Jody had been hired as Mr. Wyler’s houseboy and valet for a month when one morning Mr. Wyler told him he was giving Jody a new responsibility.

“You’ve shown a good sense of responsibility so far, Jody,” he said.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“I have a new set of tasks for you to include in your repertoire.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir,” Jody replied.

Mr. Wyler removed a key from his set and unlocked an elegant leather satchel. He handed the key to Jody with a smile. “From now on, you will care for and maintain the contents of this bag.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Mr. Wyler then walked out of the room. “I’ll be on the terrace. After you examine the contents, you will make note of them and see if any maintenance is required. Memorize each item and keep a tally.”

“Very good, Sir,” Jody said with a nod. He felt grateful for the additional duty.

Jody put the key on his keyring and opened the satchel. It was made of finely tooled black leather and felt smooth and sensual to his fingers. When he saw what was inside he gasped and felt his heart begin to speed up its pace.

His trembling fingers began to remove items from the bag. The first was a small black velvet pouch that felt heavy in his hand. He carefully opened the drawstring and again gasped. It was a silvery metal ring with two large metal balls or beads at the point where the ring was open. Jody licked his dry lips. He knew immediately it was a cockring that fitted just beneath the glans of Mr. Wyler’s cock. Jody’s forefinger traced the circle and rubbed over the metal beads. He felt his own dick stir in his trousers as he held the ring, knowing where it had been.

He closed his eyes for a moment and tried to picture Mr. Wyler’s cockhead slipping through the ring’s width. His shoulders trembled and he tried to calm his breathing. He looked to make sure he was alone and then let out a soft whisper. “Fuuuuck,” he said. “Sir’s cockring.”

He suddenly noticed that his own dick was growing harder the longer he held the ring. He licked his lips again and sat down on the edge of the bed. His mind kept imagining Sir’s cock as he would put the ring on; the shaft growing longer and thicker and the head bulging above the metal circle, the beads pressing against the sensitive points just under Sir’s cockhead. Jody’s heart beat faster and faster as he continued to imagine…a bead of precum oozing from the slit. “Fuuuuck,” he whispered again.

Jody couldn’t help but be impressed by his employer’s collection of cockrings, ball-stretchers, and other fetish items in the elegant black leather satchel. Some were metal, others were of leather, and still others of some rubbery, stretchy material. He noted there were also some hoods of lather and spandex, a large selection of lubricants, and other items. He made a mental inventory as he examined them and put them all back in the satchel again and locked it. His white khakis pants had grown much tighter and now clearly outlined his erect dick and ball sack. There was also a large wet spot just where the swollen head of his dick lay against his right thigh. He was just thinking he’d better change his pants when he heard Mr. Wyler calling from the terrace.

“Jody! Bring me a coffee refill now.”

Jody shuddered and hurried to the kitchen for the coffee pot. In his haste, he momentarily forgot how his pants looked as he went out to the terrace to refill his employer’s coffee cup.

He could immediately feel Mr. Wyler’s eyes looking at his pants. He tried to hide everything with the coffee pot.

“Hmm. Well, Jody…”

“I am so sorry, Sir,” Jody stammered.

“Don’t apologize, Jody. I expected there would be some reaction. That’s a good and appropriate reaction. That looks like a lot of precum.”

“Sir, I…I…”

“It’s fine, Jody. I can see my…collection made an impression on you.”

“Well, Sir…” Jody felt his face blush hotly.

“In case you had a good reaction, I ordered these for you, Jody.” Mr. Wyler removed a box from his coat pocket and handed it to Jody.

As Jody opened the box, he saw a thick black donut-shaped cockring and a smaller metal one, identical to the silvery, beaded ring he had first seen in the satchel.

“Put them on, Jody.”

“Sir, I…”

“Don’t dither, Jody. Pull down your pants and put them on. Now.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jody said quietly. He unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down to the ground. His erect dick sprang up and out, strings of sticky precum coated the head and his thigh. He swallowed hard and opened the packaging.

“The large one goes around your dick and ball sack. I think you know where the smaller one goes.”

Jody stretched the rubbery donut ring and flinched as he felt it tighten around the base of his shaft and his balls. The metal beaded ring barely fit around and beneath the head of his dick and the two beads pressed tightly at the most sensitive spots. When he was done, it felt incredible and his fingertips were wet and sticky with precum.

