We’ve all been there. Staring at our phones, willing them to light up with a text from the person we like.

We spend painstaking minutes crafting the perfect text, we hit send, and then we read it over and over again, wondering when those little bubbles will appear. (Don’t even get me started on when the bubbles appear, then disappear, then appear again, then disappear for good.)

Who among us hasn’t gotten fed up and relegated her phone to another room, to try and stop herself from obsessing over when a text will appear? (I call it putting my phone in time out.)

But let’s be real. When this happens, it’s almost invariably a bad sign.

A dude who is really into you will text you back in a timely fashion. He just will. It’s not that complicated.

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Only once did a situation like this turn out well for me, way back when my boyfriend and I were first dating.

We were texting while I was on the train, and when I got home, the conversation abruptly stopped. I couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t responded to my last text and got super bummed out, finally putting my phone under the covers in my bedroom for the rest of the evening to avoid looking at it.

Hours later, he texted me good night, but his tone felt a little icy, and I didn’t know how to respond.

The next day, we talked (remember actually calling people on the phone?) and it turned out he’d texted me a picture and it hadn’t gone through to my phone because I was on the train. When I opened up iMessage on my laptop, sure enough, there it was.

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