” he roared. Then he shoved her face into the mattress and kept ruthlessly thrusting with nowhere to go.

Lori clawed at the sheets in the throws of multiple rolling orgasms as Kyle pumped his seed deep into her bowels with animal grunts and thrusts. Then Kyle collapsed, rolled off her, and gasped for air as Lori lay there twitching and purring in seventh-heaven.

Kyle rolled out of bed and headed for the shower without saying a word to Lori. He was struggling with his feelings. Kyle felt guilty about calling his wife a whore. After all, he had given her the hall pass with no limits. But Kyle also felt like he had no choice in the matter, and he needed to work through his anger and get it out of his system. He stepped into the shower and let the hot water wash over him with a sense of calm, no longer angry with Lori, but he didn’t know how long that feeling would last.

The last waves of her orgasmic overload faded, and Lori curled up in a ball around the pillows that had been the pedestal for Kyle’s revenge fuck. She hoped that he had gotten the pent-up anger out of his system so Kyle wouldn’t be so defensive about her quest to explore her sexuality. Then Lori faded off to sleep, completely spent from her most intense orgasm yet.



The Flying Pig

Lori woke to the sounds of Kyle bustling around in the kitchen, then looked at the clock and couldn’t believe she had slept for six hours. She sat up and saw her micro bikini laid out on the end of the bed. Lori assumed Kyle meant for her to wear it and snagged the bikini as she headed for the bathroom. Before she did anything else, she was going to take a long-overdue shower.

After her shower, Lori looked herself over in the mirror and noticed the little bruises around her tits. She twisted, saw the handprint-shaped marks on her ass, and felt a smile cross her face as she decided they were a badge of honor for being so aggressive in her sexual adventures. She wanted to think that Kyle had put them there, but she was sure most of them had come from the horny young men next door.

Lori did her makeup, donned the neon green Micro bikini, and headed for the kitchen. Kyle had tidied up the cabin and was drying the last of the dishes as she wrapped her arms around his waist and snuggled against his back, “I take it you wanted me to wear my new bikini?” Lori whispered in his ear, then kissed the back of his neck.

Kyle simply nodded at the table. “Read and sign that paper, then we can talk if you have any questions,” he stated, betraying no emotion.

Lori had questions running through her mind before he had finished his statement. But Kyle hadn’t felt tense or angry when she hugged him, and that hadn’t changed when he spoke. So Lori figured she should see what this was all about before she said anything.

She noted the pen next to the paper and the words HALL PASS in bold print at the top of the page. Lori quickly discerned that it was a contract as she read the simple list of conditions.

I, Kyle Richardson, bestow this one time Hall Pass to Lori Richardson, with the following conditions:

Lori Richardson may, for the duration of our anniversary vacation, hereafter known as the ‘week’, engage in carnal relations with anyone she so chooses.

I, Kyle Richardson, forfeit all claims to marital impropriety and will not seek any legal form of consequence or redress for Lori Richardson’s actions for the ‘week.’

Further, I, Kyle Richardson, promise to never hold any actions taken by Lori Richardson during the ‘week’ against her for the duration of my life.

This contract must be signed in the provided spaces by both parties, or it is to be considered null and void.

This contract was prepared at the specific request of Kyle Richardson by Jerry Anderson, Esquire; Attorney at Law.

Lori picked up the pen, then looked questioningly at Kyle, wondering why he felt the need to make this so official. He simply shrugged and gestured for her to sign the contract without muttering a word. Then Kyle moved behind Lori, grabbed her hips, and looked over her shoulder.

It had put her mind at ease, and Lori didn’t see the harm as she put the pen on the provided space and scrawled out her barely legible signature.

“Any questions?” Kyle asked.

“Nope,” Lori replied confidently, feeling that Kyle had come to terms with the fact she was not doing any of this to hurt him.

Then Kyle pulled a chair out from the table, placed it in the center of the floor, and patted the seat.

Lori wasn’t sure what he was up to, but Kyle was smiling softly, and she took a seat with giddy anticipation.

Kyle moved behind Lori, fluffed out her long wavy red hair, and lovingly ran his fingers through it. Then he pulled her Boar-hair brush from a pocket in his khaki cargo shorts and began to take long, smooth, gentle strokes. Lori loved it when Kyle doted on her like this, and every stroke he took sent a wave of calming reassurance through her body.

After Kyle had thoroughly brushed out her hair, he sat the brush on the table, moved in front of Lori, and motioned for her to fluff it out. Lori hung her head, shook out her hair, quickly flipped her head back, and stood up. Kyle took her face in his hands, and Lori saw the love that was missing this morning pouring from his heart through his eyes. Then Kyle kissed her deeply, and Lori fell into his kiss with everything she had as he tightly wrapped his arms around her.

