Ever wondered if your partner is “negging” you?

The trend is a form of gaslighting where your other half tries to undermine your confidence through back-handed compliments.

Your love interest could even do it by using other manipulation tactics.

Emma Davey, a BACP counsellor and narcissistic abuse recovery coach at My Trauma Therapy, shared the signs to look out for.

She says that they will often disguise insults as jokes and say you’re being “too sensitive” if you call them out for their behaviour.

Speaking to MailOnline, the expert opened up about the six warning signs you must be wary of.

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The expert shared six red flags to spot if your partner is ‘negging’ you

Fake compliments

They might say you look great if you went on a diet or making comments about your appearance when you get a new job.

Emma reckons this is because they include a compliment in the statement so they can claim you’re “too sensitive” if you question it.

She believes it’s the trait of a toxic person who wants to play the victim to feel negatively about themselves.

Comparing you to others

Never feeling good enough can make you anxious and unhappy.

Victims of this could start to change their whole identity such as dress sense, weight, hair colour and even speech.

Emma says when you question it, the abuser will argue that they’re trying to help you improve yourself.

But they’re not, in fact, to improve yourself you have to have confidence in who you are.

Always competing against you

These people always have to be better than you in every way.

They always have to bring it back to themselves and make you feel they’re better and have achieved more.

Emma claims they don’t allow you to live in that moment without trying to steal your thunder.

Couple lying in bed, man sleeping woman awake looking opposite way
It could be that they’re making everything about them

Disguising insults as questions

They might ask you if you know how to spell that word or if you did English at school, Emma says.

It’s often a question that is said to make you feel embarrassed because they want to make you think what you’ve said is silly.

In other words, they’re trying to undermine you.

It’s always “just a joke”

Whenever things get a bit too savage, they play it as though it’s just a joke.

They might even tell you not to be so serious all the time.

It can make it difficult to ever argue back because of their toxic behaviour.

They’ll make you feel sorry

This is where you start to apologise for things you haven’t done as your partner has turned it around onto you.

They’ll make you believe it’s all your fault, even when it’s not.

These people will use clever ways to twist things around so you end up apologising.

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