“That’s fine, Jody,” Mr. Wyler said with a nod. “Now pull up your pants. That will be all for now.”

Jody fastened his belt buckle and nodded as he started to walk away. He felt more precum ooze from his dickhead.

“Oh, one more thing, Jody,” Mr Wyler said. “Mrs. Francis and her…her husband…will be here for dinner at 8:00 o’clock. I left a menu note on the kitchen counter. Order from Bistro 99 on Doordash.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jody replied. With every step, he was very aware of the constrictions on his dick and balls. He had to admit it felt amazing. “Fuuuuuck,” he whispered in his mind.

At five minutes to eight, Mrs. Francis arrived with her husband and Jody greeted them at the door then escorted them out to the terrace where Mr. Wyler was seated at the table. Jody thought they looked exotic and very sensual. Mrs. Francis seemed about thirty years old with raven-black hair and pale skin. Her makeup looked kind of goth; smokey eyes and bright red lipstick. She wore a short black jacket over a black see-thru low-buttoned blouse through which her small breasts and prominent nipples could be seen. Her skirt was dark green and very short with slits up to her waist. She wore black stockings and dark green high heels.

Her husband, if that is what he was, was also dressed in black and looked, sounded, and acted very effeminate. He wore large hoop earrings and his hair was bobbed, what Jody thought was called a pixie cut. He also wore eye shadow and black lipstick. His long pink tongue kept licking his lips.

At the table, Mrs. Francis sat closely next to Mr. Wyler and her husband, whom Mr. Wyler called Perda, sat across from them.

“Go and put your new cockrings on Jody and then you may return and serve the food,” said Mr. Wyler.

“Yes, Sir,” Jody replied and walked slowly away.

When he returned with the dinner plates and food, he immediately noticed that Mrs. Francis already had Mr. Wyler’s large shaved cockshaft in her hand. Her husband kept licking his lips and stealing glances at Mr. Wyler’s impressive cock. Jody, also looking at his employer’s cock, started getting hard right away. It was the first time he had actually seen it exposed and he couldn’t help himself, gasping at its length and thickness. Mrs. Francis didn’t move her hand on it, but just held her fingers around the base just above his balls. She kept it there through the entire dinner, using her other hand to eat with.

Jody’s dick started oozing a lot of precum and he almost started to rub it before remembering to behave. After they had eaten, Mr. Wyler told Jody to remove the plates.

“When you’re finished, Jody, will you bring my bag. The one you saw this morning.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jody answered, his excitement and curiosity growing as did his hard-on.

Returning with the satchel, Jody placed it on the table. Flicking his eyes downward, he saw Mrs. Francis was now moving her hand slowly up and down Mr. Wyler’s cock which looked like it had grown even longer and thicker.

Mr. Wyler turned to face Mrs. Francis and caressed her cheek, then slid his hand to her breasts, pinching her stiff nipples. He then patted the edge of the table and Mrs. Francis climbed up on it and spread her thighs. Her skirt slid up to her waist exposing her shaved pussy which already glistened with her juices.

“Jody is quite bisexual,” he said. “Aren’t you, Jody?”

Jody’s eyes gazed at the pale wet pussy lips and stammered a reply. “Y..y..yes, Sir.”

“Don’t you think Mrs. Francis has a lovely pussy, Jody? Don’t you want to taste it?”

Jody swallowed. “As you wish it, Sir,” he said softly.

“I do wish it and so does she,” Mr. Wyler said. “If you can make her cum with your lips and tongue, Jody, she will stroke your cock off and you can shoot your cum on Perda’s face.”

Mrs. Francis’ husband giggled and licked his lips eagerly. “I want it,” he said in a loud whisper. “Every drop.”

Jody took a deep breath and lowered his face between Mrs. Francis’ thighs. She had a scent of exotic perfume mixed with her natural juices and it swirled around Jody’s head. Tentatively, he began licking the pale pink lips of her pussy. She was already very wet and her clitoris poked out above them. Jody cupped his lips over her clit and gently sucked it while circling the tip of his tongue around and around it. Mrs. Francis murmured.

“Not as good as you, Sir,” she cooed, “but he will do for now.” She continued to stroke Mr. Wyler’s cock up and down, using her thumb from time to time to smear his precum over the shiny knob.

