Marriage is a lot more like a marathon than a sprint but there are habits that can help couples overcome the roughest terrain.

When you first got married, you were most likely at the receiving end of various marriage advice from other couples. But, some relationship advice is so simple that people often forget about it!

Remember that a good marriage is not perfect. You and your spouse will go through various relationship problems and issues, as individuals and as a couple.

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And just like everything great in this life, healthy relationships don’t just happen overnight. A good marriage takes two dedicated people who decide to invest the time and energy to make it happen!

Here are 6 habits that ensure your marriage survives the long haul:

1. Hold hands often.

Don’t ever underestimate this quiet little PDA. Your skin remembers and archives both positive and negative touch.

This is a great way to deposit more love into your “merrymaking” memory bank.

2. Notice the good stuff.

I tell couples in my Marriage Repair Workshop that they need to be strength detectives in their marriage.

If you want a great relationship as a happy couple, you need to search for and amplifying all the good stuff. When conflict arises, it often obscures all the things you really love about your partner.

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