A loud air horn blast startled Lori. Though the marina was several hundred yards away, she could hear and feel the rumble of a big diesel engine through the floor of the cabin as someone knocked on the door? Then Kyle broke their embrace with a big smile as he went to answer the door.

“Hey… Amigo,” Samuel cheerfully said.

Lori just stood there dumbfounded as Kyle opened the door and invited Samuel in, closely followed by Earnest, Pedro, and David.

“Sounds like our ride is here. You boys ready to go?” Kyle asked with a big smile.

“You bet, Mr. R,” Samuel replied enthusiastically as the boys responded with a round of snickering grunting approvals.

Kyle took Lori’s arm, “Well, come on, baby. Let’s go. Our party boat awaits,” he said with a calm, smooth voice as he motioned towards the door. Then to her surprise, Samuel took her other arm. Lori froze and looked at Kyle with panic in her eyes.

“Party boat?” Lori asked nervously. Kyle just shrugged and nodded toward the door again. Then Samuel took Lori by the chin, turned her head to face him, and laid a hot kiss on her. Lori felt herself give in and return his kiss, then she snapped back into panic mode, spun, and looked into Kyle’s eyes. But he betrayed no anger or disdain at her actions, and she was even more confused about what was going on.

Then Samuel squeezed her hand and caressed her face. “It’s all right, Mamacita! Your husband came over while you were napping, and we all had a man-to-man talk, and everything is okay!he said with a soft, reassuring tone.

“Here, David,” Kyle said as he released her arm. David properly locked his elbow with Lori’s as Kyle opened the front door and motioned for everyone to come along. Then Kyle stepped through, and the boys all followed. Not that Lori was trying to stop them, but she felt that her feet needn’t be touching the ground as Samuel and David sidestepped through the door with Lori Locked in their arms.

Lori couldn’t see the party boat as Kyle led them along the sidewalk to the marina. But as they rounded the last cabin and the trees opened to a view of the docks, Lori was stunned by the enormous boat. No… Yacht moored at the end of the deepwater dock on the main channel to the lakes.

“Wow, Mr. R. You weren’t kiddin’. Your buddy Jerry must be rollin’ in dough,” Samuel commented as his amigos spluttered out several appreciative expletives.

“Yeah, good old Jerry!” Kyle replied a bit wistfully, “He comes from old money, and he has done well for himself, being a sleazy lawyer and all,” he said with a deadpan drawl that brought a round of raucous laughter from the boys and even got a chuckle out of Lori.

Lori could see that Kyle’s buddy, Jerry, had a sense of humor, and she couldn’t help but laugh at the name on the stern of the yacht, The Flying Pig. She was sure there was a story to go with the funny name as they approached the back of the immaculate custom-built at least 80-foot yacht. Lori also assumed that the debonair handsome man with the sexy gray streak in his jet black slicked-back hair standing at the bottom of the gangway was jerry.

Lori had no idea if Jerry was married. But she stopped short of assuming that the beautiful blond under his arm was Jerry’s wife! Given her bodacious fake rack and the neon pink micro bikini that was covering even less of her body than Lori’s bikini, if that was possible. The term “arm candy” came to mind.

Kyle picked up his pace, and the pretty blond stepped aside as he approached Jerry. They stuck out their hands but then bypassed the handshake for a big back-slapping hug.

Then Jerry took Kyle by the shoulders, “God, what’s it been; eight, nine-years?” he asked with the affection of a long-lost friend.

“Yeah, at least eight,” Kyle replied.

Then Jerry looked over Kyle’s shoulder at Lori.

“You dog! How in the hell did you land a beautiful woman like that without me around to break her in first,” Jerry boisterously poked at Kyle as he, not-so-subtly, ogled Lori in the arms of the two young men.

“Yeah, well, I have a feeling we might not be standing here right now if that were the case, old buddy,” Kyle shot back in a half-joking manner as he gave Lori a squinty side-eyed glance. Lori bowed her head a little, and Jerry caught the tension in the air.

“Well, I think it’s time to get this party started. Bambi, would you please escort these fine young men up to the deck,” Jerry said to the pretty blond.

Bambi held her hands out to Samuel and David, and Lori felt a little shunned as they unceremoniously dropped her arms, and all four of her hot young neighbor boys happily followed Bambi up the gangway. Then Jerry held out his arm Like a true gentleman, and Lori accepted his offer with a side-eyed sneer at Kyle.