Jody sucked and licked, kissing her pussy and dancing his tongue over and around her cit. She squeezed her thighs tightly around his head, thrusting her hips up and grinding against his mouth. Suddenly she grabbed his hair and jammed herself hard against him, shuddering and trembling.

“Mmmph, good, good,” she cried loudly and slumped back across the table.

When she had recovered, she reluctantly let go of Mr. Wyler’s cock and reached down to unfasten Jody’s straining pants, taking out his cock. She nodded in appreciation and guided him around the table to face Perda.

Perda closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide as Mrs. Francis began stroking Jody’s cock slowly at first and then faster and more roughly. As he turned his head, his eyes met Mr. Wyler’s and he quickly shot a huge load of hot cum. It splattered on Perda’s upturned face, some of it in his open mouth and the rest splashing in thick ropes on his forehead and cheeks. Perda’s tongue licked at it with a sputtering giggle and sigh.

“Oooooo, thank you!” he simpered, using his fingers to wipe the cum into his mouth. Then he grew quiet and looked at Mr. Wyler. Everyone grew silent and Mr. Wyler stood up. He reached into his satchel and took out two cockrings which he put on himself. Then he grabbed Mrs. Francis’ hips strongly. In a quick moment, he thrust his cock deep into her pussy and roughly began pounding her. The only sounds were her soft grunts and the wet thrusting of his large cock as he fucked her hard and deeper with every thrust of his hips. He reached between them and thumbed her clit in a rhythm matching his thrusts. It seemed to go on for a long time and Jody was amazed at the man’s strength and stamina.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, Mrs. Francis’ froze in place and shrieked, then went completely limp in Mr. Wyler’s strong grasp.

“Ohhh, God,” she whispered and lay back on the table again. Jody was so jealous he almost shot another load of cum. “Fuuuuck,” he thought to himself. “I want Mr. Wyler to fuck me like that.”

Then it was over. Mrs. Francis straightened her clothes and they walked out with many “thank yous” and “goodnights”. Perda still had smudges of Jody’s cum in his hair and seemed to wear them proudly.

“That was a good job, Jody,” Mr. Wyler told him. “You can clean up now. I will see you in the morning.”

“Yes, Sir, Jody replied, his mind still processing the events of the evening with a smile.

Jody spent a restless night and didn’t sleep well at all. His mind kept replaying the events of the previous night; making Mrs. Francis cum with his mouth and tongue, her making him shoot his cum on Perda’s face, and, most exciting of all, finally getting to see his employer’s large cock. Just thinking about it gave Jody morning wood so hard his dick ached. He got up and noticed the time. Time to go and see if Mr. Wyler wanted his morning coffee. Jody dressed and had to stuff his hard dick down his pants leg.

Mr. Wyler was already awake but still in his bed. Jody tapped lightly on the open door and was told to come in.

“Good morning, Sir,” he said in a soft voice.

“Jody. I’ll have my coffee on the terrace this morning, Jody.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Did you enjoy yourself last night, Jody?”

“I did, Sir, thank you for asking.”

“What did you enjoy most? Eating Mrs. Francis’ pussy? Shooting your cum on Perda’s face? Hmmm?”

“To be honest, Sir, it was…”

“Tell me, Jody. I want to know.”

“The most exciting thing..what I enjoyed most…Sir?


“It was seeing your cock, Sir,” Jody felt a blush come over his face and he cast his eyes downward in embarrassment.

“Was it, indeed? I see.” Mr. Wyler tossed back his blanket and sheet. His cock was fully erect and he, too, had morning wood.

Jody’s eyes were instantly riveted on it.

“You have a beautiful cock, Sir,” he said in a breathy whisper.

“And what would you like to do to it, Jody?”

“Anything you want, Sir,” Jody said surprising himself as he kept staring.

“Kiss my cock, Jody.”

Jody leaned close and closed his eyes, pursing his lips which he licked.

“Just one kiss, Jody. On the head.”

Jody’s lips lightly kissed the tip. His body trembled. He wanted to do so much more but held himself in check.

“You want it in your mouth, don’t you, Jody?”

“Oh, God, yes, Sir.”

