I like to think I understand the male species fairly well.

Raised by a single father and surrounded by my brother in his squad of 10+ best friends at all times growing up, I have learned some of the inside secrets that the male brain operates with.

I’m here to give you some hard truth on if that guy you’ve been Tindering (or bumbling, sexting, insta-messaging, etc.) is really into you or not:

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1. He only messages you after dark.

You know the old saying from Ted Mosby’s mom “Nothing good happens after 2 am.”

Well, no text from a guy after 12 am means he wants to have a deep emotional conversation and get to know you for you. Sorry girl, all he wants is for his bed to not be a little less lonely for the night.

2. You don’t spend the night at each others’ place.

To piggyback off the previous one, if you do happen to go over there and have a wonderful night of “conversation” and he then, in an all too sweet way, asks you if he can call you an Uber, or if you’re at your place and he dips out? Let me tell you, you just got classically douched.

3. You make all of the efforts.

Guys don’t think in the spider web process that we girls do. If that dude is really into you, he will make sure you know.

He will text you, he will call, he will ask you on a date, plain and simple. If he isn’t doing that then it’s time for you to put on some red lipstick, go out to the bar and find yourself a new guy.

4. He’s said he’s not ready for a relationship.

If he says any of the following cringe-worthy statements; “Not ready for a relationship” “Not looking for anything serious” “Don’t want you to fall in love with me” run like the hills because he is not trying to be cute and act like he’s an emotionally scarred sheep you’re there to fix.

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