What we want (or think we want) in a relationship and what we actually need from our relationship are a bit different. It can get confusing, though, because they tend to overlap.

Sometimes what we want and need to do ends up being the same thing. But let’s be real, we often think we want one thing and ignore the things we truly need because we don’t want to feel weak and vulnerable (everyone seems to have a superhero complex).

I mean, let’s be honest — most of us want romance, love, and well, satisfying physical intimacy. We want to be hot for our partner, to feel that rush of excitement that most of us describe as “love.”

But the reality is that a lot of these feelings don’t last. Eventually, the excitement wears off a bit, the physical aspects are a bit less hot, and we end up in a bit of a rut. It’s normal and in its own way, beautiful (a rut just means you got THAT comfortable with someone).

But ruts are relationship strains and it’s important to know what you NEED from your partner because, in the long run, it’s all about who complements you and your lifestyle best. Who will support you through the remaining stages of your life? Who will never give up on you? Truly, THAT is love.

Depending on your personality type, we are all going to want (and need) different things from our relationship.

It’s baffling to me, but for some, the physical and romantic parts of a relationship are less important than the aspects that help them grow as a person. And for others, all they need in a partner is emotional support and a good romp or two in the sack a week (I feel that).

Take the personality test, find your personality type, and see what you’re likely to want from a relationship as well as what you secretly need:

1. The “Architect” (INTJ)

For this cold, calculating, and logical personality type, when it comes to romantic relationships, they think they want intellectual respect and understanding. And, well, they probably really do. However, no one is as non-feeling as the INTJs think they are.

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