Kyle just took it in stride with a knowing grin and followed Jerry and Lori up the gangway.

Everyone gathered on the deck as Jerry called out, “Captain Todd.” A mountain of a chiseled, muscular, dark ebony black man, in a smart-looking light blue custom-tailored one-piece jumpsuit with a captain’s hat, came out of the helm. Closely followed by two sturdy young men in identical uniforms.

“I would like everyone to meet my all-around right-hand man and our captain for the day, Todd,” Jerry said, “and our first and second mates, Danny and Skip.”

“Welcome aboard, The Flying Pig, folks,” Todd announced with a booming jovial voice. “On behalf of Mr. Anderson. Bambi, Danny, Skip, and I are at your service. Please feel free to ask us for anything, and I mean anything you desire to make your cruise a truly memorable one!” Todd announced, then held out his hand to Lori. She politely offered hers as he gently cupped her tiny hand between his massive paws, “And this gorgeous woman must be our guest of honor,” Todd proclaimed, then kissed her hand like a gentleman.

Kyle stifled a chuckle as he watched Lori blush and shyly wiggle her body as her aroused nipples stood out under the tiny triangles of her bikini.

“There’s a big spread of hors d’oeuvres and a fully stocked bar up on the party deck. So, please everyone make yourselves at home,” Jerry announced.

“This way, boys,” Bambi spoke up with a confident, sexy hostess voice. Then she turned and swayed like a goddess as she headed for the stairs up to the party deck with the boys hot on her five-inch hooker heels.

Todd patted Lori’s hand and gave her a sexy wink. Then Jerry gave her ass cheek a firm slap, and Lori jumped with a squeal.

“Come on, Mrs. Richardson, let’s get this party started,” Jerry said crudely with a leering grin to match as he gestured toward the party deck.

Lori glanced at Kyle, saw no reaction, and gave Jerry a sideways little smile as she took his arm and headed for the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, Lori looked around in awe at the covered, lavishly furnished party deck that could easily accommodate 35-40 revelers.

“I need to have a word with my husband,” Lori said. Jerry released her arm and animatedly bowed toward Kyle. Then Lori took Kyle’s hand and led him past the central fully stocked wet bar and buffet with every kind of hors d’oeuvres one could ever want.

When they got to the front rail of the deck. Kyle was struck by Lori’s newfound confidence and grace as she stood there in deep thought, looking out over the lake with a gentle breeze blowing through her hair.

“Well, what did you need to talk about?” Kyle prodded.

Lori turned and gave Kyle a pensive suspicious look. “So who is this Jerry character, and what’s going on here, Kyle?” Lori asked bluntly.

“Well, that’s two separate questions. Do you want the long version or the nickel tour?” Kyle responded with a smart-assed lilt.

Then Lori gave him a not so gentle shot in the arm! “Spill, Mister,” she growled with a cockeyed smile.

Kyle threw up his hands in surrender, “All right, all right already. Jerry is an old friend from college, and he offered to take us out on his boat,” he replied.

“Ha! Nice try, but there is a lot more going on here than that, and how come I never met your lawyer friend Jerry when you were still in college?” Lori interrogated.

“Again, Mrs. Richardson, if you could limit your questions to one subject at a time,” Kyle shot back, then quickly dodged away as Lori threatened to hit him again.

“Okay, okay!” Kyle chuckled. “Jerry was studying pre-law and, luckily, a year ahead of me. So he wasn’t around when we met, or he probably would have stolen you away from me!” Kyle replied wistfully.

“What do you mean, stolen me away from you?” Lori asked with an edge of confusion and concern in her voice.

“Well, that’s a complicated question. If Jerry had still been around when I met you, I know he would have done his best to woo you away from me,” Kyle replied quite seriously.

She could tell that there was a lot more to the story. “What? You think some handsome devil like Jerry could have taken me away from you just because he has money?” Lori poked at Kyle as she squeezed his hand with a loving smile.

“I would like to think not. But you don’t understand how things were. Jerry is the main reason I didn’t want to fess up when you demanded to know how many women I had been with. Well, besides the pissing you off part. You see, when I met Jerry, I kinda became his wingman. So whenever he went out on the town or to one of those high-class parties, I would tag along. That’s why instead of confessing to dating the three or four women I had met on my own, it was closer to twenty. And don’t let that exaggerating S.O.B. tell you otherwise!” Kyle said, then leaned in and kissed Lori.

Lori fell into his arms, and they kissed with a passion that was beyond words until they came up for air.

