If you want to know how to find a soulmate and fall in love as kindred spirits, you should start by looking for some key personality traits that are essential for soul-connected relationships.

Emotionally mature and responsible men and women demonstrate considerate behavior towards their significant other in relationships. This speaks to their compassion, moral internal compass, and conscience as both people and partners.

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While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s shocking to see how many people endure relationships with people who lack these minimum emotional standards. Being in a relationship with emotionally immature people results in unhealthy or toxic relationships, which can be difficult for some to leave.

So, what personality traits make someone a potential soulmate and are signs that they’re emotionally stable enough to have a long-term, committed relationship?

If you want to know how to find your soulmate, look for kindred spirits with these 7 personality traits that make the most loving and soul-connected partners:

1. They are honest.

They are transparent in all of their interactions and consistently tell the truth.

They wish to be honest, and they don’t lie, try to trick you, or omit or spin information for their own gain.

2. They are accountable.

They take ownership of what they say and do and follow through with promises. They take responsibility for their own emotions and their behavior. And, if they make a mistake, they own it and make amends.

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