“Hold that thought, Jody,” Mr. Wyler said with a low chuckle. “Now go fix my coffee.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir, Jody replied, lightly licking his lips. He was so excited thinking: “I kissed his cockhead. I kissed it!”

As he went about his regular houseboy chores, Jody kept getting random erections whenever his mind drifted back to the morning when his employer had told him and then made him kiss the head of his cock. It was just a light quick one-time kiss, but Jody imagined it was much much more. He would lick his lips as if he could still taste the swollen tight skin of Mr. Wyler’s cockknob. It made his lips feel hot and his dick get hard in his pants. He tried with some difficulty to focus back on his tasks and eventually his dick would soften again.

About five o’clock Mr. Wyler called Jody to the living room. “We’re going to a club event this evening, Jody,” he told him. “To celebrate the start of summer, the club is hosting a Smart Pet and Pool Party. It should be fun, but I don’t think you have anything appropriate to wear, so we’ll need to go shopping first.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jody said in a quiet curious voice. He didn’t know what clothes would be right, but he knew Mr. Wyler would know just the right outfit.

They drove up to downtown Los Angeles. The store was painted all black with pink lettering. Glancing in the windows, Jody thought it must be a sex shop or boutique. Once inside, his suspicions were confirmed.

Mr. Wyler picked out a black very tight fishnet shirt. He also bought a pair of very small raggedy denim shorts. The third item made Jody’s eyes widen in surprise. It looked like a wide black leather collar with a buckle and a shiny metal ring at the front. A black leather leash came with it. Mr. Wyler smiled at the sales clerk as he paid then grinned at Jody. “I think you’ll look very nice in these, Jody. Don’t you?”

“As you wish it, Sir,” Jody answered feeling his dick stiffen again.

As they got ready to go to the club party, Mr. Wyler told Jody to put the glans ring under the crown of his dick before tucking it into the worn denim short shorts he wore. When soft, the cloth barely covered Jody’s dick and balls and Jody hoped it wouldn’t show when they got out in public at the club.

When they arrived to park, Mr. Wyler finally took out the collar and leash and buckled it around Jody’s neck. “This is just for show for the party, you understand, Jody. Don’t read too much into it.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jody answered. It did excite Jody though and he tried to control himself as strange new emotions roiled inside him.

In the club, which was dimly lit but elegant, Jody noticed there were only about 30 people present. There was a small stage with a high ceiling and bistro-sized tables with two chairs at each one. Even in the shadowy light, Jody saw most people were paired up, usually a more mature man with an attractive younger one. Most of the younger ones wore collars with attached leashes just like Jody’s.

“What will you order tonight?” asked a waiter when they were seated. The man was slim and attractive, wearing only a wet-look black Speedo and slippers. He spoke in a hushed breathy tone and smiled.

“A brandy Old Fashioned,” Mr. Wyler said. “And a Blue Lagoon for my…pet.”

“Right away, Sir.”

“Thank you.”

In a moment he was back with the drinks. “The show begins in just a few minutes,” he continued. “Enjoy!”

Jody sipped his cocktail and eyed the stage.

With a flourish of a small spotlight illuminating the stage, a well-toned man stood provocatively, dressed only in a black leather harness, One strap trailed down his flat stomach and ended in a metal cockring through which a sizable member protruded. He danced erotically to a jazzy ballad and then was joined by a much larger man wearing a hood over his face, leather wrist bands on his arms and another set at his ankles. They danced with each other but only touched at their chests and then their erect dicks which they rubbed against each other.

Jody couldn’t help himself and felt his dick stiffening until it poked under the leg of his short shorts. As he shifted squirming on his chair, his balls popped out free as well. He blushed redly but remembered the table sort of shielded him from view in the shadows. Suddenly he felt Mr. Wyler’s hand on his upper thigh. Mr. Wyler’s fore- and middle-fingers and thumb began caressing his dick and balls and Jody squirmed more.

His eyes glued to the men on the stage, Jody leaned close and whispered. “Please, Sir. If you keep that up I am going to cum.”

Mr. Wyler shushed him and kept rubbing more strongly and quickly. His forefinger flicked the metal glans ring and Jody trembled in his chair.

“Please, Sir,” he whispered again, his dick throbbing in response.

The denim shorts barely covered Jody’s dick now as he became fully erect. His face grew hot and red.