“Aw, you poor baby, having to take up Jerry’s slack at those parties full of Bambis?” Lori playfully chided, “But since you have invited Samuel and the boys along for this little party, I have a pretty good idea what is going on here,” she stated matter-of-factly.

“You do… Huh?” Kyle shot back dubiously.

“Are you really going to do this?” Lori asked, parroting Kyle’s own words from last night, assuming that he intended for his old friend Jerry, the boys, and probably the crew to have their way with her.

Kyle raised a hand and started counting off fingers the way Lori had done to him in the heat of her self-righteous rage over her good-girl past. He paused at four, then held up nine digits with both hands.

Lori quickly did the math and blushed bright red as she realized that Kyle had added Bambi into the count.

“Soon, you could be halfway to getting even with me. If you’re open-minded enough, that is,” Kyle declared with a sarcastic wiggle of his eyebrows.

“Huh… Well, you never know,” she replied slyly to his innuendo, “But I shouldn’t keep everyone waiting. After all, I am the guest of honor,” Lori stated as she arched up on her toes and mimicked Bambi’s walk. Kyle’s cock was quickly rising to the occasion as he followed his beautiful wife back to the party with genuine appreciation.

Lori could hear Samuel and the boys laughing as she strutted aft past the island buffet and bar. Jerry had been regaling them with some tall tale from his college days with Kyle. Lori was a little disappointed that she didn’t get to hear the story. She was sure Kyle and Jerry must have had some pretty wild times together back in the day.

“Oh, good. There is our guest of honor,” Bambi cheerfully proclaimed as she handed Lori and Kyle a glass of champagne. “Right this way, hun,” Bambi said as she took Lori by the elbow, laid her hand across her bare ass, and guided Lori to a large plush vinyl ottoman in the center of the aft guest lounge area. Jerry and the boys all raised their glasses of bourbon with revelrous cheers!

“Sit here, sweety,” Bambi said with a genuinely friendly tone that put Lori at ease as she sat and took a long pull off the refreshingly cold champagne.

Then Lori held her glass up toward Jerry with a big smile, “Wow! This is amazing!” she exclaimed. Not that she was a connoisseur. But it was, bar-none, the best champagne she had ever tasted.

“Nothing but the best for my honored guests and old friends,” Jerry replied, then picked up a remote and pushed a button.

Bambi stepped behind Lori and placed her hands over her eyes as music with strong thumping bass began to play. Lori tensed a little. “Relax, hun. We have a special surprise for our guest of honor,” Bambi reassured her.

Then Lori started moving her body to the hard-driving beat. “That’s it, sweety. Just go with it and have a good time,” Bambi said as Todd, Danny, and Skip appeared.

Todd approached Kyle and extended his hand. Kyle stood and gave Todd a firm gentleman’s handshake. “The boat is on sonar- and radar-assisted GPS autopilot,” Todd told Kyle. “But I think we would all feel better about it if you were at the helm to keep an eye on things,” he said, giving Kyle a way to bow out gracefully if he was uncomfortable with what was about to happen.

Todd could see the relief in Kyle’s face and gave him a friendly shoulder squeeze, “You’re a good man, and don’t worry about a thing. The boat is programmed to stop and drop the anchor at our destination if the party is still in full-swing!” he added with a wink.

Kyle watched Todd, Danny, and Skip take their positions in front of Lori and start moving to the music with professionally rehearsed dance moves. Then Jerry and the boys raised their glasses with silent nods to Kyle. Kyle raised his glass and mouthed out, ‘Enjoy!’ Then he made his way to the helm, figuring Lori would enjoy herself more if he wasn’t in the room.

SURPRISE!” Bambi shouted over the music as she pulled her hands from Lori’s eyes.

Lori slapped her hand over her mouth as her eyes went wide, and she quickly scanned the room for Kyle. “He’s fine, sweety,” Bambi said as she ran her fingers through Lori’s hair and brought her attention back to the three men’s hot dance moves.

All three men tossed their caps, took wide stances, and began moving like robots to the beat. Then the music stopped, and they slumped forward with their hands dangling at their feet as though their batteries had died.

“Finish your champagne hun,” Bambi encouraged. Lori downed the last swallow and handed her empty glass to Bambi. Suddenly, the music came alive as the three men grabbed the pant leg cuffs of their jumpsuits and ripped them off in one quick move. Lori stared in awe at the three perfectly chiseled hot men as they twirled their jumpsuits over their heads, then tossed them away as they danced just for her in their bright red banana hammocks. Todd moved in and stood between Lori’s feet as he gyrated to the music.

