What’s the number one thing men are CRAVING for when it comes to relationships? Simple: a woman who’s confident, secure, and feminine.

Men agree that a woman who — despite her beauty, good humor, kindness, and attractiveness — needs excessive reassurance is someone who quickly becomes an albatross.

These men, who are all incredibly smart, ambitious, talented, and handsome, are searching for a woman who loves herself so deeply that she never depends on validation from her partner to make her feel lovable, worthwhile, and attractive.

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Here are a few “signs” you most likely need to focus your efforts on yourself before you embark on a journey towards loving someone else:

1. You ask questions like, “Does this make me look fat?” “Why did you do/say)that?” or “Do you still love me?”

The Dating With Dignity men joke that these questions, which are commonly asked by women in relationships, are among the most annoying questions a woman can ask.

They call them a complete “turn off” and lament over the fact that there are no answers to these questions that a woman finds acceptable. Stop asking.

If your clothes are too tight, you know it. And unless the few pounds have turned into twenty, the DWD men all agree that they can’t tell if the cookies you ate last night made you feel bloated.

Last, don’t ask a man if he loves you. EVER. Words and actions must match.

If your man has told you he loves you but begins to pull away, there’s a better way to check in on his feelings toward you.

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