“Please, please, Sir,” he whispered desperately. “I am going to cum if you don’t stop.”

Mr. Wyler shushed him again.

As he continued to watch the men on stage, Jody saw first one man then the other spurt a load of white cum between them as they continued to rub their dicks together. He gasped and felt the first spurt of his own cum shoot down the leg of his shorts and onto his bare thigh. He tried to reach down to wipe it off, but Mr. Wyler’s sharp whisper stopped him.

“Leave it,” he said.

Jody’s hand froze in place. “But, Sir…”

“Leave it, I told you.”

“Yes, Sir.” Jody felt the hot liquid on his leg and shuddered.

“Finish your drink and we’ll go,” Mr. Wyler said. “We’ve seen and done enough for tonight.”

As they stood up, Jody tried again to wipe the cum from his thigh.

Once again, Mr Wyler told him, “Leave it!” a little more loudly this time.

Jody felt like every eye in the club was staring at the gobs of cum dripping down his leg. A few men nodded to Mr. Wyler as they departed. Jody’s senses reeled and he felt his legs were rubber as he stumbled and shuffled out the doorway. He felt a quick tug on his leash. “Nice,” Mr. Wyler said.

Mr. Wyler wasn’t exactly angry at Jody, he explained, but did feel disappointed.

“It’s not my fault that someone hasn’t taught you yet to cum when you’re…oh, never mind, Jody. Just never mind.”

Jody felt his face burning into a melt on the carpet. “I am so sorry, Sir. You make my dick very sensitive, Sir. I couldn’t hold back. My cum was exploding out of me and I…well…”

“Young and dumb and full of cum, Jody, makes for a very dull lover after a short while. You don’t see this as a one stand, certainly, Jody.”

“No, Sir.”

“I won’t have you cumming whenever you want, Jody.”

“No, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“Do you even hear what you’re saying, Jody? What’s running through your mind? Is it just an endless repetition of ‘fuuuuuuuuccck!’?”

“I am so sorry, Sir.”

“Damned correct you are, Jody. Damned correct. And I will see to it that you learn at least a few more vocabulary words.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Since you cum too quickly, we shall have to amend that result, don’t you? Well, Jody?”

“Whatever you want, Sir.”




“Because I own this,” Mr. Wyler rasped with a sharp tug on the leash attached to Jody glans ring.

Jody gasped feeling the tight metal ring under his dickhead jerk forward. His body trembled.


“Training, Jody. Edging. Foreplay. Taking your dick as my sex toy. Using your balls for my game pieces. Making this mouth of yours, Jody…” Mr. Wyler’s fingers moved around and stretched Jody’s lips into obscene shapes. “Making you someone I want to keep sticking my cock into. You hear me, Jody?”

Jody’s knees buckled. Moans erupted from his mouth; precum drooled and oozed from his dickhead. “I just started to cum and…”

“I am going to teach you how not to cum, Jody. And then teach you all over again what cumming is all about. Under my control and command, Jody. Can you handle that?” Mr. Wyler spun his wrist and drew Jody’s leash tighter and tighter. Jody’s dickshaft felt like it stretching into infinity. His balls ached more than they ever had before. He felt his own cum churning, wanting to spew in fountains everywhere, on himself, on Sir. Yes, his cum spurting in gobs on Sir and running down just as his cum had done at the club. Jody’s whole body shook as Mr. Wyler’s voice droned on.

“Thank you, Sir,” Jody said quick and soft. After several passes – Jody lost count – of a recreational pipe, the world grew hazy and mellow. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from Mr. Wylie’s crotch – the tight round large balls of cum, his thick veiny shaft, and that incredible baby-fist head. Jody wanted to keep touching it. His mind drifted, his body sense followed.

When ambient awareness returned, the world had changed. He now lay spread-eagled across the terrace table; leather straps at his wrists and ankles. One sharp tremor rippled the muscles of his hips and he bucked upward, suddenly aware only a scrap of cloth barely covered his increasingly stiff dick. Shivers went up and down Jody’s torso seeming to electrify at his swollen nipples and down his belly to circle his balls and base of his dick.

Mr. Wyler’s fingers trailed along Jody’s cheek, then up his thigh, higher, quickly grasped the base of his dick and squeeze tightly, then slowly moving up to tighten more just under the head. His finger and thumb vibrated at the two special sensitive half-orbs at the edge of the glans. Jody’s breath juddered in his chest. He lost coherent thought and sequence. He babbled.