Lori was mesmerized by Todd’s enormous growing manhood as it pushed out the top of his much too small banana hammock. She hardly noticed as Danny and Skip pulled the bow ties of her bikini and made quick work of removing it. Then six hands began to caress her body as all eleven inches of Todd’s hard cock escaped its red satin hammock and swayed only an inch in front of her face.

Overwhelming waves of pleasure rushed through Lori’s body as Danny and Skip ran their hands over her inner thighs and teasingly brushed their fingers over her clit. Bambi cupped her tits from behind as she worked over Lori’s insanely sensitive nipples and kissed the back of her neck.

“This is all for you, sweety… Take him,” Bambi whispered into Lori’s ear.

It felt like an out-of-body experience as Lori took Todd’s massive shaft in her hands and stroked it. Lori knew she would never be able to deep throat his monster cock as she sucked in his helmet, and it completely filled her mouth. Yet, she had an overwhelming urge to try as Bambi pushed on the back of her head and cheered Lori on.

“Yeah… That’s it, you little slut. Suck his big beautiful black cock!” Bambi encouraged. Danny was out-right finger fucking Lori’s dripping wet cunt as Skip rolled her clit around under his fingertips, and Lori could feel an earth-shattering orgasm building from deep in her soul as she sucked, gagged and choked on Todd’s cock with complete abandon.

Lori felt Todd tense as his first powerful blast of cum shot against the back of her mouth. That pushed Lori over the edge and her eyes rolled back in her head as the first shock wave of her orgasm tore through her body like a bomb blast. Bambi felt Lori cumming and gave her head one last hard shove. Todd’s cock slid deep into her throat, and each pulse of cum that shot through his massive cock, sent another overwhelming shock wave through Lori’s body.

“Oh, FUCK YES!” Todd groaned out as he shot his last hot rope of cum down Lori’s throat. Todd stepped away, and Lori collapsed back onto the ottoman in the throws of an orgasmic assault as Bambi gently stroked her hair until her orgasmic waves subsided. Then Bambi leaned down and gave Lori a gentle peck on the lips.

“That was beautiful, sweety,” Bambi exclaimed. Lori had never kissed a woman, but at that moment, it felt right, and she threw her arms around Bambi as they fell into a deep passionate tongue-tangling kiss.

Todd, Danny, and Skip went to the bar, donned towels, and poured themselves drinks. Jerry and the boys clapped and whistled in appreciation of their strip show and the ongoing show!

When the applause died away, Bambi broke their kiss and helped Lori sit up.

“Bambi, would you please get our guests another round of drinks, then take our guest of honor to the playroom while I have a chat with my old friend, Kyle,” Jerry said, then went to the bar, poured two tumblers of bourbon, and headed for the helm.

Bambi poured another round of bourbons for the boys and two glasses of champagne. She teased Samuel and his amigos as she happily served their drinks while receiving crude compliments and gropes all around. Then Bambi handed Lori a glass of champagne and raised the other in a toast. Lori, the strippers, and the boys all raised their glasses.

“To PUSSY POWER!” Bambi proudly declared, and everyone broke into raucous laughter mixed with harrumphs and hear-hears.

“Right this way, hun,” Bambi said as she put her arm around Lori’s naked body and started for the stairway down to Mr. Anderson’s boudoir playroom. At the top of the stairs, Bambi looked over her shoulder, “I’ll let you boys know when we’re ready for you.”

Jerry handed Kyle the bourbon, “How you doin’ old buddy?” he asked with genuine concern. He knew how hard this must all be for Kyle.

“I’m good. Just takin’ in the view on my hands-free joy ride in this million-dollar toy of yours,” Kyle replied.

“More like, two-point six million. But who’s counting,” Jerry chuckled. “Actually, I just came to see if you wanted to join us, fellas. I have a feeling we are all about to witness a beautiful thing!” he said with obvious implication.

Kyle raised his eyebrows at Jerry’s innuendo.

“I told you there isn’t a man or woman alive that can resist Bambi’s God-given… Okay, surgically enhanced charms,” Jerry exclaimed. “And you’re more than welcome to take a spin,” he added with a knowing grin.

“Oh, no thanks. I’m not the one with the hall pass!” Kyle replied quite seriously.

“Hey, you know that contract would never hold up in a court of law,” Jerry reminded Kyle.

“I know, but it served its purpose,” Kyle replied.

“Well, all that aside. I’m tellin’ ya, you don’t want to miss this,” Jerry said emphatically.

“Well, let’s go!” Kyle replied with a big grin, unsure and excited about the prospect of what might happen, as he followed Jerry back to the party deck.

Jerry grabbed another fifth of Glenlivet from the bar and topped off everyone’s drinks. Then he sat and picked up the party deck entertainment remote, clicked a button, and a huge flat-screen TV rose from the end of the center island. Everyone stared in astonishment at the live video monitor split into four sections. Each with a different view of the same red velvet-covered heart-shaped bed, surrounded by lavish velvet falls.

“Perfect timing,” Jerry exclaimed as Lori and Bambi came out of the master bath and stood next to the bed, totally naked as they fell into a passionate kiss. Then, to Kyle’s surprise, Lori suddenly became the aggressor and pushed Bambi back onto the bed, spread-eagle. Lori crawled on top of Bambi and went straight for her fantastic tits, greedily sucking and kneading them like she was starving. Evoking a rousing round of cheers from all the men.

Then Jerry pushed another button, and the best angle of the four filled the screen as Bambi took the upper hand and rolled Lori onto her back, pinned her hands to the bed, and attacked her perky, fully aroused nipples. Once Lori had succumbed to the overwhelming pleasure of her lavish attention. Bambi released her arms, slid her hand down Lori’s belly, and without hesitation, plunged three fingers deep into Lori’s hot wet cunt.

Daaamn! that’s fuckin’ HOT!” David exclaimed. Kyle turned to see David grabbing his junk the same way he had when they first met. Then Kyle noticed that all the guys. Jerry, Todd, Danny, and Skip included, had their hands on, or in their pants, or towels respectively, and he couldn’t say that he blamed them as his cock throbbed against his shorts at the incredibly hot sight of his gorgeous wife making love with this beautiful woman.

Bambi wildly pounded her fingers into Lori as she kissed down Lori’s belly and dived on her clit. Lori roughly grabbed two handfuls of Bambi’s hair as she ground her hips against Bambi’s thrusting fingers and hungry mouth. Soon, Lori began to shake, yanked Bambi’s head up, and stared at her with unbridled lust in her eyes. Lori pulled Bambi’s hand from her cunt, brought her dripping wet fingers to her mouth, and greedily sucked and licked them clean.

Then Lori pulled Bambi up until they were face to face, and they fell into a frenzied lust-driven kiss as they wildly groped one another. Kyle couldn’t help but notice that the men had all gone quiet, except for an occasional chorus of groans when the girls did something that tripped their triggers.

Bambi whispered something into Lori’s ear and Lori nodded enthusiastically. Then both girls quickly jumped out of bed and disappeared out of the frame to a chorus of disappointed groans. Kyle noticed Jerry grinning like the cat who ate the canary and figured it would be a brief intermission. Then Lori and Bambi giddily came skipping back to the bed and covered it with a large black rubber sheet; that draped well over the sides.

Bambi pointed at the camera, and Lori looked shocked; for a moment. Then the girls started hysterically laughing as they bent over, mooned the camera, and spread their ass cheeks for everyone. Next, Bambi crawled onto the rubber sheet, rolled onto her back, and spread her legs wide as she gave Lori a naughty come hither gesture. Lori crawled up between Bambi’s legs like a cat in heat, dived on her pussy, and sucked her wet engorged pussy lips into her mouth.

Again, Kyle heard a chorus of flustered growls and grunts as he looked around at the eight mesmerized men, all with their hands now in their shorts, pants, and towels. But then what could he say? His hand was in his shorts too!

Kyle felt like he was back in that bizarre episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ as he watched Lori reach up and knead Bambi’s amazing tits as she worked over her clit like she had been eating pussy all her life. Then Bambi wrapped her legs around Lori’s head and began howling out in ecstasy as Lori firmly twisted Bambi’s nipples. There was no sound on the TV, but everyone could plainly hear Bambi’s building orgasm from two decks down as Lori intensified her efforts. Suddenly, the reason for the rubber sheet became clear as Bambi screamed at the top of her lungs and squirted all over Lori’s face.

Lori hungrily lapped up Bambi’s gushing juices as fast as she could, and Kyle had to stop touching himself to keep from blowing his load. Though he was sure by the sounds he was hearing, some of the other men didn’t bother to stop!

Kyle watched Lori crawl up Bambi’s frame and fall into a tender, passionate post-orgasmic kiss, figuring the show was over. But it wasn’t long before Bambi reached between Lori’s legs and started to play with her very wet, horny pussy. Lori arched up onto her knees as Bambi aggressively worked her clit, brought her other hand to Lori’s crotch, and slid two fingers into her dripping wet cunt. Lori moaned out as she began to shake on the precipice of an orgasm. Then Bambi guided Lori over her face and attacked her clit with her tongue as she slipped a third finger into Lori and aggressively pounded her G-spot.