“Please! Oh, Sir! Anything you want. Your whore, your slut, your slave. Sir…”

“Calm down, Jody. You have a long way to go to learn about cumming. I make it happen. This,“ he rubbed the head of his cock along Jody’s fingertips, “this makes it happen. Isn’t that so?”

Jody puckered his lips and licked the trail Mr. Wyler had left across them. He was using Jody. Finally, Jody thought silently.

Mr. Wyler smiled down into Jody’s face. He rattled the large black bag at his side. “Toys for your dick, Jody,” he chuckled quietly.

Jody squirmed, his dick bobbing up and down from his stomach, throbbing. Aching. He groaned as Mr. Wyler slid a metal cockring to fit snugly under the head. He whimpered when the adornments continued; another ring around his tightening ball sack; still another – metal – at the base of his shaft. Dick, in fact, squeezed between the rings like some imprisoned sex beast ready to spit fire. Or cum.

“Slowly, slowly, slowly,” Mr. Wyler continued, with a tap to punctuate his way down Jody’s throbbing dick. He cupped Jody’s balls, rolling them back and forth with his thumb. “I want these full, Jody. Overflowing. But not yet.”

“Oh, Sir,” Jody wriggled across the table, his legs jack-knifing, his dickhead shiny with dripping precum.

“Keep repeating that, Jody, ‘but not yet’,” Mr. Wyler growled in Jody’s left ear.

“Yes, Sir, Jody mumbled, his lips feeling numb and rubbery where Mr. Wyler had been rubbing his cock. His tongue lolled. “Give it to my mouth, Sir, please,” he whispered hoarsely. “Put it in my mouth.”

“I will,” Mr. Wyler teased. “But not yet.”

With one finger, Mr. Wyler danced up and down Jody’s shaft, counterpoint to the throbbing vein at its core. “Not yet, Jody. I control that cum of yours, don’t I? Don’t I control it, Jody?”

“Fuuuuccckk. I mean, yes, Sir. Anything, Sir.”

Mr. Wyler’s finger swiveled in the precum on the head of Jody’s dick. Then he rubbed the syrupy strings on Jody’s mouth and face. “Good, Jody.”

Suddenly, his hand tightened into a fist and pumped Jody’s dick. Just for an instant. The down and away. Jody’s hips thrust sharply up, the leather straps creaked. “Please, Sir,” Jody’s shaky whisper floated up between them.

“What is it you want, Jody?” Mr. Wyler’s hand squeezed and released, squeezed again, moving up and down from the head to Jody’s throbbing balls sack. “Want to cum? Want to cum for me? Want me to cum on you?”

“You make me want everything, Sir. Anything.” Jody’s voice was a quiet strained moan. Sir was taking him over; taking him.

Mr. Wyler’s thumb kept grinding on the head of Jody’s dick. It felt raw and hot; slick with his own precum. He clenched his jaw, trying not to cum right now.

“But not yet, Jody.”

“Only when…when you say I can, Sir,” Jody managed to gasp.

“That’s right, Jody. You came so fast at the club. Don’t you want to last longer? Let that cum build up and build up.”

“Fuuuuck, Sir, yes! I didn’t think of it that way. You control my dick. You control my dick. Put it in my mouth, Sir. Please. Let me suck on it. Make me cum with your cock in my mouth.”

“I will, Jody. But not yet.”

Jody writhed on the tabletop. His skin was mottled; drool made his chin and ear shiny. His mind was racing. How did Mr. Wyler know exactly how to treat him to make him constantly horny now for cock. Mr. Wyler’s cock. “Please, Sir,” he wailed and pleaded.

Mr. Wyler remained silent, quickly loosening Jody’s restraints. Helping him to his feet, Mr. Wyler tightly clasped their bodies together and began swaying his hips. His solidly hard cock rubbed against Jody’s erection, sliding up and down across themselves like muscular towers, knob on slick knob; urging the cum to erupt.

“Are you ready, Jody? Can you hold back a little longer? Do you want to cum for me?”

“God, please. Please, Sir, however you want me. Let me cum. Let me cum for you, Sir.”

“You will, Jody. But not yet.”

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