Kyle had seen Lori squirt last night. But it was nothing like this. Lori screamed out with each wave of the mind-bending orgasm that was tearing through her as she gushed torrents of girl cum into Bambi’s mouth. This time, Kyle didn’t bother to stop stroking his cock, and neither did any of the men who had managed to make it past Bambi’s orgasm as their grunts were being drowned out by Lori’s orgasmic howls from two decks below.

Finally, Lori collapsed, and the girls tenderly cuddled as the guys cleared their throats and nonchalantly pulled their hands from their crotches.

“Uh… Anyone need a refill,” Jerry asked to break the awkward silence.

Kyle watched Lori and Bambi kissing softly in the afterglow and wondered what she was thinking? Wondered if she suspected that he was watching? Wondered if she would tell him about her experience if he asked?

Bambi and Lori crawled off the bed and went into the master bath. Then Bambi returned with a towel, and a few of the guys chuckled at her antics as she grinned up at the camera and made a show of soaking up the puddles on the rubber sheet. A moment later, Lori returned. Bambi tossed the towel aside, and the girls both jumped on the bed, spread their legs for the camera, and gave the guys come hither gestures with naughty smiles.

The guys broke into cheers and grunted out crude proclamations, and Kyle wasn’t surprised to see Jerry leading the parade as they all quickly headed for the playroom. Kyle laughed at himself as he picked Todd’s captain’s hat off the floor and headed for the helm, quite sure he didn’t want to sit here by himself and watch eight guys fuck his wife senseless.

Kyle had been kicking back, enjoying the view of the seemingly endless chain of lakes for about two hours, when Lori snuck up behind him barefoot and cleared her throat. Kyle was startled as he spun in the captain’s chair to see his wife standing there covered in cum. It was all around her mouth, covering her tits and running down her inner thighs.

“Looks like you’ve been having a great time,” Kyle said with a silly grin on his face, amused by her appearance.

Lori crossed her arms, seemingly not amused, as she glared at her husband.

“So, what’s next?” Lori asked with a suspicious tone.

“Whatever do you mean, dear?” Kyle replied, trying his best to keep a straight face in light of her hostile mood.

“Don’t sass me, Mr, what else do you have planned for me?” Lori demanded as she put her hands on her hips and scowled at him.

Kyle held up his hands in surrender and pointed at a spot on the GPS monitor a few miles further up the chain of lakes. Lori stepped up beside Kyle and squinted at the display.

“So, what is that place?” Lori asked.

“That’s Porky’s, ” Kyle said matter-of-factly.

“Porky’s,” Lori replied, confused.

“It’s one of Jerry’s gentleman’s clubs,” Kyle answered.

“One of?” Lori sputtered out with surprise.

“Yeah, Jerry owns five clubs around the country,” Kyle said, “But Porky’s was his first, and he runs his law office out of the back. He also rents this boat out for stag and bachelor parties.”

“Well, I guess that explains why he named his boat, The Flying Pig,” Lori chuckled. “But that doesn’t answer my question?” she said with a cross look.

“Okay! Jerry lined up a dozen of his best “customers” to spend some quality time in the VIP room with an insatiable hot redhead! For a nominal fee,” Kyle replied again, struggling to keep a straight face.

“You’re whoring me out?” Lori croaked as tears welled in her eyes.

“Hey, that was all Jerry’s idea,” Kyle insisted in his own defense. “I just wanted to make sure you had enough men, so this argument would be settled once and for all,” Kyle stated as he took Lori’s face in his hands.

“Do you know how much I love you?” he asked, his heart breaking for his wife. Lori began to bawl as Kyle pulled her head to his chest and held her tight. When her sobbing slowed to sniffles, Kyle scooped Lori into his arms and carried her to one of the half dozen luxury staterooms, and drew her a whirlpool bath with lavender and rose oils.

Kyle washed her hair and gently cleaned all the cum from her body, noticing even more small bruises on her shoulders, arms, breast, hips, and thighs.

He helped Lori out of the tub and lovingly toweled her off, then he leaned in to kiss her. But Lori put her hand to his chest and held him back.

“Stop!” she said firmly and pointed to his tropical print shirt hanging on the bathroom door. Kyle just looked at her in dismay as he retrieved his shirt. Lori reached into the pocket and pulled out the Hall Pass contract. She opened it, quickly read through it, folded it back up, and proceeded to tear it into shreds. Then she threw her arms around Kyle, and they fell into a deep passionate kiss.

When they came up for air, Lori took Kyle’s face into her hands.

“Do you know how much I love you?”

“Yes, I do, baby. Yes, I do!” Kyle replied with a deeper sense of warmth and love for his wife than he had ever felt before.

“Then take me back to our cabin, honey,” Lori said as she buried her face in Kyle’s chest and held him tight.

They got dressed, and Kyle led Lori up to the party deck. Jerry was keeping the party going with his tall tails, and Bambi had been keeping everyone topped off.

“I need to take my wife back to the cabin, Jerry,” Kyle announced.

Jerry didn’t look too surprised and waved his hand at Todd. Todd and his mates had donned their jumpsuits, and they all headed for the helm to set the new course.

“Umm… What about those men waiting for me at Porky’s?” Lori spoke up a little abashed.

“Oh, don’t worry your pretty little head about that, sweety,” Bambi said as she reassuringly squeezed Lori’s hands, “I’m the talent director for all of Mr. Anderson’s clubs. The girls and I will make sure all of Jerry’s friends are well taken care of,” then Bambi gave Lori a peck on the cheek.

Kyle choked and cleared his throat.

“What’s the matter, honey,” Lori asked Kyle with genuine concern.

“Oh, nothing,” Kyle replied, a little flustered as he tried to cover the crotch of his khaki cargo shorts. Samuel and the boys started snickering as Jerry broke into outright rolling laughter.

Then Lori cleared her throat as she moved Kyle’s hands away from his crotch and saw what was obviously a mostly dried large cum stain. Then she blushed bright red as she put two and two together.

“You were watching… Again?” Lori asked, a bit shocked, thinking that Kyle had seen enough last night.

“Um… Well, just the first part. I bowed out after that,” Kyle confessed.

“Oh…” Lori replied, pulled Bambi to her, and laid a hot kiss on her. Bambi happily reciprocated for quite some time as the boys cheered them on. Then Lori broke their hot kiss and caressed Kyle’s face.

“I’m glad you liked it, honey. But from now on, I don’t want to be with anyone but you.”

“I’m good with that,” Kyle replied.

“Me too,” Lori agreed as they fell into a passionate kiss.

Then Bambi led the boys in another rousing round of cheers and applause.




Todd sounded the air horn announcing that the gangway was in place. Everyone gathered on the deck with handshakes, hugs, and kisses all around. The neighbor boys bid their adieu and headed back to their cabin.

Then Jerry and Bambi escorted Kyle and Lori down the gangway to the dock.

Lori and Bambi hugged as Jerry and Kyle shook hands then fell into another back-slapping hug.

Kyle and Lori stepped back with tears of appreciation in their eyes.

“Hey, don’t wait eight years to get back in touch, you two,” Jerry said.

“I think coming up here to go fishing is going to become an anniversary tradition. With a few minor stipulations,” Kyle replied and winked at Lori as they all chuckled at his innuendo.

“Well, if you two ever need anything, and I mean anything. Don’t hesitate to call. Even if you just need to come up for a getaway weekend on The Flying Pig,” Jerry said with genuine affection for them.

“We might just take you up on that, and thanks for everything, Jerry and you too, Bambi,” Kyle replied, then they turned and headed for the cabin.

As Kyle and Lori got to the shore and started up the sidewalk, Todd blasted the air horn. They turned to see Jerry, Bambi, Todd, and the crew waving from the aft deck. Kyle and Lori waved back then started for the cabin again.

“Honey,” Lori said as she took Kyle’s hand and squeezed it tightly.

“Yes, dear,” Kyle replied, returning her squeeze.

“I’m not sure how to say this, but I kinda forgot about something in all the excitement over the last few days,” Lori continued.

“Well, I guess that’s understandable. We have had a pretty intense few days. But that’s all behind us, so just tell me what’s on your mind,”

“Um… Okay, I’m glad you feel that way about everything that’s happened. So, do you remember how I told you that we couldn’t have sex for a whole week, so we would be really horny for our anniversary vacation ?” Lori asked.

“Yeah, how could I forget. My balls almost exploded,” Kyle joked.

“Well, the real reason I cut you off was that I had stopped taking my pills. My cycle was out of whack, and things got pretty messy for a few days,” Lori replied matter-of-factly.

Then the penny dropped, and Kyle’s feet came to a halt as he froze in his tracks.

“Well, the odds are that I’m not fertile yet. But if I am knocked up, you do have a one in nine chance of being the father,” Lori offered as though it was no big deal.

Kyle just stared at Lori, speechless, with his head feeling like it was going to explode.

“Of course… If I am knocked up, there is also a one in nine chance that everyone will know you’re a cuckold!



The End

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